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Changing the way the world communicates: Truphone

thesiliconreview-ralph-steffens-ceo-truphone-2017Mobile phones play a key role in our daily life. Few of us can spend a full day without checking an email, making a call or sending an SMS. It’s now easier than ever to get connected to anyone at any time. There are numerous telecom companies around, with every company coming up with different ideas to provide the best service available. Everyone wants a mobile network where they don’t have to pay extra while travelling across borders. A hassle free network with proper coverage is what every customer needs from a mobile network provider.

Truphone has existed under lots of guises and with a couple of different models since it was founded, in keeping with the fact the industry has changed drastically and at a rapid pace. Ultimately, the company was born out of the frustration of travelling and not being able to use a mobile phone as one can in their home country. Since then, the business has been at the forefront of the global mobile industry. Truphone pairs its existing enterprise offerings in both mobile connectivity and mobile recording with exciting innovation in the eSIM and Internet of Things (IoT) spaces, to deliver on its commitment in making the world a more connected place.

About the world’s first truly global mobile network

Truphone is a mobile network without country borders. It connects over 190 countries with one single unified global mobile network. Truphone developed state-of-the-art solutions to help people communicate better globally through advanced technology and patented innovations, all based on a single SIM. Truphone has always been built with a customer-first mindset. For example, the company’s enterprise offering is based on what is best for customers – flexible flat rate mobile contracts that can be used at home or when travelling around the world – without roaming charges.

The company has an incredible customer service with a 24/7 multilingual helpline. It aims to answer all calls within 60 seconds and all emails within 60 minutes. Its Enterprise customers, whether big or small, have a dedicated Service Delivery Manager to provide wrap around care.

For Truphone’s mission to provide a local service all around the world, it has invested heavily on building its network infrastructure, allowing its customer-focused business model to do the talking. Truphone owns network infrastructure in eight countries including Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the US and the UK – and provides connectivity services over 190 countries. This enables Truphone to deliver a high-performance service in each country – with optimized voice quality and faster data speeds.

Truphone’s headway

This amazing global mobile network provider believes that eSIM will completely revolutionize business models within the connectivity ecosystem, just like the iPhone reinvented the smartphone, and Truphone is at the very heart of the revolution. Many mobile operators feel threatened by the prospect of change, but Truphone is embracing it and disrupting the global mobile industry.

The company is headquartered in London and has around 350 employees in 11 offices worldwide. Everyone at Truphone is embracing the way technology is changing how the world communicates, and is looking to deliver innovation directly to the customer, wherever they may be in the world.

Truphone recently announced a strategic partnership with Apple. This partnership provides iPad customers with new ways of buying connectivity, which promotes flexibility and choice. Truphone offers data plans for purchase directly on the iPad. In addition to this exciting partnership, Truphone is in conversation with many of the major leaders in the IoT industry, with future initiatives and partnerships to be announced in due course.

Truphone is the only truly global mobile network provider, and is committed to making the world a more connected place. Built on its core global network, Truphone offers highly differentiated services to its 3,500 existing Enterprise customers. These include a secure, regulated mobile recording service, which is being used by the majority of leading Tier 1 investment banks; and full-stack connectivity ecosystem, embedding mobile connectivity in consumer devices, cars and IoT hardware. This amazing technology will be transformative for the industry and will lead to a great customer-centric shake-up.

The personality behind Truphone’s success

Ralph Steffens, CEO: Ralph has been the CEO since January 2016. Before joining Truphone, he was COO of Reliance JioInfocom in India, where he oversaw the delivery of a national fibre network. He was also COO for NBN Co. in Australia and Managing Director at BT in the UK. Ralph is a highly experienced and innovative business leader. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology, he has been a leading figure in developing and modernizing the telecoms infrastructure across many regions, including Europe, Australia and India.

Ralph Steffens, Truphone CEO says, “Truphone’s long-term goal is to power billions of connected devices around the world. Our disruptive Connectivity EcoSystem combines mobile connectivity, next generation SIM technology and a market-leading management platform. As a result of this unique proposition, we are able to offer highly differentiated Enterprise products and are the enabler of choice for disruptive IoT and eSIM solutions.”