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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2017

Delivering Digital Transformation for the Enterprise: RunMyProcess

thesiliconreview-yuji-takada-ceo-runmyprocess-2017A unique cloud platform that delivers fast, end-to-end digitization for every area of your business.

RunMyProcess is a unique cloud platform that enables the fast and secure delivery of connected applications, extending enterprise systems and processes to the people, clouds, and devices of the digital world. While they have embraced digital technologies in order to create their offerings, they have also understood that digital transformation is about much more than technology; it’s about improving the competitiveness of products and services by transforming processes and experiences to better meet the needs of companies and their customers.

Since the foundation of the company, RunMyProcess has continued to push the boundaries of technical innovation, pursuing ever bigger and more interesting problems to solve through a combination of cloud deployment, modelling, and automation. Over the years they have built thousands of connectors to cloud and on-premise systems, created process, UI and data modelling tools to help customers build and deploy solutions more quickly in the cloud and scaled geographically from their original base in Europe to offer platform instances around the world.

Following a period of rapid innovation and growth RunMyProcess became an innovation subsidiary of global ICT giant Fujitsu in 2013, a company with its own proud history of innovation and one of the world’s most admired companies.

In Colloquy with Yuji Takada, CEO

Making the shift from a small startup to a global player like Fujitsu must have been a challenge - how did you overcome the impediments that you encountered?

Of course the change was slightly disorienting at the beginning – the sheer scope and ambition of a company like Fujitsu transformed our understanding of what was possible. But from the outset there was a clear feeling of shared values which helped enormously in making the transition possible. As a start-up company joining a large organization like Fujitsu, there are always growing and learning pains - and learning to think like a big enterprise obviously takes time and patience. But the incredible support we have received since the outset has enabled us to integrate well and find our place within the wider group.

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While the core of our offering is our award winning cloud platform we have also learnt that technology is nothing without passionate and committed people. For this reason we have combined our award-winning technology with pragmatic, can-do people whose passion is to cut through the noise and help our customers deliver real, practical outcomes as quickly as possible. In fact the core message of our brand – Digital Problem Solvers – represents our belief in the exponential increases in performance you can achieve when great technologies are combined with great people.

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Today we are focused on a range of innovations - for example driving our digital solutions more deeply into the physical world through the Internet of Things and applying artificial intelligence to assist people in designing, integrating and executing digital systems at global scale. We aim to help people take control of the connected environment through easy integration and the delegation of management to increasingly sophisticated automation. We are also combining this focus on integration and automation with research into more comfortable and human-centric forms of interaction, investigating the use of voice, gesture and mixed reality technologies in an enterprise-context.

Future Prospects

We believe that the opportunities created by digital disruption are going to grow exponentially as more and more resources – people, systems and things – get connected, creating the potential for totally new kinds of business models. By continuing to be humble enough to learn, bold enough to innovate and adaptable enough to embrace world-changing technologies - like AI, blockchain and quantum computing - we aim to provide the platforms our customers need to transform business and society for the better. In doing so we will play our part in helping to realize Fujitsu’s positive vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society.


Clientele Verdict

“RunMyProcess has helped to change the culture of the organization, taking care of details and enabling people to manage by exception.” - Helen Boyian, Product Operations Director, HomeServe USA.

“Fujitsu RunMyProcess has provided I Heart Studios with a competitive advantage in the industry…

and led to greater efficiencies.” - Sjors Bos, General Manager, I Heart Studios.

“The ability to quickly automate processes spanning mobile, cloud and on premise resources is

unrivalled.”- Frank Lerivrain, Director of IT Services at Fraikin.

Greet the Guiding Force

Dr. Yuji Takada, CEO:  

Dr. Takada is a Fujitsu veteran of more than 30 years with a successful background in developing and growing innovative cloud solutions. Before becoming CEO at Fujitsu RunMyProcess, Dr. Takada worked across several Fujitsu divisions, serving as a senior researcher at Fujitsu Laboratories, a General Manager within Fujitsu Software Japan and CEO of Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH in Munich, Germany. Dr. Takada holds a PhD in Information Engineering from Hokkaido University. 

“We are evolving and changing quickly to accommodate the constant changes in the technological world around us. We are meeting the demands of our customers with thoughtfulness and care.”