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Dealer Teamwork Is Poised to Change the Way Automotive Dealers Create and Manage Digital Marketing

thesiliconreview-dealer-teamwork-17The digital revolution is just revving up. There’s no question that digital channels have fundamentally redrawn the map of the automotive purchase journey, and it has already taken over the online automotive dealership systems and the online purchase of vehicles. Dealerships remain relevant as places for consumers to confirm their purchase choice by experiencing the “touch and feel” of the car and by having face-to-face discussions with salespeople. Customers select dealerships primarily by convenience: the dealership’s location and the on-premises availability of the vehicle they want. But even at the dealership, most consumers appreciate having access to digital tools that provide a self-paced interactive experience, such as tablets, touchscreens, or 3D virtual configurators. And Dealer Teamwork offers it all in one stretch. 

Automotive Dealers, Hold on!

Dealer Teamwork, founded in the year 2016 and headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, is a SaaS company creating first-class solutions for the retail automotive industry. It was born out of trying to solve digital marketing problems that dealers face every day. Its vision centers on creating the most valuable marketing platform that car dealerships use to build the most relevant marketing campaigns. With their unique digital marketing strategies, Dealer Teamwork brings a fresh level of transparency to the online automotive purchase experience. The team creates solutions that help car dealers market their inventory as simply as possible. Dealer Teamwork aims to create the best digital marketing solutions for dealers. 

The Cardinal Solution

Dealer Teamwork has launched the industry’s first patented MPOP, a Merchandising, Personalization, and Optimization Platform. The platform creates a significant competitive advantage for dealers by distributing their transactional data to more in-market shoppers effectively and efficiently. The MPOP drives high-quality traffic using a dealer’s transactional data, then instantly publishes the offers to responsive Smart Landing Pages and paid search ads. Higher relevancy helps search engines deliver more relevant and precise results to car buyers faster.

The MPOP optimizes the dealer’s paid search ads which helps improve click through rates, website engagement, conversion rates and thus improves the quality scores as well. The MPOP helps you remain compliant by easily managing OEM disclosures. It can also connect to Google Analytics, which provides the highest level of campaign reporting transparency. 

“The MPOP helps us respond faster to market changes in our PPC advertising. The simplicity of creating/updating pricing on ad units and the integration into our AdWords is seamless.”

- Dara Moore, Digital Channel Manager, Rairdon Auto Group.

Complete Control of Your Vehicle Marketing

Dealer products should reach the hands of real customers faster, and that’s what Dealer Teamwork solves with their platform. The MPOP Vehicle Marketing solution includes many features which can improve the visibility of dealer sites and dealer products. A few new features include a responsive, live visual editor, integrated paid search campaigns, personalized and proactive account management, and unlimited mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns. With all of these MPOP features, vehicle offers are optimized and instantly updated across the dealer’s website and paid search ads. This boosts relevancy, which creates more opportunities for in-market buyers to see the vehicle offers and more opportunities for dealers to make sales.

Complete Control of Your Automotive Service Offers

With patented technologies, Dealer Teamwork creates instant service offers and publishes them to service-specific landing pages. The MPOP Service Specials tool builds a complete service-marketing program easily and quickly. It creates a significant competitive advantage for your service department against other dealers and big-box automotive service stores. This is done by improving search engine rankings with price specific offers. In a wider perspective, it can deliver more service business, and it makes the entire marketing process easier to execute. 

The Key Factors of Success

  • Highly disruptive product
  • Solves a large problem/need that dealers face daily
  • Quality of the experiences and reputation of the leadership team in the automotive community
  • Easy to understand and use
  • The people who work at Dealer Teamwork and the culture for success they have created

Listen to the Clients Tale

“I love this program! We can build new and used car specials so easily using the MPOP, we’re building 30+ specials per month now and it’s so fast. Account support has been very helpful. If there is an issue they’re on it right away and help fix things immediately - they are awesome!”

- Daniel Hodge, eCommerce Manager, Sterling McCall Nissan 

“The MPOP helps us be more competitive in a difficult market, especially for our Subaru leases. I love knowing that our vehicle offers and prices show up for any make and model search; it’s very enticing for shoppers. I don’t know of anyone else who can do what Dealer Teamwork does. I’m a big fan of the process and how easy it is to use. This solves a huge problem for us, thank you!”

- Ryan Green, Internet Director, Greeley Subaru 

“If you’re a sales manager, GSM or an Internet Marketing Director who has seen what the MPOP can do and still aren’t using it, you should reconsider the choices made. Dealer Teamwork improved our entire marketing process while increasing our results.”

- Matt Botsford - General Sales Manager, Grand Ledge Ford 

Meet the Man behind the Venture 

Sean Stapleton, CEO: Stapleton entered the automotive software industry by co-founding IMS, which was later acquired by Who’s Calling. He worked as Vice President of National Accounts and as Vice President of Automotive Sales for Who’s Calling, where he defined market expectations for the emerging Call Measurement and Monitoring industry. He later co-founded and established Visible Customer as an automotive market brand. Stapleton joined VinSolutions as the Executive Vice President of Sales, in August 2010. In addition to his work in the automotive industry, Stapleton works as a major fundraiser for Merrick Inc., a non-profit organization whose goal is to empower adults with disabilities through vocational and social opportunities.

“Our vision was centered on creating the most valuable marketing platform that car dealerships use to build the most relevant marketing campaigns”