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Count On Integration Objects to Deliver Visibility & Insight into Operations Performance

“Our success is best measured by the success of our clients.”

Operational intelligence, a form of business analytics and shared knowledge is gaining momentum lately as it assures improved performance and visibility for supply chain operations and, remote monitoring and surveillance. Operational intelligence can be defined as the ability to analyze live, fast-changing data and provide immediate feedback taking business intelligence to the next level and creating amazing new opportunities while maximizing operations reliability and safety. Using in-memory computing technology allows live, fast-changing data to be stored, updated and analyzed continuously.

Integration Objects, headquartered in Houston, TX, is a world-leading software solutions provider specialized
in operations and manufacturing intelligence. It is also a veteran in advanced analytics, knowledge reasoning, preventive detection of abnormal events, online diagnostics and root cause analysis, plant automation, surveillance systems, cyber security, systems integration for the chemical, oil & gas, process and manufacturing industries, power and utilities, and defense, around the globe.

Significant Accolades
Integration Objects is positioned as a world leader of deploying intelligent asset and operations management applications offering automated root cause analysis in real-time. The Company has successfully delivered advanced software solutions to the top 10 Oil & Gas companies in the world. It holds the worldwide award from Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership (ML) Council for successfully deploying an Intelligent Energy Management application for the largest Oil & Gas stabilization plant in the world resulting in saving $ 20 M. IO was ranked in CIO Review’s Top 20 Most Promising Manufacturing Tech Solution Providers 2015.

Integration Objects Offerings

1. Knowledge Based Decision Support

It is based on IO’s KnowledgeNet® Suite of products, which include primarily:

  • Data server that collects data from many sources like DCS, SCADA, Data Historians, LIMS, ERP.
  • Rule engine used to detect complex events by combining logic, events, models, statistics, temporal reasoning, Fourier transforms, etc.
  • Root cause analysis engine to build cause and effect fault models that is event driven and can identify the root cause of any predicted issue.
  • Workflow engine that is event driven and can execute procedural and sequence of actions. Workflows are used to enforce and automate best practices for corrective actions.
  • Advanced analytics that help end-users understand the depth of their manufacturing processes, identify different operating modes including abnormal conditions, clean data and transform them into useful information, extract models and knowledge by loading big data and alarm database.

2. Connectivity Solutions
The Company provides connectivity solutions based on OPC standards that help collect real-time and historical data, alarms and events, from many different automation systems, SCADA, Databases, etc., with an option to
comply with cyber security standards.

Emerging from the crowd
Unlike its competition, IO models are based on expert rules, filtering false information, managing unplanned events, taking into consideration operating conditions, and actual plant data analytics to reflect reality. In addition, automated root cause analysis is carried out while most of the other companies do it manually.

The ability to link and tightly
integrate business and manufacturing objectives, to deploy applications that solve complex problems in a relatively short time frame, to perform automated root cause analysis in real time, to extract deep expert knowledge automatically from historical data and to combine event driven expert rules, models, workflows, and fault propagation, and deploy analytics and machine learning models in real-time are few of the many factors that sets IO apart from its competitors.

Integration Objects from a customer’s perspective
Integration Objects’s patrons include the largest industrial pioneers in the world such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Saudi Aramco, ENI, Sonatrach, BG, Takreer, etc. around the globe. The Customers are impressed with IO product’s robustness and reliability, the ease of maintainability, the Company’s responsiveness and the return on investment they have been receiving. Here is what they had to say about IO:

“Integration Objects has very versatile, powerful products which have essentially addressed all engineering issues and challenges faced in the project.” – Saudi Aramco, Abqaiq Plants

“Excellent technical support, each IOemployee that I encountered and interfaced with was highly qualified, professional, and retained a “can-do” frame of mind even during challenging moments.”– ExxonMobil, Production Company

Current & future undertaking
The Company’s present focus has been to populate its object library with knowledge for the manufacturing processes and assets to further shorten the delivery cycle time, offer cloud based services and further advance its machine learning

While IO’s future focus is to deliver online machine learning applications that capture and validate new knowledge while running online. IO has two main offices: Houston that is serving the Americas, and Tunis serving Europe, Middle East, Africa and solid partners in Asia, South America and Australia.

“Our goal is to help our clients maximize plant safety, increase asset availability, and set up an efficient decision making process.”

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