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thesiliconreview-suyog-jadhav-surinder-pal-singh-bindra-abhishek-pushp-datametica-solutions-private-limited-2018Offering a unique approach to organizations to make informed business decisions and operations by managing and leveraging information

Organizations presently face many critical challenges from the rapidly increasing volume, variety and velocity of information being generated. But organizations can choose to capitalize on this overabundance of information and turn it into their most significant asset. There are several forward-looking companies that are turning to big data and analytics to identify new sources of value existing within their organization and cultivate opportunities for value creation and protection. Meanwhile, failing to implement big data and analytics can make it tough for companies to maintain a market share. Therefore, organizations need to pursue analytics and information strategies to differentiate themselves from the competition, and Datametica helps in doing just that and also helps them to find new revenue opportunities and drive product innovation.

Datametica is the leader in Big Data architecture, Advanced Analytics and Big Data Operations focused on serving large global companies. It has strong products engineering studio around Big Data technologies and Analytics. At Datametica, best product and service ideas can be cultivated and exploited opening significant opportunities for those who are forward-thinking, innovative, ready to take smart & calculated risks to gain professional experience in product engineering quickly.

Inception of the company

Most of the founders came from Sears, where they started big data practice inside Sears as a child company ‘metascale’. Rajiv Gupta, Dr. Phil Shelley, Niraj Kumar and Deepak Badhani together founded Datametica in 2013. Datametica started small from Viman Nagar, Pune office with almost 10 employees and BSE as its first client. Today, it has more than 300+ employees, 3+ offices, 30+ clients and many more accolades.

Experience, authenticity, reliability, and innovation are the combination of attributes that make Datametica unique amongst Data Management and Analytics companies. It solves real-world data architecture, modernization, and advanced analytics needs with a track-record that others cannot match. Datametica is a unique team of passionate data players helping organizations bring order to the data chaos and derive deep science insights in an automated fashion. With decades of experience in the data space, its leaders work closely with clients to drive innovation, operate the business and deliver as per their needs.

The leader in big data and analytics

Datametica has the scale, expertise, experience, flexibility and cultural alignment to better understand the clients’ overall business and IT imperatives than its competitors. The critical success factors of Datametica are listed below:

  • Production Experience: It is dedicated to client success with its robust, scalable, high-performance framework solutions derived from the extensive experience in delivery of end-to-end services encapsulating proven expertise. It facilitates organizations to unite data science and business acumen.
  • Innovation/ Improvement Focus: Datametica is constantly investing in a team of data scientists dedicated to ideation, innovation and exploration in the data management space to enhance the clients’ overall performance while helping them to foster innovation within their own organizations.
  • High-Calibre Workforce: It constantly develops a steady source of skilled resources that can funnel into its clients’ requirements. The skilled team has a remarkable knowledge in BI, Analytics & Big Data.
  • Centre of Excellence (CoE): The CoE at Datametica offers a blend of value creation, automation and process orchestration. Having a strong repository of standardized and “ready to deploy” models and frameworks for complex and large scale engagements, it incorporates best practices in personalization and collaboration.
  • Home-grown Accelerators: Datametica has developed a suite of accelerators to accelerate time-to-market and reduce risk of delivering solutions. It has an in-house lab for incubating competency on solution accelerators to minimize the total amount of effort & cost spent by an organization.

Services to obtain maximum value from growing information assets

The following are the services provided by Datametica:

  • Modern Governed Data Platform: Integrates all enterprise data (structured + un-structured data sources) in a clean canonically-structured single point of truth for consumption by all users and analytics systems.
  • Legacy Data Migration: Methodically and automatically offloads data to highly scalable, future-proof platforms and architecture on Cloud and on-premise.
  • Data Science and Advanced Analytics: Unlocks any-size or type of data into dynamic, deep-learning actions. It helps in developing, deploying and running self-learning models, complex relational and non-relational data types and real time solutions.

Products with reliable architecture and implementation methods

  • Data Migration Suite

        It is an automated discovery technology revealing a holistic view of data warehouse workloads, user’s activity, data pipelines, lineage and more – suggesting agile migration sprints to rapidly deliver business value. The components of Migration Suite are as follows:    

        Eagle - Intelligent and automated Data Warehouse Analysis.    

        Raven - Workload and query converter that translates legacy SQL and other code to open source SQL formats include data model optimization for Big Data environments.       

        Pelican - The only continuous validation tool that validates data of any size between two separate environments without actual data movement.

  • Data Governance (eCat)

        eCat is a single platform to capture and manage Metadata, end-to-end Lineage and Data Quality across multiple data stores in both RDBMS and NoSQL databases. It has the following high level features:     

        Metadata Management

        Analytics over Metadata and socialization across multiple data stores 

        Data Lineage

        In-depth data flow automated capture with transformation logic through end-to-end lineage       

        Data Quality

        Complex business rules for large data sets for rich and quality data       

        Datametica eCat is the only complete data governance solution in the big data market, offering critical capabilities such as profiling, lineage, metadata management, and many more. eCat is scalable, platform agnostic, enterprise ready and can be connected to any legacy and modern data systems.

  • Data Validation (Pelican)

        An enterprise product to compare, validate and reconcile data across two heterogeneous data stores, when migrating legacy data to modern data platform.       


Equivalence Checks

Data Systems Comparison

Cell Level Difference

Backtrack to find the root cause of problem

Data Reconciliation

Validation Results

  • Sample of Mismatched Data
  • Source / Target Mismatch Count
  • Highlights Inconsistent Cell
  • Highlights Duplicate and Missing Records
  • Data Reconciliation - Automating Patching Scripts
  • Back Track Lineage to find the root of the problem
  • Delta Trends


Testimonials of success

“Datametica’s product eCat (Enterprise Catalog) provided our businesses with great agility in creating and managing Business rules with zero turnaround time. With eCat we were able to create the reusable business rule framework which helps us to understand and improve our data health.” - CIO, Leading Stock Exchange, INDIA.

“eCat provided us with in-depth data flow capture with transformation logic through end-to-end linage across enterprise,reducing time required for impact analysis in case of any change by a sizeable amount reducing the dependency on the IT team.” - CIO, Leading Fashion Retailer, USA.

Knowing the leaders behind Datametica

Mr. Surinder Bindra, Head of Product Engineering: With vast experience in the software industry, Surinder Pal Singh Bindra leads the product engineering unit at Datametica. He has been instrumental in setting up a center of excellence with a strong work force of talented engineers. A driving force for innovation, he was involved in the conceptualization and development of comprehensive product line from scratch. 


Email id:

INDIA: +91-20-66446300, USA:  +1-847-505-9933, SINGAPORE: +65-66318505

“We have expertise in Data Science and prefer to be called ‘Data Doctors’ as we know the pulse of data and have championed the art of treating it to make it constructive and astute for strategic decision making.”