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Consulting & developing risk analytics solutions for top Banks and FINTECH companies: MATRiX Analytics Corporation

thesiliconreview-anil-bandari-ceo-matrix-analytics-corporation-2017Banking institutions have experienced a new paradigm in customer centricity, risk management and market domination.  The present day competitive environment is forcing them to meet their goals in an ever changing world where new information is flowing in every second from multiple sources. So the success of the financial institutions depends on how effectively they leverage the enormous data resources and turn it into actionable insights. Banking institutions have realized this, and in order to remain at the top of the competition, they have to deploy Custom Analytics and Big Data Solutions with total flexibility, making way for data to evolve over time.

Therefore, MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION was set up to provide custom analytics to Banks and Businesses. It helps businesses and banking institutions, domestically and globally, to make better decisions that drive higher levels of profitability, mitigate risk and well advised customer experience for Banks and credit unions. Thecompany’s use of artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning (ML), best industry known and proprietary mathematical algorithms to predict consumer behavior has helped Financial Institutions achieve their business goals.

Extracting meaningful insights with its custom analytics solutions

Following are some of custom analytics solutions that the company provides:

  • Custom Credit & Fraud Risk Scorecard/Model Development - MATRiX ANALYTiCS™ builds custom underwriting scorecards (Revenue, Credit, Fraud, Income, Bankruptcy, Attrition, Look Alike objectives based on credit bureau/other external data and/or application data), Behavior Scorecards for Portfolio Management (Credit Line Upgrade/Cross Sell/Card Authorizations Transactions/Marketing Programs/Customer Service), Early Stage Delinquency collection, Late Stage Delinquency Payment Projection, Recovery Scorecards.
  • FINTECH Analytics - MATRiX ANALYTiCS™ specializes in development of custom analytics solutions which includes underwriting & portfolio management models, risk analytics, strategy optimization; mobile data based models, macro-economic models and regulatory risk models.
  • Strategy Optimization – It builds strategy framework of profit/loss/other goal optimization given the global and local constraints. It has also built Initial Credit Line Assignment, X-Sell/Credit Line Management of credit card portfolios and Inventory Optimization for Small & Medium Enterprise business.
  • Analytics as Service to Small & Medium Businesses - A low cost monthly analytics service to SME across verticals/industries provides businesses with tools to make better decisions. It includes Sales Forecasting, Decomposition Analysis of Key Clients and Key Products, Visualization Analytics, Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis and Deployment on-prem or Cloud.
  • Big Data Analytics – It builds next generation of Scorecards & Analytics leveraging all the account and customer level on-us and off-us data available in Big Data platform.
  • Custom Credit Bureau Scorecard Builds (International Credit Bureaus & Banks) – It builds Customer Bureau Scorecards for Country, available for use by consumer, banks and businesses.
  • Regulatory Modeling - Account level CECL/CCAR PD, LGD & EAD model builds. It builds Macro Economic Models to address sensitivities of various stress scenarios and provides validation by Industry, Products, Geography & other defined Segments.
  • Seamless Deployment on Cloud / on premise - Using advanced model development software & codes, it can generate a deployable code (including byte code) for seamless deployments of Analytics on client sites of MATRiX Cloud or deployment on premise in FICO TRIAD/BLAZE and other legacy platforms.

Optimizing profitability and performance

Apart from the cutting-edge methodologies for sustainable analytics solution development, the company’s core differentiators include its quality of domain expertise, global market knowledge, evolved modeling practices, and efficient deployment strategies. It is cost-conscious and aware of budgetary constraints especially for the small-and-medium sized banking customers, and itsbest noted results have been 90 percent more accurate when compared to predecessor modeling solutions. It has a wide variety of algorithms and methodologies based on the specific objective of clients or optimization services that can significantly increase their performance.

CEO Anil Bandari says, “Our growth as an organization stems from our vision to provide high end custom analytics by transforming data into expert decisions for all small to large size banks/SME across the globe.” Currently, MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION is working on:

  • CECL Risk framework for Banks
  • Latch on models in underwriting space for loss forecasting & projections
  • Social Media, Mobile, Image, Payment & Spend Transaction data based structured and unstructured Modeling
  • Strategy Optimization, Experimental Design in Strategy Monitoring
  • Fraud & Anomaly detection Modeling
  • Custom SME Analytics as product with minor configuration changes for various verticals

MATRiX ANALYTiCS is expecting to release these solutions to clients in upcoming time (within 6 months).

Establishing noteworthy milestones

The journey of MATRiX ANALYTiCS so far has been a deepening experience. The thing which helped the company the most was identifying the right talent and people, which made the journey easy. There were pressures while establishing theimage and talking to decision makers, however, it has found the way through and has meaningful tractions with few good clients. It is looking forward to having more on-board soon. At this point, it hopes of becoming a significant player in Big Data revolution and addamazing things to the day-to-day lives of every living thing. Anil Bandari concludes, “In a couple of years, I see, MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION playing a significant role in providing custom analytics to various Banks and businesses in retail and medicine verticals of domestic and international markets.”

Knowing the leader behind MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION, CEO Anil Bandari

A leader and innovator in the Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Credit Risk Modeling, Strategy Optimization and Analytics space, Anil has spent more than twenty-five years in various leadership positions in Financial Industry. Prior to founding MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION, Anil played the role of Global Director – Modeling & Risk Analytics in Citi and managed modeling & risk analytics space of internal Citi clients – Asia, Australia and other parts of the world, providing modeling, strategy optimization, CCAR Modeling, risk analytics and big data risk analytics solutions.

“Being global is engrained in our DNA. We have been working with all continents and multiple countries in each of the continent in past and we will pursue the vision in MATRiX.”