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Committed To Provide Cost-Effective Premium Quality Services: Infocom Software

thesiliconreview-leslie-thomas-tharaken-ceo-infocom-software-2017We are passionate about creating unique solutions that could meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Infocom Software is a global Web, Game, and Software Development Company in India. The firm is reliable Software and IT solution providers for the various big and small companies around the globe. Infocom Software is a team of enthusiastic IT professionals dedicated to rendering solutions beyond the expectations of the clients.

A well-tuned group of far-sighted entrepreneurs with a perceptive view to future. Infocom Software assures expertise and shrewdness to read the pulse of a customer. It is a confident, fast and high soaring, brilliant IT solution provider constantly riding to new horizons, ready with explanations, clarifications, and cost-effective results who has proved to be a seamless experience to the clients, competent and challenging to be at par with the growing trends of the IT giants. Accuracy for details, tolerance, and serenity, ground-breaking ideas, technological innovation, and sustainability is Infocom Software’s catchphrase.

An all-inclusive client-centric IT solution provider and software development company, benchmarked in augmented realism and virtual authenticity. Rather than your business service provider, the firm values associations that make them close to the heart of many. Infocom will be with you on every move and loves to take up challenges that could bring in the best out of it for its clients.

Sneak Peek at the Services Offered

Web Solution: Infocom has a team of passionate designers who can help you to leap above your competitors with a distinctive design that keeps you noticed. We design professional websites & create web apps with the most modern web solutions for your business venture.

Software Solution: Infocom software is also on the move to be renowned as a Software Application development company in Cochin. We focus on enterprise business solutions that meet our client's requirement. Our expert team could give life to your software thoughts.

Mobile Development: An end to end digital product development group with highly appreciable strategies of the initiative, collaboration, out of the box thinking, ready for solutions and convincing judiciousness. Each product element is discussed and dealt through seamless and reliable communication.

Game Solution: Infocom has an established array of games of its own. Catering to various clients in and outside India, We have a well-equipped game production studio and a handful of skilled game developers, the best among the breed. We currently make & distribute casino games.

UI UX Design: A well balanced finest quality output from UI and UX designers showcasing a blend of visual and technical elements. When UX designers tune to meet the exact requirements of the client keenly following clear-cut instructions, UI designers uphold the brand value using colors and shapes attractive to media which itself retains the pulse of the final product.

The Advantages of Infocom Software

Unbeatable Techniques: We never compromise on technology. The most up-to-date and the paramount techniques are used by our expert teams blended with creativity and innovative ideas. The capacity and skill of our manpower are put to the finest use which proves to give us endless results and appreciation. The matchless skills compete with the world-class techniques and uncompromised strategies are set to achieve required results.

Proficient & Veteran Teams: Gifted and trained personnel are our asset, always our experienced teams have proved to be specialists, a quality gained out of the experience, willingness to hard work and flexibility to revolutionize. Fine tuning of skills is given priority and the culture is gradually passed on to newer generations in harmony and the work culture has turned out to be a pattern which favorably affects the development and competency.

Aggressive and Indomitable: An enthusiastically goal-oriented company who holds a special focus on responsibilities and final result, trapping maximum potential from its trained experts, with unconquerable determination to achieve the finest result. The company aims at the vitality and colossal expectations, simultaneously supporting the development and progress of its veterans who are the pillars to the success of our company.

Superiority is our Password:  We never compromise on quality at any cost. Our policy aiming to achieve the finest finish with the most brilliant output leads to excellence in work and our productivity which in turn becomes a habit to our crew to follow suite and further be converted into the work culture of our company. The key to our work culture is well accepted by each member of our team and success awaits us.

Customer Testimonies

“With great joy, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the fruitful work you have presented. Your contribution to this project is highly commendable and appreciated, needless to say, the team spirit, expertise and willingness to bend to new suggestions and concepts made this venture a great success.” - Niels Henriksen

“Kudos to you and your crew for the excellent skills, team spirit, and patience to listen understand and execute our concept with an innovative approach. It would be a pleasure to get back to you for more business deals, confident of your wholehearted co-operation.” - Peter Mogensen

Greet the CEO

Leslie Thomas Tharaken, CEO: Leslie Thomas Tharaken co-founded Infocom Software in 2011 and has served as the company’s CEO since its inception. He drives the company’s strategy and execution. He has over two decades of experience in the business industry and a leading business innovator with every enterprise he has owned. He is responsible for corporate strategy and product leadership at Infocom Software, with a specific focus on product management, product marketing, and user experience design. He holds Mtech in Software engineering and Masters in IT and Management from Anna University.

“We collaborate with the members of all levels of their organization to bring out the peerless solutions that streamline their business.”