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Connecting People with Useful Data in a Scalable, Flexible Way – Looker

thesiliconreview-frank-bien-ceo-looker-19Bringing better insights and data-driven decisions to every business

Data is no longer just a place to find answers. It’s the place where ideas originate. When everyone in your company is looking at the same numbers, sharing the same truth, they’ll be able to collectively make smarter, more informed decisions. This is the core of Looker’s mission: To inspire everyone to embrace their curiosity, dig deeper and keep asking questions.

Looker has harnessed the power of SQL to create a uniquely powerful data analytics platform that helps companies get real value from their data. Now anyone can ask sophisticated questions of the data using familiar business terms.

Collaborate better and ensure continuity as you embed reporting into your product. Manage your whole workflow with true version history and an agile development process.

Urban Airship uses Looker’s embedded analytics to help leading brands to engage their mobile users and maximize their reach. Take control of your mission-critical data with purpose-built applications.

The company believes everybody should have access to reliable analytics to make data-driven decisions and to deliver on this promise; it had to reimagine and rebuild how analytics are done from the ground up. Looker’s new approach to analytics builds on the best of what’s come before, combined with a rich flexible data platform that takes advantage of all the latest technology advancements of storing and processing huge amounts of data. This is not just modern BI, this is a modern data platform that can serve the data needs of an entire company. Visualizations are a great starting point, but they only show part of the picture. For most users, data visualization is the jumping-off point for much deeper analysis.

Interactive data visualizations make deeper analysis simple. With Looker, visualizations are built on fresh data direct from the source and they update in real-time. When you need to know more, you can drill from the visualization into row-level detail.

New Features

Platform Expansion

  • Accelerate time-to-value with data applications that operationalize insights around digital marketing, web, and Salesforce data
  • A new open-source library and Javascript SDK make it easier than ever to develop seamless custom internal or embedded data solutions
  • Enhanced alerting functionality delivers key insights directly into existing workflows, to help drive better decisions

Looker 6: Accelerated time to value andEndlessly adaptable for changing needs

  • Personal, practical experiences: new applications, visualization capabilities, and workflow integrations deliver more value faster
  • Flexible and scalable analytics platform: new analyst tools embed customization and APIs for efficiency and adaptability
  • Easy to own and deploy: enterprise-class offerings, plus new support and service resources to help throughout your journey

The Three Leading Faces

Frank Bien, CEO

With over 20 years of growing and leading technology companies, Frank Bien built his career on nurturing strong corporate culture and highly efficient teams. Before Looker, Frank was SVP of Strategy for storage vendor Virsto (acquired by VMware) and VP of Strategic Alliances at big-data pioneer Greenplum, leading their acquisition by EMC (now Pivotal). He led Product Marketing and Strategy at early scale-out data warehousing company Sensage and was VP of Solution Sales at Vignette/OpenText. Earlier in his career, he held executive roles at Dell and the Federal Reserve.

Lloyd Tabb, Founder Chairman & CTO

Lloyd Tabb spent the last 25 years revolutionizing how the world uses the internet and, by extension, data. Originally a database & languages architect at Borland, Lloyd founded Commerce Tools, acquired by Netscape. As the Principal Engineer on Netscape Navigator Gold, he led several releases of Communicator and helped define Lloyd later was CTO of LiveOps, co-founder of Readyforce and founder then advisor to Luminate. Lloyd combined his passion for data, love of programming languages and commitment to nurturing talent when he founded Looker.


Ben Porterfield, Co-founder & VP of Engineering

Ben Porterfield has worked in both engineering and product roles at numerous startups in and around Silicon Valley. He was the lead engineer at Sticky, Inc., later acquired by DeviceVM. He also co-founded Rally Up, a mobile startup acquired by AOL in 2010. At Looker, Ben leads the engineering team to create the best and most accessible BI platform available today.


“We are committed to a multi-cloud strategy and will continue to support multiple data sources and deployment methods to provide customers choice without compromising on transparency, security, and privacy.”