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10 Fastest Growing IT Infrastructure Management Companies 2018

Connect Beyond the Network Extreme Networks, Inc.

thesiliconreview-ed-meyercord-ceo-extreme-networks-inc-18“We’re re-defining networks with software and helping our customers build better connections – and better relationships – by responding in real-time to user needs.”

IT departments everywhere find themselves struggling to bridge the gap between implementing major IT initiatives and delivering better business outcomes. What if we told you that the solution for meeting both demands is as close as your own corporate network? As the only company in the industry solely focused on end-to-end enterprise networking solutions, Extreme is uniquely equipped to help organizations, both large and small, leverage their networks to build stronger connections with their customers, partners, employees, and guests – connections that deliver better business outcomes, build strong relationships, and drive real bottom-line results.

Extreme Solutions: Beyond Hardware

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in San Jose, California Extreme has a name for itself more than 20 years ago offering the most comprehensive, high-performance network access and switching products. Today, its worldwide customers are leveraging the combined power of Extreme to take their networks to the next level.

Inspired by your need for a network that drives the connections that, in turn, drive your business, Extreme has brought together the industry’s best tools, talent, and technology to become the world’s first end-to-end enterprise networking company with an unshakable commitment to helping you succeed. Our products focus on access/edge, the campus core, and the data center – all supported by our management software, providing visibility and insights, along with our industry-leading support and services.

Our evolution beyond hardware to becoming the third-leading provider of end-to-end networking solutions means that Extreme can deliver an IT infrastructure that’s fast, resilient, and can tune itself to the demands of users, applications, and security threats – from wired to wireless, desktop to data center.

Extreme Services: Beyond Expectations

Our 100% insourced support team is staffed by highly trained experts who are passionate about helping our customers get the most out of their investment in technology. Above-and-beyond is the only way we know and that is how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

It’s also the overwhelming reason why some of the world’s most recognized and respected names in the business, government, healthcare, hospitality, education, transportation and logistics, and retail call themselves “Extreme customers-for-life.” No other technology partner goes to the extremes that we do – digging in, thinking outside the network, and working tirelessly for your success.

Extreme Customers: Beyond Compare

A good relationship is more than something we want, it’s something we need to be our best, most productive selves. but fulfilling relationships don’t come automatically. They require constant evolution and change. It’s the reason why some of the world’s most recognized and respected organizations call themselves “Extreme customers for life.” From small towns to high-profile sports leagues – and enterprises of every size in between – Extreme builds the connections and relationships that drive business outcomes.

Fast-growing companies with 50 crazy-busy employees. Chaotic hospitals with doctors needing instant access to life-saving information. Stadiums packed with 60,000 texting fans. Regardless of size, organizations who need the utmost in performance, reliability, and service rely on Extreme to deliver powerful software-driven networking solutions.

Clientele Review

“For us, making the game-day experience great for our fans is our number one priority. Our relationship with Extreme lets us do exactly that. I appreciate their professionalism and the way they’re proactively thinking about our needs. The wireless landscape is always changing and we rely on them to guide us as to what our next move should be.”

- Fred Kirsch, VP of Content Kraft Sports Productions

“I would characterize our relationship with Extreme as “worry-free.” The one time we had a problem, it was on a Friday and they delivered a solution over the weekend that had us up and running before classes began on Monday morning, so our students and faculty were never impacted. We’ve built our capability from small to mighty over the years and they’ve been a big part of that.”

- Mark Mitchell, Senior IT Manager at University of Glasgow

Belaud the Brilliance

Ed Meyercord, President, and CEO: Meyercord serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Extreme. He joined our Board of Directors as an independent director in October 2009 and has served as Chairman since March 2011. Prior to assuming an operating role at Extreme, Mr. Meyercord was Chief Executive Officer and Director at Critical Alert Systems, LLC, a software-driven, healthcare information technology company, which he co-founded in July of 2010. Previously, Mr. Meyercord served as CEO, President and Director of both Cavalier Telephone & TV, a privately held voice, video and data services company with an extensive fiber network; and Talk America, Inc., a publicly traded company that provided phone and internet services to consumers and small businesses throughout the U.S. Mr. Meyercord was also a Vice President in the investment banking division of Salomon Brothers (now Citigroup). He previously served on the board of Tollgrade Communications, Inc.

“We’re not the biggest, but we are the best – at servicing our customers. The “Extreme Way” has always been about going above and beyond and our leaders exemplify it every day.”