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Connecting Brands and Customers Seamlessly: Froogal, a Hyderabad-based Company, Plans to Tap Unexplored Markets

thesiliconreview-jeevan-chowdary-m-founder-ceo-froogal-2018“We help brands stay connected with their customers – happy and loyal – for life!”

Data has the potential to be your most valuable marketing resource. With the right information in hand, you can create scalable, repeatable marketing processes. It’s the marketer’s dream: let your campaigns run on autopilot, so you can focus on the creative side – testing and optimization.

Froogal drives revenue for brick-and-mortar businesses by collecting critical customer data, then using it to deliver automated, personalized marketing campaigns that drive real ROI. The company automates customer loyalty, feedback, and engagement marketing to help brands build a deeper relationship with their customers. With a strong belief that technology can change the world, Froogal leverages the strength of the technology at an affordable cost whilst driving and building more revenues. The vision is to address the pain points faced by millions of brick-and-mortar businesses across the globe and turn them successful.

The company was incorporated in 2016 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

Jeevan Chowdary M, Froogal Founder/CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Decoding: The past

We have launched Froogal in 2016 as a Payments Wallet with a ‘basic reward system’ integrated into it, which enables consumers to ‘Go Cashless’ at the nearest locations around such as turning college campuses to cashless campuses.

In the course of integrating different businesses on to our platform, we have understood many pain points of what these brick-and-mortar businesses are facing in real time; due to lack of technology either in terms of managing operations or lack of acquaintance to technology to ease their day to day problems. Keeping that in mind, we started researching and brainstorming on how bigger brands like Reliance, Shoppers Stop, Big Bazaar, Amazon etc work and comprehend the differences and thereby understanding how to implement the same for small-scale businesses, but be economical and feasible at the same time. While our research was being held on different kind of businesses, that’s when we have seen an opportunity where most of the businesses are not customer-centric, where sustainability and profitability have become tough questions for business owners. While bigger businesses have the expertise, technology, budgets adopt to customer centricity, it’s very hard for brick-and-mortar businesses to get on.

We did a lot of research and came up with Froogal which is built on AI and Machine Learning. With Froogal, any business owner can adopt and leverage technology easily at a very affordable cost that automates most of their marketing needs to retain and engage customers on a great ROI while driving and building more revenues and a deeper relationship with their customers.

Our vision is to address the pain points faced by millions of brick-and-mortar businesses across the globe and turn them successful.

“Many aren’t aware of what the future holds or have the knowledge to keep up with the present day world, but lack of knowledge doesn’t need to hold you back from starting your business. You can educate yourself and operate without a business degree thanks to digital resources and stay afloat if nothing else,” said Jeevan Chowdary, CEO.

Froogal: Marketing Landscape

Froogal helps businesses identify their most valued customers through RFM analysis, which is a data driven customer segmentation technique that allows marketers take tactical decisions and helps them, target their customers with differentiated and personalized marketing strategies. It focuses on right decision making at the right time, accommodating and adopting to whatever change that comes in the company’s way for the improvement thus ensuring better efficiency and delivering outputs in the planned timelines.

Unmatched: Marketing Techniques

Froogal is very serious in marketing as most of its programs target both mom-and-pop stores and big chains equally. The company has moved a step further than ‘Starbucks’ as it provides a loyalty program that is suitable for any business for reaching their business goals through artificial intelligence.

Froogal has helped its customers take the omni-channel way at every module and has become an E and M-Commerce enabler for them, where they can engage with business via any channel. As, in the present day market, to beat the massive competition it’s imperative to adopt the omni-channel strategy that provides the customer with a fully integrated shopping experience by uniting user experiences from brick-and-mortar to mobile browsing and everything in between. Froogal helps their clients go on web, mobile and on social media in no time!

However, the company’s business model falls into the B2B2C model. The company offers AI-powered solutions for businesses: Customer loyalty management, customer analytics, customer feedback management and NPS, engagement marketing, omni commerce, reservation and appointment management, payment solutions and simplified POS solutions.

Froogal: Clients and Business Expansion

Currently, the majority of the Froogal clients are from the F&B and wellness sector. Froogal is expanding its business operations in India & across the globe from the financial year 2019, and it also plans of a projection to be live in 5000 stores in a year. The company will target businesses operating in brick-and-mortar format in the following sectors:

  • Food & Beverages - (Restaurants - Fine Dine / Takeaway, Sweet Shops, Bakeries, Beverage Stores, etc.)
  • Beauty & Wellness - Salons, Spas etc.
  • Apparel Stores - Clothing, Footwear etc.
  • Retail - Grocery & Supermarkets.
  • Auto Repair Centers.

Meet the Promising Leaders: A Brief Background

Jeevan Chowdary M, Founder/CEO: An alumnus of IIIT Hyderabad (B Tech), Jeevan Chowdary M had the zeal and enthusiasm to run his own company. He had the itch to find a real-time solution for many issues and improve the customer experience with multiple business innovations under the umbrella of technology from a very young age.

Back in college days, Mr. Chowdary and his fellow students were accustomed to chase offers and cashbacks while shopping – in order to increase their savings. That’s when he had started an e-platform – Selebrate – that would find and generate free coupons, deals, and helped them get extra cashback. The platform became the ‘India’s biggest cashback website’ and is still running successfully.

Hailing from a technological background, the knowledge helped Mr. Chowdary to see the obvious issues faced by many businesses in this generation; he used it to the full potential to improve and ease customer experience which led him to set up Froogal.

Currently, Mr. Chowdary, founder, is the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Harshit Harchani, CTO: Amidst his calm and composed exterior, Harshit happens to be a genius of a human with hands-on knowledge of technology. He is the backbone that holds Froogal together.

Mr. Harchani is an alumnus of IIIT Hyderabad (B. Tech CSE).


“With Froogal, any business owner can adopt & leverage technology easily at a very affordable cost that automates most of their marketing needs to retain and engage its customers on a great ROI while driving and building more revenues and build deeper relationships with their customers.”