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Cloud Security and Enablement: Skyhigh


"The Undisputed #1 Cloud Access Security Broker”

In 2010, prior to founding Skyhigh, the founders spoke with over one hundred CIOs and CISOs and discovered that they all had a similar challenge. They knew their employees and business units were adopting cloud services at a frenetic pace and without the involvement of IT. These IT executives, almost unanimously, wanted to enable the cloud at their companies, but they needed a way to extend the same security capabilities they used to protect data on-premises (DLP, activity monitoring, access control, encryption, threat detection, etc.) to their cloud services. Skyhigh was founded to provide visibility and control over cloud usage in the enterprise, enabling companies to harness the agility, performance, and cost structure of cloud without putting the security of corporate data at risk.

Talking about the differentiating factor, Skyhigh was the first company to offer a solution directly addressing the security, compliance, and governance challenges faced by enterprises moving to the cloud, pioneering the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) market in the process. Since then, the company helped hundreds of companies gain control over their cloud usage by delivering the most advanced CASB solution available today. Customers view Skyhigh’s solution as differentiated because it has been proven across the largest customers in all verticals, it offers the most complete and scalable solution in terms of functionality, and it is known for the commitment to customer success.

The Skyhigh Position
Skyhigh is leading the CASB market, which Forrester expects to reach $2B by 2020.The average organization uses 1,154 cloud services today. With the massive adoption of cloud services, enterprise IT is facing challenges with maintaining security and governance of data in the cloud. Skyhigh’s CASB platform addresses this challenge. By acting as a control point between the user and the cloud, Skyhigh enables enterprises to gain visibility into cloud usage, detect threats from insiders and compromised accounts, apply compliance policies, and enforce encryption and contextual access controls.

Skyhigh helps companies securely enable cloud for their employees by providing visibility and control of all cloud services – sanctioned cloud services, such as Office 365, Salesforce and Box, as well as ‘Shadow IT’ cloud services. The value to the customers can be bucketed into 4 general categories.

Visibility: Skyhigh helps companies uncover use and risk of over 20,000 cloud services, understand corporate data flowing into and out of the cloud, and how the data is being shared internally and externally.

Threat protection: Skyhigh helps companies detect and prevent data loss from cloud services due to malicious or negligent insiders, privileged users or compromised account credentials.

Compliance: Skyhigh helps companies enforce cloud DLP and collaboration policies to ensure compliance with both internal policies and industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA and EU GDPR.

Data Security: Skyhigh helps companies protect data in cloud from unauthorized access, either through the enforcement of contextual access controls based on device, role, location, and data sensitivity or by encrypting data before it goes to the cloud with customer-managed keys.

It is all about clients anyway!
Skyhigh’s customers span across industries, including some highly regulated ones. Examples include financial services (Western Union), healthcare (Molina), media (Comcast), insurance (Aetna), pharmaceuticals (GlaxoSmithKline), technology (HP), aviation (Etihad), manufacturing (General Mills), oil and gas (Marathon Oil), and services (Publicis Worldwide).

The Skyhigh platform is used by over 500 enterprises across industries to secure their cloud usage. This includes 25% of the Fortune 500 companies and is five times as many customers as other CASB solutions. Some examples of Skyhigh customers include Aetna, AstraZeneca, Comcast, DIRECTV, General Mills, HP, Kaiser Permanente, and Western Union.

Skyhigh’s customer satisfaction, as measured by regular Net Promoter Score (NPS) data is incredibly high, as is reflected by endorsements from executives from some of the largest companies in the world have evangelized the product and the value they have derived from it. Here are some examples –

“Skyhigh allows us to extend DLP outside the perimeter and into the cloud and the user experience is seamless.”
– Mike Benson, Chief Information Officer, DIRECTV

“With Skyhigh we were able to implement cloud security policies without impacting business user productivity.” – Brian Lillie, CIO, Equinix

“We use Skyhigh to layer security controls like data loss prevention and access control for Box so that the easy path to collaboration is also the secure path.” – Tim Tompkins, Senior Director of Security Innovation, Aetna

 “Our mission is to help IT securely enable the cloud services that drive productivity and innovation in their business.”

Meet the Executive Team

Rajiv Gupta is a Co-Founder and CEO of Skyhigh Networks. He has more than 20 years of successful enterprise software and security experience, and is widely recognized as a pioneer of Web Services.

Kaushik Narayan is a Co-Founder and CTO at Skyhigh Networks, where he is responsible for Skyhigh’s technology vision and software architecture. He brings over 18 years of experience driving technology and architecture strategy for enterprise-class products.

Sekhar Sarukkai is a Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Skyhigh Networks, where he is responsible for driving innovations in cloud security technology. He brings more than 20 years of experience in enterprise networking, security, and cloud services development.

Trevor Eddy is SVP of Sales, where he is responsible for worldwide sales and channels. He brings over 20 years of sales management and business development experience growing substantial and lasting businesses.

Kamal Shah is SVP, Products and Marketing, where he is responsible for product management, product marketing, demand generation and corporate marketing. Kamal brings over 20 years of experience identifying new markets, creating category-defining products that delight customers and building large businesses.