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SILICON100 2017

Converting unknown visitors into known loyal customers: Gigya

thesiliconreview-patrick-salyer-ceo-gigya-17As the leader in customer identity and access management (CIAM), Gigya helps businesses identify, engage and build a single view of each customer, to better understand who they are and fuel relevant, personalized experiences across their journey — from awareness to advocacy. Our platform is designed to meet privacy, compliance and security best practices without sacrificing user experience.

Gigya helps companies turn unknown site visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers. More than 700 of the world’s leading enterprises, including 50% of the comScore top 100 US web properties, rely on Gigya to build identity-driven relationships with over 1.1 Billion customers while powering scalable, secure, privacy compliant customer identity management. Gigya leads the customer identity and access management (CIAM) market according to recent reports from both Gartner and KuppingerCole.

Gigya- Born from a customer-first approach

Gigya offers a cloud-based platform for the enterprise that scales to billions of identities, responds instantly, and is built to support the demand of managing thousands of digital properties across hundreds of brands, while consistently providing a best-fit digital customer experience. Our platform can grow and adapt with your business and delivers quick time-to-value, simple implementation and management, and the ability to change once and update everywhere.

Why Customer Identity Management?

As businesses transform digitally, they face big challenges driven by mega-trends in the global marketplace:

  • Consumer demand for more seamless and relevant experiences across devices and channels in exchange for their data.
  • An onslaught of new regional data protection and privacy regulations and the ever-changing policies of social networks and other identity providers (IdPs)
  • Rise of account takeovers and data breaches in the wake of poor password usage

Connect, Collect, Convert

Gigya offers a cloud-based platform for the enterprise that scales to billions of identities,  and responds instantly.

Establish Meaningful Connections

Gigya’s platform enables businesses to create a seamless and secure digital “handshake” and grow their audiences, with best-practice registration and social login forms and flows configurable to fit customer experience needs. Social Engagement and Loyalty add-ons help brands understand and retain customers.

Registration as a Service (RaaS)

Design, build and deploy custom web registration forms and flows quickly and easily to increase acquisition and customer knowledge. RaaS provides a complete, flexible set of online registration tools for integrating an end-to-end registration system across your web properties and mobile applications complete with user validation, profile management and responsive design. Easily deploy pre-built workflows for both social and traditional customer authentication, or choose from three levels of customization capabilities.

Single Sign-on (SSO) and Site Groups

Gigya’s Site Groups feature facilitates multi-site, multi-brand administration and enables single sign-on functionality that allows a customer to log in to one site and be automatically signed into every site in the same site group. Logging out on one site also signs a user out of the entire group, providing a uniform experience across all sites that operate under one organization, and giving users seamless and secure access across every touch point.

Social Login

Social Login increases registration and minimizes barriers to site entry by reducing the need for usernames and passwords, allowing users to authenticate using their existing social media identities and pre-verified user accounts. Social Login provides permission-based access to users’ first-party identity data, so you can start delivering personalized experiences that build lucrative relationships.

Collect: Build Rich, Compliant Customer Profiles

Gigya’s platform helps businesses securely and progressively builds rich, accurate and unified customer profiles by consolidating a wide variety of data into a single customer view, while staying in compliance with social network policies and global data privacy regulations.

Customer Profile Management

A Profile Management system and identity repository makes it easy to manage your entire user base in a single, secure, cloud-hosted repository. Consolidate and index any type of customer data, including demographic, social, behavioral and more, in a dynamic schema database to easily search and segment user records. Seamlessly pass user data to and from your existing marketing platforms, all while maintaining automatic data privacy compliance.

Convert: Get More Value from Customer Data

More than 50 pre-built integrations into a wide range of marketing, sales and service applications let businesses easily connect customer data across the entire technology stack to drive revenue with a minimum of development time and cost. Customer Insights and Analytics tools help businesses create and understand valuable customer segments.

Identity Sync

Available either in the Admin Console or via API, Identity Sync offers an easy way to extract, transform, and load data in bulk between Gigya’s platform and applications for sales, services, marketing and more. Available on a one-time basis as needed or as part of a scheduled job process, Identity Sync automatically updates target applications with data collected by Gigya’s platform and vice-versa. A flexible scripting capability supports a variety of use cases, including customizable data transformation workflows, cross-database consolidation, and user group segmentation to maximize data quality and relevancy.

Meet the Genius

Patrick Salyer, CEO:  Patrick joined Gigya in 2007 and has led the company’s vision, strategy and operations. Before joining Gigya, Patrick co-founded a social applications company and served as a consultant for L.E.K Consulting, a strategy consulting firm. Patrick holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.

“We help companies turn unknown site visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers”