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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2017

Dedicated to pushing digital understanding of media assets so that you can understand your customers better: Graymatics

thesiliconreview-abhijit-shanbhag-president-ceo-graymatics-2017“We eat, sleep and breathe multimedia analysis to bring the power of the senses to your internet services.”

Businesses thrive by making informed decisions that target the needs of their customers and users. To make such strategic decisions, they rely on data. Enormous amount of data is created everyday particularly visual data in the form of videos and images. Transforming these videos and images into actionable data requires analysis and the growing amount of digital data and the higher level of interactivity in multimedia applications are demanding proactive solutions that provide necessary result. Graymatics has developed the industry-leading, scalable cloud platform allowing for automatic real-time indexing, analysis and classification of videos and images with a suite of search, curation, recommendation and advertising tools.

An artificial intelligence company that classifies images and videos to provide customer centric solutions, Graymatics cloud platform provide solutions to security providers, retailers, publishers, ad networks and other service providers globally.

Graymatics is motivated by an inspiring vision of the future, driven by a passionate and talented multi-functional dedicated team, backed by some of the most committed large strategic corporate partner, an excellent group of highly positive & actively involved investors as well as a well-defined yet flexible execution process.

Inception: Love for Visual Web Paves the way

Established in June 2011 with initial financing from Citrix Systems and Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office/ National Research Foundation, The Company was setup with the vision of having a massively scalable platform to transform videos and images into actionable data. This effectively allows any application which currently utilizes text to obtain context, to as easily use images and videos. Graymatics has since developed a highly scalable, cognitive multimedia analytics platform that provides solution for all the possible industries like Surveillance, Telecom, Media and Advertising, Retail and E-commerce.

Nimble Buildout

Graymatics initially launched its highly scalable, deep image analytics platform with various API’s and advertising tools with various companies such as Hakuhodo Inc. (a Japanese advertising and public relations company), Vodafone-Spain and with KDDI, a large Japanese carrier. Utilizing context from images for more effective advertising, and towards enhancing consumers’ experience were few of the initial use-cases for which the platform was used.

The company initially built a robust platform on which deep image, video, and audio analytics was performed to an extensive level. With the successful deployments and increasing demand of some very specific applications around Smartphone applications, surveillance and social media insights, it moved higher in the value chain by offering full-scale products and services in specific areas. The presence of massive amount of video content and with various new video sources from so many appliances resulted in an increased demand of Graymatics’ products and services. This led to a consistent growth in various functions of the organization ensuring that its clients have the highest competitiveness in industry and the most delightful experience working with them. The platform is extensively used and demanded in different sectors like surveillance, e-commerce, digital media and many more.

Pathfinder’s Obstacles

As Graymatics is amongst the first in the market with the unique capabilities, there is a pioneers’ challenge in evangelizing a new set of products and services to traditional clients, altering their mindset in venturing into new spaces which can bring in massive opportunities in the future. This is an evolution in the companies’ mindset and workflow, and with time, a large number of companies are moving on this promised path. 

The Future Looks Promising

“Visuals triggers emotions and emotions drive our lives.” This concept impels Graymatics to create innovative solutions. With the massive increase in video content over CCTV’s, over the internet and on Smartphones, Graymatics sees the opportunities limited only by imagination. The company is looking to enable a range of solutions so that many billions of video minutes pass through Graymatics platform in the next 2 years, and it plays a role in transforming consumers’ video experience and make this a safer world. Furthermore Graymatics has range of new products across various different spaces like Telecom space, Surveillance, Retail analytics and many more to be rolled out soon.

Founder’s Desk

Abhijit Shanbhag, President and CEO: Prior to founding Graymatics in 2011, Abhijit has been a serial entrepreneur within Silicon Valley and co-founded his first company in 2001 - Scintera, a leading fabless semiconductor company which developed the industry’s first programmable RF signal processor, and was later acquired by Maxim Integrated. He has previously held key technical and management roles at Qualcomm, Ericsson and Morphics. He holds a Bachelor of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and a PhD from the University of Southern California, where he continues to be on the Advisory Board.

“Our deep multimedia analytics provides rich set of products and services catering to different specific requirement of each client, making it highly valuable for the industries.”