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50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

Combining smarter technology with seasoned experts to deliver an unmatched customer experience: Momentum Telecom


Telecommunications has become so ingrained in society that the culture might collapse without a connection or without any communications devices. Before the internet took the world by storm, the most efficient way which people used to send messages or even look after their long-distance business was through the telephone. But with the introduction of the internet and other technology, expectations for responsiveness changed, and in a few years the demand accelerated and more companies invested in utilizing these products. The landscape of VoIP and Unified Communication services has continued to grow exponentially over the last few years and taken over the ancient telecommunication systems. This dynamic scenario of pushing one’s limit and evolving with technology helped in establishing a company named Momentum Telecom whose main objective is to deliver the latest technology along with a premier customer experience.

Momentum Telecom is a leading provider of VoIP, Broadband Management and Unified Communications solutions. Momentum natively offers smart, customizable cloud solutions (voice, video) and merges them to enhance business productivity and efficiency for its direct subscribers and more than 500 channel and white label partners nationwide. Headquartered in Birmingham, Momentum Telecom has its branches spread across the continent in Atlanta, Lexington, Cartersville, Philadelphia, Warwick and Vancouver.

Knocking on the company’s door

In the year 2001, Momentum Telecom was founded as Momentum Business Solutions- a business telephone and internet service provider. In the year 2002, Momentum began offering residential voice services and in 2005, it began offering wholesale VoIP solutions and telephone systems for businesses. In 2011, Momentum acquired CommPartners and ventured into the Value Added Reseller and retail arena. It was in 2014, after merging with IBBS which was a service provider of private label voice and broadband management, it changed the name to Momentum Telecom. Expanding its reach and vision, in 2015, Momentum successfully merged with Alteva, a Philadelphia-based Unified Communications provider. As the CEO of Momentum Telecom, Bill Fox says, “Momentum was founded to meet the needs of an underserved market that the founders firmly believed could be better served by a company that dedicated itself to providing superior technology and service.”

Serving customers for more than 15 years, Momentum Telecom is committed to delivering best-in-class products and services backed by a geo-redundant network paired with industry leading uptime and best-in-class customer service. But the magic didn’t happen overnight; Momentum has grown through several acquisitions and has also evolved with time as its team has diligently worked to become an industry leader.

Momentum started by selling residential voice services, and in 2005 also began selling wholesale VoIP solutions and telephone systems for businesses. That was the turning point that established Momentum as a brand leader. Over the years, Momentum has continued to grow due to its superior quality of varied services, large footprint, established track record of success in telephony and also for offering complete 24x7 Tier 1 services.

Momentum has stepped onto the global stage by associating with some of the greatest companies like: Microsoft, Cisco, Level 3, Polycom, IBM, Broadsoft, et al. It understands that one of the most critical elements to its success is the ability to satisfy customers’ demands for the newest and superior technology, and this has motivated Momentum to provide customers with the best quality products. In addition, Momentum aims to provide highly reliable services with enthusiastic customer support that drives value and credibility for its cloud based applications. By consulting with customers on internet connection options from MPLSand SD-WAN to dedicated internet access, Momentum supports other companies in enhancing their utilization of global IT infrastructure.

Taking the first step, Momentum started its business venture by selling traditional landline phone service to businesses. Although this rollout didn’t garner much publicity and experienced the traditional challenges most companies go through when entering the marketplace, it did achieve enough success to pave the way for Momentum’s highly successful products in the coming years. The secret to the popularity of Momentum’s products can be found in the organization’s commitment in delivering premier technology to every company, regardless of their size. “Coupled with Momentum’s reliable network, easy on-boarding process and first-class support, Momentum has become a brand with a trusted product set,” explained Bill Fox.  

The near future

Recognized as one of North America’s leading BroadSoft® providers to businesses and companies, Momentum’s infrastructure and telecommunication platform is one of the world’s most advanced and is trusted by corporations and carriers worldwide. As for its future, it is going to roll out a new Executive Seat, the product will incorporate an executive voice seat, multi-point video, desktop sharing, messaging and more. For company growth, Momentum shall focus on two vital areas: organically and horizontally. In the quest to meet customers’ need and demands, Momentum will focus on improving products and services as well as adding to their firmly established product lines, and thus continue to challenge the future of the telecom industry. “We believe each of our products is a huge asset to any team, is capable of delivering an even better customer experience and is truly enabling our customers to thrive,” sums up Bill Fox.

Roll out the red carpet for the CEO

Bill Fox previously served as Chief Financial Officer of SuccessEHS, Inc, a software and services company for physician offices with approximately 400 employees. Bill has experience as an investment banker with Lincoln International, where he specialized in debt capital financings for middle market leveraged buyouts, and worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, which provides audit and assurance, tax and consulting services.

Bill received an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School and a BS in Business Administration and Accounting from Washington and Lee University. Bill is an active volunteer with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America and enjoys cycling, golf, fly-fishing, and skiing. Bill is married to his college sweetheart, Allyson, and has three children.

"We enable others to thrive by combining smarter technology with seasoned experts to deliver an unmatched customer experience."