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10 Fastest Growing Storage Companies

Delivering Award-Winning Business Recovery Solutions for any IT Environment: Unitrends


“Headquartered in Burlington, MA, USA, Unitrends provides physical, virtual and cloud-based protection and recovery for every organization’s most valuable assets: its data and applications.”

The data, application and networks that companies protect and recover are the lifeblood of their customers. The volume of digital information produced, coupled with increasing IT complexity and flat budgets, means customers need to find fundamentally new ways of protecting their ideas and keeping their business running no matter what. Unitrends Connected Continuity Platform provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of cloud empowered continuity solutions in a single, super intuitive platform that provides unmatched flexibility as business needs evolve and 100% confidence in recovery.

Founded in 1989, Unitrends’ portfolio of virtual, physical, and cloud solutions provides adaptive protection for organizations globally. To address the complexities facing today’s modern data center, Unitrends delivers end-to-end protection and instant recovery of all virtual and physical assets as well as automated disaster recovery testing built for virtualization. With the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, the company’s offerings are backed by a customer support team that consistently achieves a 98 percent satisfaction rating.

During the past several years, Unitrends has experienced rapid growth and has had 28 consecutive quarters of growth. The company’s solutions are sold worldwide and it has sales and channel partners in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Unitrend’s Key Differentiators
The company’s customers are looking for solutions that make their lives easier and keep their businesses running. As a result,Unitrend is focused on delivering innovation in several key areas including:

  • Providing a broad open platform of hybrid cloud solutions which let customer protect data locally and in a variety of cloud environment, including Unitrends’ own Unitrends cloud and Hyperscale cloud like AWS and Google.
  • Radical ease-of-use and simplicity
  • Increasing the reliability and speed of backups
  • Outstanding total cost of ownership
  • Instant continuity
  • Continuity anywhere and everywhere
  • Performance and scale
  • Maximum flexibility for customers. Unitrends solutions adapt to their requirements, not vice versa.

Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions
Unitrends provides integrated, all-in-one, cloud-empowered protection and continuity solutions. Unitrends’ portfolio consists of a wide choice of software, physical appliances and software virtual appliances that combine backup and recovery with cloud storage and DR, recovery assurance and machine & networking remodeling capabilities.Unitrends’ customers can choose from hardware and software options & enhance protection with cloud.

Recovery Series
Customers who want a complete integrated hardware solution will choose Unitrends Recovery Series physical appliances. Recovery Series customers get:

  • An all-in-one integrated hardware solution with Unitrends continuity software and hardware that is performance optimized for the amount of data and Instant Recovery workloads it is protecting.
    Powerful integrated backup software with enterprise features and best in class deduplication, instant recovery and ease of use.
  • A choice of 14 models ranging from 1 TB to 182 TB of raw storage.
  • The ability to add additional capabilities such as cloud storage and DR, recovery assurance and Pledge (Optional Pledge support offers free hardware for life. Customers who stay on the pledge plan get a free replacement appliance upgrade after year 3.)

Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB)
Customers who have their own hardware and are looking for a software solution will purchase UEB. UEB installs as a virtual machine into VMware, Hyper-V or Citrix environments or as installable software into a RHEL/CentOS Linux system. UEB customers get:

  • The ability to scale up and down using hardware that they already own.
  • The same all-in-one software engine that powers our Recovery Series appliance and the Unitrends Cloud.
  • The choice of five different editions of software perpetual licenses that are priced to meet any budget.
  • The ability to add additional capabilities such as cloud storage and DR.

Customer Base
Unitrends focuses on customers ranging from SMB’s with 10 employees to large enterprises with 10’s of thousands of employees across a broad range of vertical markets. Some of its notable customers are Sears, Novartis, USA Volleyball, Footlocker, Dogfish Head Brewing, LoveFilm, Sligro Food Group, USC, Hinduja Global Solutions, Life Care Centers of America, Beverly Hills Schools, Baker Tilly, Salvation Army, Van Lanschot Bank, Pandora, etc.

Customer Testimonials
“Unitrends Enterprise Backup improved our backup window from 12 hours down to about 2 hours. This has probably saved about $15k in full-time equivalent resources a year, with the straightforward approach to administration of the system.”
– David Kennedy, Dir. Of IT, Financial Asset Management Systems

“Unitrends Enterprise Backup improved our backup window from 12 hours down to about 2 hours. This has probably saved about $15k in full-time equivalent resources a year, with the straightforward approach to administration of the system.”
– Norman Allen, IT Manager, Baker Tilly BVI

Future Road Map
Unitrends has long been a leader in the backup and recovery and DR markets for physical and virtual data protection selling both software and physical appliances. As backup and recovery shift towards focusing more on business continuity and cloud capabilities, Unitrends is adapting as well.

“Our vision has not changed. It is one we have been executing on, building products and acquiring companies for several years now. In fact, the market is now validating that we are leading in these most critical areas. As a result Unitrends has had 6 plus year of consecutive growth. Most significantly in 2015, our hybrid cloud based revenues increased 450% year over year”, says Kevin Weiss, President and CEO.

Knowing the Mastermind

Kevin Weiss, President and CEO
Kevin has extensive experience setting corporate strategy, implementing the operational controls to support that strategy, and a proven track record of transforming fast-growing companies into industry leaders. Prior to joining Unitrends, Kevin was the chairman and CEO of SkyMall and its parent company Xhibit Corp. Before that, he served as the president and chief executive of Author Solutions, a Penguin Random House Company. He played a key role in the successful sale of the company to Pearson PLC. Author Solutions was a portfolio company of private equity firm Bertram Capital, where Kevin has been an operating partner since 2007.

“We are fanatically committed to enabling you to recover more than just your data.”