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thesiliconreview-paul-farmer-founder-famhost-2017“Famhost has been hosting enterprise applications since 2000; long before the term “Cloud” had anything to do with computers.”

Famhost apps enables its customers to run businesses from anywhere with a family of integrated or standalone business applications and not just that its users can use any device, from anywhere and at any time. The prime facility includes automatic caller-id popup of customer history. It is also based on “One click scheduling”. Famhost is integrated with web based e-Scheduling by customer, Gps enhanced dispatching, tracking and navigation, customer management, invoicing, contracts, proposals.

Job costing, inventory, equipment tracking, flat rate and time and material tracking, and Profitability analysis and trends by customer, job, technician, equipment, job types and more are infused within Famhost. Control payroll overtime with multiple automatic time stamps. Imaging automatically it is attached to jobs, customers, technicians. Video, pictures, scanned and digital pen documents can also be included in Famhost.

Preview of Famhost apps

In 1978, Paul Farmer and his father decided to computerize their businesses. Paul had owned a coffee service company in Wichita KS since 1969 and his father, Paul Sr. had owned the Roto-Rooter franchise in Wichita since 1960. Jane Jantz (Paul's sister) was teaching computer technology at Wichita State University and programming at NCR. She decided to "retire" and raise a family. Back then, one couldn't buy very many computer programs, so she agreed to write the software for the two healthy and growing businesses.

“In 2001, we started hosting the application because some of the franchises were having problems with local computer techs and lost data because of improper backup procedures and dishonest employees,” said Paul Farmer, CEO and co-founder of Famhost.

In January 18, 2002 Mgmt TV Inc. dba Famhost was incorporated in the state of Kansas. It became the hosting vehicle to run the JaRay program. Since then Oaul farmer has added Linkwriter (wireless digital pen), GPS Cop (vehicle tracking and maintenance), and BizYak (corporate communications, caller-id, and call recording). Famhost’s clients include most major Roto-Rooter franchises, but it also serve other franchise systems, plumbing, hvac, health insurance, home health-care, transportation, and a myriad of other service businesses.

Famhost, like any other company is built with care and dedication and has soared heights only with its hard-work. But what makes Famhost atop at its game?

Famhost apps are flexible, that enables customers to securely integrate data into their website and bring data back from their website into JaRay, Famhost’s flagship data management program. After that it provide scripts only if it already have a website developer to integrate eScheduling, online payments, SMS or MMS texting, callback phone systems, tracking phone numbers, service tech bios to send to its customers when they schedule work, or surveys when they finish a job.

FAMHOST as a cloud pioneer, i.e., The JaRay system has been "in the cloud" for over 15 years. Most business systems are now hosted, but Famhost was one of the first in the world to host an enterprise system. For its customers, the benefit is that they can concentrate on their core businesses instead of buying and managing servers, firewalls, licenses, updates and security policies to prevent malware or disgruntled employees and cyber threats to their confidential intellectual data.

Famhost’s growth depends on its customer’s growth and this evident from the fact that WThe Famhost App platform has over 5,000 options that its customers business can take advantage of. It means is that as customers business grows, Famhost have their back in every step of the way.

Happy customers make life easy is what Famhost believes. It is evident that the service business constantly keeps changing as technology evolves. Since its inception in 1978 Famhost has had to evolve to stay competitive. “We bring almost 40 years of experience in the Service Industry,” said Farmer.

Apps, the heart of Famhost

The new GPS Window is an integrated and highly customizable fleet tracking, and scheduling, maintenance and driver behavior control system. It is built with easy management and convincingly can be used for reporting from within the JayRay portal. Control overtime, improve productivity, increase safety, and reduce fuel and maintenance costs. When paired with a Garmin navigational device, customer’s dispatcher can alert a driver to go back to a job site or change routes in "real time".

BizYak's no-contract pay-as-you-go pricing* makes it easy to know the marketing results, text job details with two way texting, or just record the calls between customers and answering service, or technicians. Recordings are stored in CloudLinkit bucket, logged and linked to customer records.

Man behind the success

Paul Farmer founded Mgmt.TV Inc., dba Famhost in 2002 to host the JaRay Program. Famhost was one of the first companies in the world to host a major enterprise application in the "cloud.” Paul transformed Famhost into a state-of-the-art, "Go-To" solution for managing business data in "real time." He is a proven strategic entrepreneur, backed by over 40 years' experience in developing enterprise applications, leveraging long-term business partnerships and helping customers build their businesses. Paul is also experienced in performing business dispositions, having spent seven years evaluating distributorships / branches for buy, sell or liquidation direction. He cares deeply about people and is actively involved in the Wichita State University Center for Entrepreneurship in the areas of Family Business and student mentoring.

“We have redundant systems on with multiple tier-one ISPs to make it easier for your local Internet Service provider to connect to us.”