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Cloud Service Broker–The New Paradigm in Cloud Solutions Aashna Cloudtech Pvt Ltd.


There is presently no specific market research stating the Indian market size but it is growing at an unprecedented rate as more and more organizations have become large consumers of Cloud.According to industry experts, Cloud adoption is an unruly force that many organizations are dealing with, and this trend is anticipated to continue and grow in the reckonable future. Cloud service brokerage (CSB) assists in the selection, aggregation, deployment and integration of apps across multiple clouds or provides a choice and possible cost saving function. Gartner states that 20 percent of all cloud services will be consumed through these brokerages by 2015. As cloud matures across the globe, combinations of cloud services will be too complex and untrustworthy.

Customers look forward to consuming multiple cloud services in a more user-friendly fashion, with the complexities of managing multiple service providers. Interestingly, Cloud Aggregator or a CSB provides a flexible and open platform to aggregate a variety of compelling cloud services quickly and cost effectively. Aashna Cloudtech packages and integrates multiple cloud computing services into one or more composite services. Biswas Nair has been passionate about introducing path breaking and innovative technology solution for the Indian enterprises. Hence going ahead with his vision of being a leading Cloud Aggregator or CSB Biswas founded Aashna Cloudtech in 2013; presently he also serves as the Managing Director. The primary focus was on introducing Cloud Computing technologies like Software as a Service (SaaS) into the Indian market space even though it was a technology ahead of its time.He has spearheaded Aashna Cloudtech into a dominant force in the Cloud Service Brokerage space with leading partnerships as well as business acquisitions. Today, the firm and its management have more than 300+ Cloud clients experience across the globe and more than 100cloud trained professionals.

“We are a Technology Advisory and Consulting Company with focus on “TRUE” Cloud solutions andwe intend to be a dominant force in the Cloud Service Brokerage,” exclaims Biswas. Aashna Cloudtech is a part of Aashna Group which is a specialized Cloud Technology services company, providing leading edge Cloud solutions to global business around the world. Along with huge number of successful Cloud implementations experience Aashna’s professionals and management bring more than ten years of preeminent experience in Cloud execution models through strategy, implementation and consulting capabilities that is working across Industry verticals worldwide. The firm operates globally with its offices in India, USA, Canada and Middle East.

Caters ‘Cutting Edge’ Solutions Extensively
Aashna has been a pure play Cloud solution provider from its inception and is one of the pioneer Cloud Service Brokerage firm focusing on providing an integrated single Cloud based solutions which includes ERP, CRM, E-commerce, HR, productivity and Storage. Worldwide organizations have gone through a tough economic times and business challenges in last couple of years. The need for technology to optimize and deliver value had never been as important as today. The leading system integrators were focused on the traditional legacy system which was cumbersome and it was hard to implement. It is during this time that the drive was to create an Consulting and Technology company which can help transform business using “Cloud Technology” which are quick to implement and have a subscription based licensing model aka pay-per-use. Secondly, the firm wanted to be a single stop for all Cloud based enterprise application services so that the clients don’t need to deal with multiple vendors and lastly but most importantly ensure that they can integrate their current legacy/cloud systems with our Cloud solutions providing the most efficient and seamless technology foundation for the business to leapfrog to next orbit of growth. Hence with these objectives in mind Aashna Cloudtech was initiated with a goal to be a leading Cloud Service Brokerage or Cloud Aggregator firm.

Aashna Cloudtech is associated as premier partners with leading Cloud product companies like NetSuite, Silkroad, Workforce Software, Google, Box and Docusign building the firm as one of the world’s leading Cloud Service Brokerage Company.

In the Indian market place the Cloud based solutions have matured and are readily accepted now. The companies, who are moving parts of its business to the cloud, are probably realizing that it’s not all that simple. “Working with many cloud service providers means managing multiple relationships and negotiating multiple contracts. And multiple contracts mean multiple payments, multiple passwords, multiple data streams, and multiple providers to check up on,” says Biswas. Eventually, that leads to questions about how one can make those services work together, or how one can unify all their efforts in order to obtain maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Aashna Cloudtech as a CSB adds value to cloud services on behalf of their consumers. The firm’s goal is to make the service more specific to a company, or aggregate services, to enhance security, or to do anything, which adds a significant layer of value (i.e. capabilities) to the original cloud services being offered. An Indian Top five Supply Chain organization having clientele like McDonalds and Pepsi wanted to implement a Warehouse management system, integrated with financials and inventory system. They looked at traditional on-premise vendors and subsequently selected Aashna as a Cloud Service Brokerage firm and made a decision to evaluate andimplement a Cloud based system

Hindrances in the way of Certainty
As the saying goes, “Without failure, there is no success,” adhering to this Aashna has climbed the ladder of success breaking through a lot of hurdles on its way. “Traditionally the CEO’s have looked at data from disparate systems or worked on Excel add on kind of reports whereas the need is of a real-time system through a single dashboard to get a pulse of their business and more importantly help in taking smart decisions, is one of the pain points that we have faced,” says Biswas. There has been Ineffective Financial Business Operations and Compliance, CFO’s are, increasingly, playing more prominent role in corporate portfolio management and capital allocation.

Under or Over Investment in IT & Risk of Scalable, Secure and Available Solution:Today’s CIOs have to be more versatile and more attuned to business strategy. They have to seek out innovative ways to leverage emerging technologies and business models in the value chain to improve business performance and stay competitive. Aashna’s Cloud based offerings are delivered on a SaaS platform enabling you to take advantage of the latest technology, efficiencies and innovations, while saving time and money by shouldering the burden of maintenance and hosting—and ensuring seamless upgrades. Utilization of Financial Resources and Capital Expenditure: Cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for maintenance of hardware, servers, databases, backups, upgrades and IT infrastructure. A single version of the truth across the entire organization offers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for meeting audit, reporting and compliance requirements.

Diversified Factors
“We are India’s first and only Cloud Service Broker (CSB) of its kind serves as a single point of contact by aggregating multiple cloud services, integrating them with in-house apps, supporting and customizing them for proper usage within the organization,” expresses Biswas.

Aashna takes pride in the ability to provide tailor made solutions leveraging its expertise in smartly distributed office locations globally.The firm believes that its team has the perfect combination of the innovative practices of a startup company and the tried and tested trust from established partners, a lethal combination in today’s unpredictable IT scenario. They serve as transformational partners to one’s business strategy using Cloud based technology tools. The organization was incorporated as a true Cloud based technology & consulting company from inception and the focus was to be the leading Cloud Aggregator or in Gartner parlance Cloud Service Brokerage company.

In the course of Aashna’s journey they have worked with numerous projects namely Unilever, Novartis, RK FoodLands, Quick Heal, Brillio, Olympus, NCR, Olympus, Swift Page, Omeir Bin Yusuff Group, Gulf Business Machines to name a few and comprises of 100 trained and certified Cloud consultants.

Future Protocol
Aashna Cloudtech would like to ride on the momentum based on the prediction for the maturity and growth prediction for CSB’s (Cloud Services Brokerage). Also has a plan for an IPO by 2020 to be one of the first Cloud Service Brokerage to list on the exchange. The firm aims to sustain their revenue and profit margins to re-invest in the days to come. “We are basing our strategy on two axis – one is the geographical expansion and the other is Cloud product portfolio.”

Biswas concludes by stating, “This is the future of IT and Cloud Service Broker is the new System Integrator. The current set of SI’s still don’tunderstand the Cloud model which provides an agile company like us to dominate the space.”