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2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

Committed to provide affordable Talent management software solutions for higher education organizations: Hirezon Corporation

Westborough, Massachusetts based Hirezon Corporation was established in 2002 to provide an easier and cost effective paperless process for talent management using “Software as a Service” (SaaS) application.

Founded to bridge the gap between “on premise systems” and technologically advanced web based talent management software solutions, Hirezon carved a niche for itself in the Higher Education space with its first SaaS product, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) soon after inception. Also known by the name Interview Exchange ATS, the company’s product portfolio has been expanding since then to include Onboarding, Performance Evaluation, HR Forms Tracking and HirezonJobs Pay-Per-Job ATS™.

Disrupting the industry with ease and commitment
Hirezon currently assists higher education organizations of all sizes, both small colleges and large universities in continental USA that include University of Alabama at Huntsville, Western Kentucky University, Western Illinois University, Fairfield University, SUNY Albany, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Fredonia, Seattle Pacific University, South Florida State College, Augsburg
College and Worcester State University amongst others. Specializing in HR software solutions, sales and service for the higher education industry, its web-based architecture (SaaS) shortest product implementation time in the industry, installation-free software, and outstanding 24/7 customer support.

Staying abreast of emerging trends in technology, Hirezon continues to evolve its product features. Striving to be the best at providing outstanding customer service, the company strengthens its position in the Higher Education market by assisting 100+ higher education customers of all sizes. “Our talented team includes HR professionals, technology experts, and customer care specialists – all highly experienced individuals who genuinely enjoy their work and know how to get the job done correctly. Our product portfolio reflects their combined expertise. Our team is always open to feedback from users to help improve our products by enhancing their features and functionality”, added Naray Viswanathan, Founder & President of Hirezon.

Interview Exchange has allowed Salve Regina University to move from an over burdensome full paper recruitment process, to a smooth, user friendly online system.

We are very pleased with the software’s capabilities and tech support. Our hiring managers are very pleased with the ease of use of the product and many applicants comment on how easy and efficient the system is to use. – Salve Regina University

The training and technical support have been outstanding and the ease of use has been noted by both hiring officials and applicants.

Thanks to Interview Exchange, AUC recruiting has become a nearly 100% paperless effort and the hours previously spent doing mundane clerical work are now being put to much better use.– The American University in Cairo

By implementing this system it has made our recruiting process more efficient, eliminating paper, and hiring excellent candidates.

It is a user friendly system that offers many features. No more worrying about resumes getting lost in the mail or via e-mail. The system tracks everything and screens candidates so that you can review your top candidates first.

We are very pleased with the system and look forward to using all the features. – Sacred Heart University

In conversation with Naray

Q. What kind of challenges does team Hirezon have to face on a day to day basis?
A. The biggest challenge in the recruitment arena happens to be slowness with which higher education is adopting technology. Even today, approximately 40% of Universities and Colleges in the US are using paper-based manual process or outdated system and processes for their recruitment. Additionally, in the manual process, the sheer volume of paperwork that has to be reviewed and approved by 3 or more designated staff (Department head, Dean, Provost, Vice President, and President) for every personnel request is bound to lead to errors. “Missing paperwork is not an uncommon occurrence when using manual process” In short, the process is laborious and time consuming. This is even more prevalent when considering traditional onboarding new hire paperwork and performance management processes. By digitizing the entire recruitment process along with other talent management tasks, Hirezon has been able to provide a streamlined approach and process that addresses the many challenges listed above. Our system is very user friendly for both applicants and employers (HR admin users and search committee users), assisting Higher Education to hire the best talents. To provide additional value to our customers we integrated our system with other Higher Education job boards such as;;, Job Target One Click and background check vendors like TalentWise and Hire Right.

Q.How does the HirezonJobs Pay-Per-Job ATS add value to Hirezon’s product portfolio?
A. HirezonJobs Pay-Per-Job-ATS™ is comparable to our standard applicant tracking system from sourcing to hiring, except that it is offered on a job-by-job basis. Our Pay-Per-Job-ATS™ enables members of Human Resources (HR) or Academic Affairs to post a job listing in multiple marketing venues including colleges / universities’ website, online job boards, print media, as well as any specialized Listserv’s. It manages all applications; allows search committee members and HR staff to review applicants’ files; and provides committee with powerful hiring tools to assist with each step of the selection process. The system also includes meaningful metric reports (including affirmative action data, applicant sourcing, time-to-fill, etc.) that are generally available to large universities with expensive software. Through this applicants can apply online, provide all supporting documents (including CV/Resume, Cover Letter, Reference Letters, Teaching Philosophy, etc.) and check the search status – all from their respective account dashboards. HirezonJobs Pay-Per-Job-ATS™ offers simple and flexible pricing options based on an institutions’ need. Colleges pay a one-time fee of $499 for the entire duration of a single search. It would be appropriate for small colleges which don’t have a big budget for software purchase and the total number of searches are 10 or less in a given year and colleges which are currently using “on premise system” or with outdated processes can try using this package for a few jobs before they commit to an annual subscription with our standard ATS.

Hirezon’s Team Leader

Naray Viswanathan, PhD, Founder/President
14+ years in Hirezon day to day operations, primarily focusing on sales /partnerships, Naray, a member of CUPA-HR, and online columnist for, Boston Works, and serves as the Founder cum President of Hirezon. Corporator of Avidia Bank, Formerly held position as a faculty member at Northeastern University. Refined and launched product versions of the Interview Exchange ATS (2003), Employee Performance Evaluation in 2011 Onboarding in 2015 and Enhanced HR Forms module in 2016.

” We work hard to make sure that our system reflects the current standards in recruitment and talent management technology with best practice principles and guidelines; that we are aware of any new changes or potential changes that may impact our customers.”