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30 Best Companies To Watch 2016

Credencys Solutions: Leveraging Technologies to Strengthen Market Position as a Leading Software Solution Provider…

silicon-review-sandeep-agarwal“We don’t do Rocket Science, as yet; however, we are good at digital business transformation.”

Credencys was born with zeal to not only provide technology solutions to real world problems, but also wow you and your customers in the process. With huge appetite for the newest in technology, the company helps enterprises leverage Mobile, Web, Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things and Cognitive Technologies for their growth. Completing 400+ projects in 5 years, Credencys’ 200+ strong Agile workforce continues to strengthen the company’s position in the market as a leading software solutions and managed services provider.

Credencys as an organization has built itself on five core values viz. commitment, passion, innovation, fun, and transparency; all of which help them in delivering wow. With people coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, these are the values which drive us as a unified team. Further, being Agile ensures open communication and collaboration across the board, which helps as achieve more with less. Taking inspiration from their leaders, they strive to achieve the best in their work and responsibilities. Over the years, numerous enterprises have partnered with them in their digital transformation efforts.

Credencys Core Services

Strategy- Credencys helps in forming strategies for businesses to run quickly, reduce costs, increase returns, and implement best practices by leveraging Mobile.

Design- With innovative design led thinking, they deliver solutions that wow not just the end user but all stakeholders in the process.

Development- The company follow Scrum methodology to manage projects and teams which include UI/UX Designers, Developers, QA professionals, Project Managers and DevOps. Platforms they work on.

Mobility- Whether it’s about mobilizing workforce or engaging customers, the company help enterprises achieve better results in lesser times with Mobile.

Web Application Services- The company help enterprises optimize their business processes with outstanding web apps.

Cloud and Big Data- Businesses can also leverage their expertise in PaaS, IaaS, Hadoop, MongoDB, Cloudera, Redis to get tailor made cloud solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT)- IoT expands the landscape for invention & growth. From smart offices to smart parking lots to refrigerators – there is big opportunity and they help businesses venture into this evolving field.

Cognitive Technologies- People at Credencys help enterprises gain first mover advantage by adopting the latest in Wearable Apps, Augmented Reality Apps and Virtual Reality Apps.

Meet the Influential Leader

Sandeep Agrawal, Founder, CEO- Sandeep has more than 2 decades of experience in creating world class teams and driving innovation through cutting edge products and solutions. He lives & breaths startups & is passionate about creating new technology solutions for its customers.

He is Driving Credencys to Deliver on the promise of “Great Customer Experience” by evangelising “Ubiquitous Mobility” and how it is transforming the way they live, work & evolve as humans.

In less than three years, Credencys has grown into a global team of 150 with operations in 7 different locations. Credencys had a humble beginning with 2 people & grew organically, with a PURPOSE of providing Extraordinary Customer Experience and Delivering them WOW in everything they do.

Credencys helps clients bridge the execution gap with services including: Consulting, Design & Architecture, Product strategy, software development, DevOps, Managed Services.

He strongly believes in training people & empower them to go beyond the obvious. He strives for Design Thinking & open communication, which works as a founding guidance for solving problems and creating collaborative team environments. Sandeep has been coaching, mentoring & Pro-Bono Consulting people to take on Entrepreneurship & Leadership and making a difference out there in the world.

“As a leading web and mobile application development company, we have presence in the USA, Singapore and India.”


Envisage the Change, Plan for Future

  • Translate business requirements into technology needs
  • Harness data, build consumer insights, take informed decisions
  • Assess readiness for technology, make right selections
  • Identify problem areas and possible solutions
  • Plan timelines and estimate costs

A sound strategy is necessary for laying foundation of your project. Discuss with their experts to choose right technology, define project milestones and business goals; finally, draw a roadmap with time and budget estimates.

Weave Designs to Captivate Users

  • Draw Wireframes & Flow Diagrams
  • Create intuitive user interface
  • Develop engaging user experience
  • Test ‘ready to market’ prototype

A properly designed solution elevates your customer experience, builds up engagement levels and eventually increases customer loyalty. You can collaborate with our software architects, and UI and UX experts to create impeccably designed solutions.

Watch your Solution take Shape

  • Work with Agile Teams to leverage the latest in Mobile, Cloud, IOT
  • Integrate solution components and develop middleware
  • Build scalable, easy to maintain and highly usable software

You can work with developers who follow best practices during the entire development process, ensuring code accessibility and security at all stages. The end result is a Build meeting your Acceptance Criteria and business goals.