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Content-rich Digital Signage Solutions with a Healthy ROI – Mvix


“Developing a reputation as one of the best digital signage companies since 2005”

Founded in 2005, Mvix is a market leader in content-rich digital signage solutions that provide businesses with the tools to manage and display dynamic content on digital displays.

With a focus on cost-effective, cloud-hosted offerings, their suite of digital signage solutions includes video walls and interactive kiosks with enterprise content management software that’s rich in content apps and widgets.

The Mvix team comprises hardware and software engineers and AV experts who build and support commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom solutions for clients across the globe. In just under 10 years, the company has grown to a client base of over 16,500 companies in 29 countries and with over 46,500 active screens.

Content-driven Solutions
Content is more important to the success of digital signage than the technology itself. A content strategy is what will inform and drive the technology requirements. So to enable businesses to create, customize, and deploy content easily, Mvix solutions include over a dozen content apps and widgets. They include social media, workplace posters, inspirational quotes, metrics dashboards, RSS/MRSS, stock photos, HTML5, traffic, event listings, emergency/CAP alerts, courtroom docket,
box office display, Google Docs and more.

The apps and widgets allow businesses to show a large variety of content with little effort. Providing a digital signage solution that addresses the content part of the equation uniquely positions Mvix to help businesses tackle the technology and content factors at the same time.

Delivering Exceptional Value
Mvix’s intelligent solutions are popular for employee communication, digital menu boards, and wayfinding and building directories in large facilities such as hospitals. They are also being used to display flight information in airports and airport-related businesses such as hotels & resorts, convention centers, parking facilities, ground transportation centers, car rentals, limo companies, and corporate headquarters.

Courtrooms are also using Mvix’s visual communication solutions to display daily dockets, way finding, staff directories and security screening information.

Additional uses of digital signage include metric displays in manufacturing plants, box office displays in movie theaters, donor walls, event listings, and advertising in retail locations.

Perhaps one of the most important uses of digital signage is in emergency messaging. During an emergency, custom alerts and CAP alerts from local and national sources take over digital signage displays and override current content to provide information about the emergency and instructions on what to do.

Because the digital signage solution is cloud-based and can be managed remotely, content changes and updates are instantaneous so businesses are able to communicate the right messages to the right audience at the right time.

The Client Spectrum
Mvix’s comprehensive range of dynamic signage solutions inform, promote, sell, alert, and entertain employees and customers in 16 industry verticals.

The company targets industries where visual communication plays a big part in engagement and productivity. They include corporate offices, education, food service, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing. Such organizations typically have a large number of employees/clients/visitors and communicating easily and clearly is usually a challenge. Humans are visual creatures and so it follows that communicating with them visually via digital signage will simplify understanding and
increase retention.

Mvix is much honored to count leading companies such as Magna International, the Y, Amazon, Wing Zone, Hilton, Vistaprint, and Rite Aid as clients. It also provides solutions to leading institutions such as The American Cancer Society, UMass Memorial Healthcare, Texas A&M and the University of Washington.

What’s in Store for Mvix
More Content Widgets: Currently, Mvix’s solutions provide access to over two dozen content apps and widgets, all for free. As per their current development cycle, they add 3-4 new content widgets every quarter, which are made available to all new and existing clients. The short-term goal is to continue to enhance this widget library, so as to allow businesses to easily add relevant dynamic content to their screens. Simultaneously, they will continue to enhance their premium content library, which features widgets such as Smart Playlists, Live Flight Information, Sports Scores, Queue Management, and more.

Interactive Digital Signage: Today’s ever-connected customers have higher expectations. They want more information, more convenience, and more personalization. Interactive digital signage fulfills this desire. Mvix is currently developing solutions that engage the viewer and lead to exploration. The customers will be able to connect to the system – e.g. via touch or gestures – to participate in a poll, play a game, or share social media content. Interactivity not only enhances the customer experience but also makes them feel in control.

“Mvix’s content-rich digital signage solutions empower businesses to build a visual network that’ll engage audiences, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.”

Meet the Master

Mike Kilian, Director of Business Development: Mike is a business development professional with over 5 years of experience in digital signage. He currently leads revenue capture and market share growth efforts while maintaining a focus on exceeding client expectations as he guides teams towards company objectives.

Mike is a Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE), and as a millennial, he provides a unique perspective on the digital signage world.