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50 Best Companies to Work For 2016

DCR Workforce: “We are committed to helping you realize and maximize the value of your investment.”

silicon-review-ammu-warrier-dcr-workforce“Aimed at providing clients with technology and service solutions that optimize the way companies manage their contingent workforce, staffing suppliers, and services spend, DCR is committed to building for the future.”

Founded in 1995 by its co-founders, over the past two decades, DCR Workforce has grown from an IT and business process consulting firm into one of the world’s best providers of Vendor Management Systems. The company provides a unified approach to manage all aspects of non-employee engagement, through their award-winning, cloud-based Smart Track Vendor Management System (VMS). DCR combines the knowledge, innovation, and the technology needed to analyze, understand, and act on all aspects of a Service Procurement program.

DCR is a woman-owned true vendor neutral company that delivers simple solutions to meet complex workforce challenges. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida (USA), the company makes its presence felt across the globe, with offices in Australia, Canada, India, UK, Singapore & Malaysia.

The company specializes in rendering its solutions across a range of industry verticals, including financial services, utilities/energy, engineering, government, education, consumer goods, technology, pharmaceutical, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transportation, et al (industries where complex services/SOW spend is inherent).

Story behind DCR’ Inception
Brainchild of Ammu Warrier, President of the company, DCR’ products and solutions are tremendously intuitive, highly innovative, extremely flexible, and incredibly powerful. People at DCR are highly committed to develop the most progressive capabilities and innovative solutions for clients:

  • A product roadmap that is built with collaboration from Customer Advisory Board and driven by the needs and requirements of their clients.
  • Innovative approaches such as gamification, AI, NLP, and machine learning.
  • Constant push to improve the stickiness of their technology.
  • Intelligence designed to enable data-driven decision making and provide recommendations based on predictive analysis.

Solutions Offered
Smart Track VMS: Smart Track is DCR’s award-winning, SaaS-based Vendor Management System (VMS). Smart Track provides full support for all aspects of contingent workforce management and service procurement.

Smart Track xCHANGE: Smart Track xCHANGE is an interactive community dedicated to matching top talent with top staffing professionals to fill the needs of clients. It’s not just another candidate pool or supplier database; it’s an ecosystem in which everyone from the contingent worker to the client plays a role. Smart Track xCHANGE offers clients the next generation in social sourcing.

DCR’s Statement of Work (SOW) Solutions: DCR’s SOW solutions are designed to manage service procurement efforts and costs associated with outsourced project consultants. DCR’s SOW solutions plan, automate, measure, control, and track your project, ultimately eliminating the administrative effort and complexity of contract lifecycle management.

Configuration & Customization: The company firmly believes that every process, every data point, every output should be configurable. Besides unprecedented configurability, their technology solutions are highly flexible to offer any customization that is required to meet business needs.

Creating a Difference with Vendor Management System (VMS)
DCR Workforce provides an award-winning cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) to manage contingent workforces and service procurement spend. Smart Track by DCR is a sophisticated and flexible yet extremely intuitive and easy to use vendor management system and service procurement tool.

Building a Future Forward VMS
Smart Track is a VMS built for daily use and interaction for total talent management. The company leads the industry with progressive capabilities. This year they’re especially focused on fine-tuning predictive analytics, among many other things.

Here’s an introduction to just a few of their latest cutting-edge features for 2016:

  • Fill-and-Bill SOW
  • Safe Harbor Solution


  • Mobile Smart Track xCHANGE
  • A New UI for Smart Track Mobile


  • Supplier Engagement
  • Landing Page Dashboards
  • DCR Employee Engagement


  • Gamification Analytics
  • ACA Analytics

Valuing their People
“When you value people, you give them freedom.” – Martha McSally

DCR Workforce is about people. The company endeavors to provide the best outcomes for their customers, and want their benefits to work for employees. As with anything at DCR, benefits are an open conversation and employees’ feedback matters to them. DCR cover all the basics, including healthcare, vision and dental. Additionally, they offer many additional perks that promote work-life balance, such as:

  • Over 2 weeks of personal time off.
  • Flexible working hours (opportunities for compressed work weeks and telecommuting).
  • Concierge services, such as car washes and maid services.
  • Errands day (half day off per month).
  • Birthday celebrations (day off plus a pre-paid dinner gift card).
  • Digital nomad opportunities (offers employees the ability to work virtually from anywhere in the world).
  • Fun with family and Health Club Employee Benefits.
  • Food and meals (healthy and varied breakfast, lunches, snacks and sometimes even dinner).

“We believe in “human first” and want the best for our family of employees, our clients, and our community. We’re always on the looking for talented people who can help us build great products.” – Ammu Warrier.

Meet the Thought Leader

Ammu Warrier (Founder & President)– Ammu Warrier is the founder and President of DCR Workforce. She is a results-driven visionary and “technopreneur” who is passionate about leveraging technology for devising innovative human capital management solution. She is highly involved in the development of products and is the leader of the company’s technological innovations. While continually leading the company to stretch, create, and build ever-evolving systems, Ammu is also a driving force of inclusion, support, and diversity in the industry.

She began her career as a software engineer and consultant to leading engineering firms and high tech companies including UCS Inc., Daleen Technologies, Racal Datacom, Siemens Telecom and EDS, prior to founding DCR. In recognition of her efforts as the leader of a woman-owned, minority-owned business that actively assists and supports other diverse companies, Ammu is a multi-year recipient of the Diversity Business Award. Additionally, she has been listed in the Global Power 100 Women in Staffing by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), and has been awarded as a medalist for “Female Executive of the Year” in the Stevie Awards.

Ammu has a BA in Electrical Engineering from the University of Delhi, India, and a MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Miami.