20 Fastest Growing Security Companies

CRAM Worldwide is changing the Game of Best Security Providers

It is important to serve the exact solutions each industry needs if a solution provider want to have a diverse range of marketers. CRAM Worldwide is a digital security and delivery platform for all these marketers as they know how to do it.

“the heart of CRAM is a patent-pending online or offline data delivery solution that fits into small business or the enterprise. CRAM’s new BitBursting technology breaks apart data into pieces, encrypts the pieces and places the data bits in a highly secure mesh of multi-cloud providers. This makes CRAM the most secure data solution in the marketplace. For companies requiring a secure cloud to store data CRAM is an ideal product.” – Daren Klum, Founder and CEO

Founded in 2010, CRAM Worldwide aims to provide full security to the clients’ data. This attitude has taken them to a much higher level where they are assuring their clients that their data is 100 % safe.

A Look at the Product

The product called ‘Multi-Cloud’ is showing the industry the path of secured data analysis through cloud computing. ‘Multi-Cloud’ shreds, shrinks, and converts data to a random format. The next step it takes is encrypting each shred using NIST certified encryption and then randomly distributing the encrypted shreds across the global data server environment.

“It is the modern-day paper shredder for digital information. We shred your data, shrink the size, convert it into a proprietary format, encrypt and disperse into multiple cloud locations. We believe we have changed the game, and the rests are proving us right.” – Daren Klum, Founder and CEO