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Delivering backup, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions so businesses don’t miss a step in the age of exploding data creation and rising risk: Idealstor

thesiliconreview-idealstor-2017IT organizations continue to struggle with the daunting task of protecting growing amounts of data with diminishing backup windows. They often invest excessive time dealing with conventional methods such as tape or shipping media off-site for protecting their data, responding to emergencies and trying to maintain and manage their backup infrastructure. Companies need a system which will let them recover instantly from threats such as hardware failure, human error, ransomware or a natural disaster, while reducing complexity. Idealstor is one company that offers a cost-effective, all-inclusive backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution.

Founded in 2002 by Nezzen Systems out of Gaithersburg, Maryland, Idealstor was created to supply customers with a fresh and value-driven solution to their backup storage needs. Being customer-focused, the company set out to create

a complete solution that was fast, reliable and did not require the use of tape. When they started, NAS and SAN were in their infancy, and hard drives were beginning to make huge advances in capacity. Rather than recommending disk-to-disk-to-tape backup for their clients, Idealstor developed an entirely new method of backing up data using disks as removable media which provided their customers with the benefits such as the speed and reliability of disk with the portability of tape. 

Solving data protection problems of an ever-growing client base

Idealstor hit the market with the Idealstor Backup Appliance in 2003. The backup appliance was revolutionary at that time and allowed IT administrators to reduce not only their RTO (Recovery Time Objective) & their RPO (Recovery Point Objective) but also afforded them the reliability which they didn’t get with tape backup. 

Their first project was a regional bank which was immensely successful; they helped the customer reduce their backup window from 24 hours down to 1 hour. The speed alone afforded the bank the ability to run full backups every night and reduce their cost of downtime. 

Focus on customer needs

Innovation driven by customer needs has been the guiding mantra in Idealstor’s growth strategy. It has tailored solutions based on its customers’ needs, from launching the Teralyte to cater for budget conscious businesses to its WORM appliance to meet compliance. The Teralyte was created for small and medium sized businesses. It was designed to replace Tape Drives and Autoloaders at an affordable price while providing the benefits of using disk-based media. Combining the capacity, reliability and portability of Idealstor’s Removable Disk media, the Teralyte provides a complete backup and disaster recovery solution. 

The Idealstor WORM appliance offers customers simplified deployment and operation of disk based storage and takes advantage of compliance enabling features such as WORM data authenticity, time based file retention and extended file security. The WORM appliance offers a comprehensive archiving solution for partners and customers requiring archiving solutions for Enterprise Content Management, email archiving, media and entertainment, video surveillance, file archiving and many other archive enabled applications. 

Providing innovative and cost effective storage solutions

Idealstor was a pioneer in bringing removable disk technology to the market for data protection. It helped IT admins reduce their stress and anxiety by reducing the time to recover data when a system went down while also offering them peace of mind with the reliability the product offered. Idealstor makes sure that the development of new products is on schedule and also focuses on further improving their offerings.

Idealstor’s latest offering, Flashback, now provides customers with business continuity and disaster recovery. Flashback BDR is an image based backup and Disaster Recovery solution that captures an image of the server every five minutes and replicates that to the cloud. It allows for instant recovery on the local appliance or in the cloud in case of a server failure or a site wide disaster.

Besides ease of use or the need to manage any media at all,Flashback offers unique features such as ransomware detection, chain independent backups, bootable backups, automated testing with screenshot verification and multiple restore options. 

Setting its foothold in the booming backup storage market

Idealstor eyes future growth opportunities for the company via diversification into other areas encompassing data protection and other related client needs. It looks to offer a fresh alternative to conventional data protection that is user friendly and encompasses backup/restore, archiving, compliance and disaster recovery. Worldwide, hundreds of companies and organizations, both large and small, have chosen Idealstor for their Data Protection needs.

"We stand by the commitment we made over a decade ago to provide customers with solutions to fit their existing needs."