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Credencys is Helping Companies Evolve to Digital & Outperform Rivals: Faster than Ever Before

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Headquartered in LA Palma, CA and founded in 2008, Credencys as an organization has built itself on five core values viz. commitment, passion, innovation, fun, and transparency; all of which help us in delivering wow. With people coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, these are the values which drive us as a unified team. Further, being Agile ensures open communication and collaboration across the board, which helps as achieve more with less. Taking inspiration from its leaders, Credencys strives to achieve the best in its work and responsibilities. Over the years, numerous enterprises have partnered with the company in their digital transformation efforts.

Credencys helps clients bridge the execution gap with services including Consulting, Design & Architecture, Product strategy, software development, DevOps, Managed Services
Credencys believes in delivering efficient and simple software solutions that create a transformative impact for businesses seeking growth. With agile work practices and design-driven approach, Credencys is helping enterprises in expediting their digital transformation initiatives. These initiatives often include adapting to the latest advances in emerging technologies such as mobile, web, cloud, IoT and Big Data.

Credencys is a global team of 150 with operations in 7 different locations. Credencys had a humble beginning with 2 people & grew organically, with the PURPOSE of providing Extraordinary Customer Experience and Delivering them WOW in everything we do. 

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Automate your operations by developing highly engaging and user-centered enterprise mobility software solutions that address your specific business needs

Mobile App Consulting: To address your business challenges, its mobility advisory team understands your organizational vision, objectives, and business processes. The company offers personalized app consulting to propose the right enterprise mobile apps for your needs

Mobile App Designing: Increase customer engagement with interactive and compelling app UI/UX design. The company crafts world-class user experiences for your enterprise mobility solutions to drive better conversion rates, customer retention and business monetization for you

Mobile App Development: Add significant value to your overall outcomes by harnessing its expertise for enterprise mobile application development. The company builds flawless mobile apps for iOS, Android, & Cross-platform by following the best practices for constrained memory, screen size and network latency

Mobile App Integration: Run your business operations seamlessly leveraging mobile application integration. The company integrates your enterprise mobile app with existing business systems, 3rd party APIs & the cloud, for valuable business outcomes

Quality Assurance: Improve user satisfaction by developing high performing enterprise mobility software solutions. Applying a range of rigorous testing methods, Credencys builds quality driven mobile apps that work efficiently under different network conditions

Maintenance & Support: Improve your business topline and bottomline through consistent customer interaction with zero app downtime. Credencys offers mobile application maintenance and support to keep your app up and running all the time so you never lose a client

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provided

Mobile HRMS Solutions

Increase the productivity of your HR department through mobile HRMS solutions. Allow HR to manage employee attendance, leave details, personal profiles, salary details, payroll, recruitment process, expenses, and other activities on the go using feature-rich mobile apps

Mobile Sales Solutions

Empower your sales team to manage their sales campaigns and processes on the move by using mobile sales apps. Sales reps can access client information using enterprise mobile apps that reduce their turnaround time while servicing clients and drives tremendous business benefits

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Simplify the life of your field staff with workforce management solutions that let them assign and execute a range of tasks or activities. Credencys develops custom solutions that manage and process massive business data and help field staff in making informed decisions

Internet of Things (IoT)

Make strategic business decisions faster with IoT enabled solutions. Get profound insights about customers, remote operations, and industry trends by connecting end devices to your backend, and process the valuable data in real-time for actionable insights, heightened efficiency, and cost optimization

Connect different edge devices/products with each other and operate them seamlessly from a remote location with IoT solutions

Leverage IoT services to transform your business processes, create new business models, and offer distinct market differentiation through the clear value of IoT solutions. Credencys IoT solutions enable organizations to:

  • Build custom architectures that allow for real-time data exchange and integration among mobile apps and existing network infrastructure
  • Leverage quick processing, storage, and retrieval of data
  • Gain real-time data visibility through consistent, proven and reliable connectivity among devices, gateways, and back-end infrastructure
  • Make better decisions with augmented and accurate intelligence
  • Minimize overhead costs and improve operational efficiency through scalable synchronization between devices and the back end

Founder’s Desk

Sandeep Agrawal, Founder, and CEO:  Sandeep has more than 2 decades of experience in creating world-class teams and driving innovation through cutting-edge products and solutions. He lives & breaths startups & is passionate about creating new technology solutions for its customers. 

He is Driving Credencys to Deliver on the promise of "Great Customer Experience" by evangelizing “Ubiquitous Mobility” and how it is transforming the way we live, work & evolve as humans. 

He strongly believes in training people &empowers them to go beyond the obvious. He strives for Design Thinking & open communication, which works as a founding guidance for solving problems and creating collaborative team environments.

Sandeep has been coaching, mentoring & Pro-Bono Consulting people to take on Entrepreneurship & Leadership and making a difference out there in the world. 

“Our proven design strategy is what defines who we are and where we shine. Our development methodology defines how we think and what differentiates us from our competitors.”