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Delivering Compassionate Commitment to Quality Medical Solutions: Call 4 Health

thesiliconreview-joseph-pores-ceo-call-4-health-18There is no doubt that the advancement in technology has revolutionized every facet of the healthcare industry. While the most obvious technological impact has been on the practice and delivery of medical services, the impact of IT has virtually revolutionized the customer service relationship.

Call centers in healthcare services are becoming a critical essence of the healthcare industry, but it is also witnessing a variety of communication challenges that are resulting in terrible response towards patients by professionals.

Founded in 1997 by Joe Pores, the leading medical call center, Call 4 Health has also got a story of awful communication that led to the foundation of the company.

“We Understand What It Is Like To Face Trauma”

Founder and CEO, Joe Pores revealed “I became a caregiver for my mother when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I experienced terrible response and service when trying to reach the healthcare professionals after-hours. After her passing, we started the company to make sure other patients and their family members would not have the same negative experience as I did.”

Founded after a heart-wrenching incident, Call 4 Health has gone from only offering after-hours answering services to being a complete communications BPO for healthcare facilities throughout the country over the last 20 years.

Call 4 Health has developed an interactive implementation plan that brings all internal departments together through a project management tool and also ensures that the implementation and rollout are successful. This amazing tool by the company makes it very easy for the clients and project managers. Now, implementations are no more complex and do not take months to be done.

It is not an easy task to educate customers about the workings of a firm as they always form an opinion on the industry. But, Call 4 Health is always showing its customers the way the company does things and is much different than its competitors. All the new service lines by Call 4 Health comes from listening to the pain points that its clients and customers, and the company never fail to come up with solutions that enable them to focus on patient care.

Today, from the 2 partners answering all the calls to over 500 employees nationwide, Call 4 Health is a leader in the medical call center and nurse triage service with a genuine understanding of the patient’s perspective. Call 4 Health has a keen understanding of the difficulties in facing traumas and has developed a sound system to seamlessly balance professionalism with compassion.

Overcoming the Biggest Challenges

The most successful are the ones who are never scared of taking big risks because, in order to achieve greatness, one has to fail greatly. And Call 4 Health is an example of one those companies that always stand strong even there are numerous hurdles coming one after another.

Call 4 Health has always been a self-funded firm and it was a one the biggest hurdle for the company. Money was very tight for Call 4 Health, so throwing a pile of money at the problem wasn’t the solution that it was looking for. The company focused on quality over quantity and considered every detail of the experience that its clients’ patients would have.

Earning the trust and respect of consumers all across the planet is through consistent focus on delivering high quality in all actions. And maintaining the same trust and loyalty was another challenge for the company. But Call 4 Health’s customer centric culture has always supported the company in providing the best to its clients and customers which is one of the company’s core values.

The Compassionate Call Center

Keeping the business scenario apart, Since Day 1 of launch in 1997, Call 4 Health has been weaving the fabric of its culture; the importance of giving back to the employees, to the partners, and to the communities. Every month, Call 4 Health selects a local nonprofit partner and creates fun ways and incentives to help raise funds for the cause.

Call 4 Health always keeps the word of exceeding the highest level of customer service, and because of this, the company has a strong reputation. Call 4 Health is not just a call center; it is a compassionate call center. By delivering even in daily business operations, Call 4 Health believes in showing compassion to nearly 30,000 daily callers, processed on behalf of more than 1,200 clients nationwide.

The Future Sight

Call 4 Health is constantly evolving with the immediate needs of the healthcare industry. The company is currently involved with telemedicine and providing virtual visits to its clients and their patients.

In the near future, Call 4 Health is rolling out a Telemedicine Solution which is a remote diagnosis and treatment by the means of telecommunications technology. Call 4 Health believes that this will definitely continue to be a fast-growing part of the company for the coming decade.

Howdy Chief!

Joseph Pores is the CEO of Call 4 Health. Joseph’s career is rooted in hospitality and excellent customer service. Having survived a heart surgery as a young man, Pores truly understands the challenges and stress that arises when dealing with life-threatening situations.

At Call 4 Health, Joseph makes certain that all employees are specifically trained in providing professional and accurate service, based on compassion and integrity. He is always committed to the betterment of his industry. Since Joseph believes that health care and education are two of the most imperative issues affecting communities nationwide, he is especially committed to his hometown community.

A pivotal figure in the healthcare industry, Joseph remains devoted to providing both personal and professional support in the areas of education and healthcare.

“We have always told our customers that we are partners and we are not just a vendor and you are not just one of our customers. We are in this together and we are here to provide you with the compassionate call center solution so you and your staff can focus on your patients and not have to be concerned with the phone calls.”