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Computhink: Developing digital business solutions for an organized business environment


Digital Environments continue to evolve at a breakneck pace with data streaming in from everywhere and from every type of device. Information and its management are critical to optimizing operational efficiencies, maximizing productivity, and ensuring prudent fiscal management. With the advent of the web’s relentless pressure to provide near instant response, environments must integrate mission critical applications, information governance, and web-based content and communication. Regardless of your industry or organizational structure, the need to take advantage of the latest technology and best practices is integral to controlling and processing this information.

Founded in 1994, Computhink products have evolved with technology advancements and the growing needs of a wide variety of markets. Contentverse is extremely flexible and solves digital business challenges common to any environment. Computhink’s diverse team comprises innovative and experienced people dedicated to developing outstanding digital business solutions. They cultivate all ideas, from the most distinguished executives to the newest of interns, and of course all input from their customers.

Simple and easy to use ECM system

Computhink’s digital solution, Contentverse Enterprise Content Management, enables the realization of this goal, transforming business environments at a very affordable price. Customers experience a simplicity and speed of accelerated proficiency with minimal impact to ongoing operations. “Contentverse is an interesting and dynamic product that works very well with our individuals. It’s easy to use, simple to follow, and creates a great output for our customers,” says HARC, a non-profit Contentverse client.

Documents of any file format can be electronically saved, scanned, or generated by third party applications into Contentverse. Company web data can be imported into Contentverse from analytics sources, social media and blog posts, email blasts, cloud applications, and especially forms and documents on the company website itself. All of this data can then be easily searched and made accessible for collaboration. Access is dependent on security settings, providing complete control over what users can and cannot do. 

Securing file sharing and access

Secure document storage – and access – is a concern for every organization, from small five-person shops to multinational corporations. Sensitive materials, such as finance reports, tax documents, legal matter, HR paperwork, and project reports, need to be stored and accessed in ways which do not compromise the safety of the files or the privacy of the information. The Contentverse platform has comprehensive security for documents built-in throughout. Incorporating encryption, documents are secure both at rest and in transit. Access to said documents is dependent on security settings providing complete control over what users can and cannot do. Too few content management providers incorporate such an array of multi-level security options, complete with data encryption at rest and in transit.

Contentverse gives users the ability to access their documents anywhere, at any time, from the Contentverse desktop client, your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With a combination of the web access portal and the Contentverse mobile application for iOS and Android, users never have to be far from their secure data. More and more business continues to be done from around the world, at satellite offices, on the road, from home, or even in the middle of nowhere. Documents can be checked out of the system for offline access when internet is unavailable, such as in a service-free zone or on a short flight. “What Contentverse has allowed us to do is have immediate access,” says customer Uniontown, Ohio Area Agency on Aging. “Now, it’s as easy as hitting a search function on whatever device I’m using.” With the Contentverse mobile app, documents such as expense reports or signed contracts can be added to the system while on the go. This wide array of access options remains a part of Computhink’s commitment to operational flexibility within a fully secure business environment.

Automated workflow leading to increased efficiency

Contentverse comes fully equipped with rules-based workflow, designed to imitate, automate, and accelerate everyday business processes. “Consider the productivity benefits an automated workflow provides: simply drag a report to a folder and it’s automatically routed to appropriate individuals for edits, approvals, and digital signing,” says Joe Wharram, CEO/President. Documents can be scanned, electronically saved, or generated by third party applications, in any format, and saved into Contentverse where they are easily searched and made accessible for collaboration. The software allows retrieval of files quickly by an extremely flexible set of search options. Contentverse supports automatic version control and date/time stamping, enabling employees to select and separate out what is important. The increases in efficiency from these elements of the product are overwhelming. For over two decades, Computhink has and will continue to develop and deliver market solutions to solve real life, document-centered challenges. Collecting and processing information is what Computhink does best, and they will always innovate with Contentverse and their integrated marketing services. Joe Wharram closes with, “The Company will continue to innovate and grow our solution offerings around customer needs, governmental and industry regulatory requirements, and related technology developments.”  

“Computhink is transforming operational environments by integration of ECM and web-empowering business solutions for small-to-medium size companies.”