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Complete Solution to Complex Problems: AutoMatrix Dealer Software, a Miami Gardens-based Company, is Committed to Move Your Dealership Forward


We offer a full suite of software solutions that are designed exclusively for the Independent, Used Car Dealer: Sia Anasseri

Dealership Management System (DMS) is a term in the Automotive Industry that is usually expensive, complex and lacks flexibility and not developed using integrated components. The Automatrix DMS is designed to meet the needs of modern automotive industry with all the advance features including sales tracking, inventory management, pre and after sales, insurance and commission calculators, appointment scheduling, customer relationship management and much more. Although a majority of dealership management systems are not optimized, leading to a variety of uncertainties.

AutoMatrix Dealer Software is the only total dealer management software designed specifically for an Independent Dealer. It has taken the dealer management solution and turned it on its head by offering the only total solution, combining everything an Independent Dealer needs to operate their business.

The company has taken over 50 years of dealership experience and merged it with an infusion of java, iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android,, and PHP based technologies to come up with the most cutting-edge software applications in the dealership market to date.

Automatrix was incorporated in 2010 and is headquartered in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Sia Anasseri, AutoMatrix Dealer Software CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Rewind: Starting Off on the Right Foot

As market shifts and demand continues to change, business operators need to improve their processes to remain competitive. AutoMatrix recognised that the automotive industry was lacking solutions and operating tools. With no up to date solutions available at the time, the company started creating a database to manage its business efficiently. “We focused our entire organization to streamline our processes in order to have the same information available throughout the entire company.” The need for a comprehensive application that was innovative was driving the company’s development efforts. 

With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry at the time, AutoMatrix handcrafted its solution, tested in-house and finally shared it with other independent car dealership operators. The result is a masterpiece that provides the best-in-market solution. 

“Our biggest mission, when Automatrix was created almost a decade ago, was to put the control of your business in your hands with insights from any of your electronic devices anywhere, anytime. And that is still our biggest mission today.”

Current Market Scenario: Dream Run Set to Continue

The current market scenario has high price, long-term contract systems that are designed for Franchise dealerships. Or, there are simple solutions designed for small, Independent dealerships that have a small number of employees, vehicles and no plans to grow. AutoMatrix Dealership Software is designed to fill the gap between large Franchise systems and small, limiting systems that require multiple programs.  AutoMatrix allows Independent Retail Dealers and Buy Here Pay Here dealerships the opportunity to manage a growing, complicated book of business and keep it simple. Allowing the dealership to own and control their own data also positions them to make better strategic decisions in taking the next steps of building and growing their businesses. The software offers the ability to save time by streamlining operations and being more efficient. And, it shortens the consumer’s showroom buying time; creating higher customer satisfaction.

Overview: Products and Services

AutoMatrix offers a full suite of software solutions that are designed exclusively for the Independent, Used Car Dealer. They are real-life solutions to today’s problems and allow dealerships to operate more efficiently while saving time, money and improving the consumer showroom experience. In addition, the AutoMatrix Insights takes the complete data; not the usual fragmented data points that result from multiple systems, and positions dealers to make better strategic decisions in taking the next steps of building and growing their businesses.

The software solutions include modules for DMS, CRM, Inventory, Accounting, Floor Log, Buy Here Pay Here, Desking, Deals, F&I Menu, Service, Recon, HR, Payroll and Websites. “We customize solution mix based upon dealers’ needs, not what’s been pre-bundled and pre-packaged.”

AutoMatrix: Standing out From the Competition

AutoMatrix’s software has been designed from the ground up to be user-friendly, robust, and functional. “We understand that there are other products in the industry and those choices are necessary while it empowers the customers to make a well-informed decision allowing them to have strong expectations.” 

AutoMatrix has a key target that has long been ignored by existing systems. The company is on the leading edge of technology, designed for real-life application and to save dealer’s time and increase operational excellence. AutoMatrix is in a time in history where consolidation on the franchise level is rampant. Independent Used Car dealerships are at a crossroads; the small dealers that are operating in the old fashioned way are struggling. The middle to larger dealerships that are technologically savvy need the solutions to push them to the next level to compete with the large, franchise dealerships.

“We go beyond providing reports, we give dealers insights to run their business; the purpose is to keep our customers steps ahead of the competition. We are cloud based; allowing independent car dealers to own their own encrypted data.”

AutoMatrix: Products to be Launched

Currently, there are several products in the pipeline; in ‘Buy Here Pay Here’ marketplace as well as enhancements and new build outs in the traditional retail space. “We always have a few products under development.”

Future Arrangements: Sky’s the Limit

AutoMatrix plans to continue to innovate and develop best products in the market to best serve forward thinking Independent Dealerships. In the ever-changing, fast-paced technology sector, a strong, customer-focused product roadmap is essential to maintain relevance. It is all about the needs of the dealer customer. “By keeping our core client ahead of the curve and their competitors, we will maintain and grow our market share in our space.” 

AutoMatrix Dealer Software Leadership: A Brief Background

Sia Anasseri, CEO: A sales and marketing executive, armed with an Engineering degree in Industrial and System, with extensive leadership and management experience in technology and the Automotive Industry.

Currently, as the CEO and managing partner of AutoMatrix Dealer Software, he’s leading close to 50 professionals that include software developers, sales and marketing, and customer support teams.

Mr Anasseri graduated from the University of Florida in 1984.

“We are leading edge in technology, designed for real-life application and to save dealer’s time and increase operational excellence.”