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Conscientia Recognizes That at the Core of All Great Companies Are Great People

thesiliconreview-bethany-plaza-ceo-conscientia-17We aid companies to attract and retain great people, create a culture of growth and mentoring and to implement effective processes.

Conscientia Corporation is a Management, Consulting, and Technology services firm that serves clients which include global corporations and departments and agencies in the U.S. federal government. Conscientia is driven by its mission to aid clients to increase revenues in new and existing markets, improve operational performance and to deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently. With a team of talented business consultants, project managers, and software professionals along with a brilliant track record of reaching new heights in the support of event-driven IT, Conscientia bridges the gap between your IT Department and your business objectives.

The name of the company comes from the Latin word Conscientia, meaning “knowledge shared with others, being in the know”. Staying true to this, Conscientia’s mission is to enable and equip its clients with the information, people, and technology to be successful in the marketplace.

Conscientia: The People “In The Know”

Conscientia Corp. was founded by Bethany Plaza in 2009. Since 1998, Bethany has been consulting companies in varied domains including Building out Technology Practices, Business Development and Sales Strategy, Organizational design, Leadership development and Recruiter Training. Being in the technology industry for several years, Bethany loved the challenges presented by the ever-evolving IT arena. Bethany says “Conscientia was originally set up as a way to create the freedom to be there for my children with special needs. Being part of the global platform was never part of the initial plan but changed as we strived to meet evolving client needs.”

Bethany spent the first two years consulting for other global firms to help build out their technology practices. Approximately 18 months in business, the company landed a multi-million-dollar deal with a global Aerospace company for one of Bethany’s clients. “I sold the deal and worked with business teams to implement the program globally and to put delivery teams in place. I was involved in training offshore delivery teams to support the program.” Bethany reveals.

Bethany further adds that while working with several national clients, Conscientia consistently performed well in support of their client’s IT needs, but the clients were feeling pain within other business units. So, they asked the Conscientia to support other areas. As a result, Conscientia took on recruiting, leadership development and staff training and has been very successful. This ushered the growth of Conscientia.

Transforming Smart People into Effective Leaders

One of the biggest challenges that the IT industry faces is Talent Gap. Conscientia contributes by attracting, hiring and retaining top talent to consistently deliver IT projects for its clients. Additionally, the company offers Digital Solutions, Enterprise Technology, IT Governance, Information Security & IT Risk services. Conscientia achieves this through its key assets, which are:

  • Conscientia’s people: The Company hires people that are inspired by helping others to succeed.
  • Tactical focus: it first looks at the strategic needs of its clients’ business and determine what technology and human resources are required to best support their organization both short- and long-term. Conscientia then addresses challenges one at a time, while managing the budget and timeframe.
  • Deep roots in IT coupled with business insight: Conscientia goes way beyond mere project specs to look at the big picture. It relies not just on its technical knowledge and expertise, but on its business savvy, to overcome clients’ challenges. The company’s creative solutions maximize both their resources and project outcomes.

When The Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

The founder and CEO Bethany, speaks about the barriers in the business and how she overcomes them.

“Cash flow is always a challenge. Initially, we entered agreements with some merchant loan programs that cost us heavily – we learned never to do that again. Furthermore, as a business owner, you will be constantly approached by people because everyone automatically thinks you have money and that you owe them a job! I had to learn to hire for quality and need as opposed to hiring to do someone a favor. 

Finally, the demands of a business owner are many and can be overwhelming and varied. Each day, start your day with quiet time for yourself and spend it reading positive and motivational material. Plan your day with your list of ‘to-do’ items – but make sure to highlight the top 3 items that are critical and get those done first. Remember to focus on what is ‘closest to the money’. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks.”

Sneak Peak at the Future

Due to the gap in the marketplace and technology driver, The Company is gearing up to launch new practice areas in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Cyber Security, and Digital Strategy domains. Talking about the roadmap of Conscientia,

Bethany discloses they hope that the company will be acquired in few years. Bethany concludes on an important note saying “I think the biggest challenge is growing to the next level and continually transforming yourself to meet your client’s existing needs without watering down your brand and mission.”

Commend the Fearless Leader

Bethany Plaza, Founder and CEO: An energetic thought leader in the IT industry for the past 25 years, Bethany brings to the table a blend of solutions-oriented strategic thinking and person-centered leadership development. As CEO of Conscientia, she’s played a pivotal role in helping individuals and business thrive. Drawing on her unique blend of solutions-oriented strategic thinking and person-centered leadership development, she has helped a wide range of organizations meet and exceed their goals in business. More than a savvy professional, Bethany is a leader of leaders. While her clients regularly need help in the mechanics of developing a successful organization, they also need wise companions to motivate and guide them; to instill hope and confidence in otherwise uncertain circumstances. Bethany makes it her mission to help these individuals find success and fulfillment for both their businesses and themselves.

"With decades of experience, comprehensive capability, unparalleled ethics and an immense dedication to our community, we deliver the knowledge and expertise that our clients need."