50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2016

Delivering Industry-Leading Telecommunications Infrastructure Services: Eagle Network Solutions


An efficient telecommunications network is the foundation upon an information society is built.” – Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

Eagle Network Solutions (ENS) was founded in 2002 by four partners with one common goal: to develop industry-leading telecommunication infrastructure solutions for the Federal Government.

ENS possesses significant Systems Security, Management, Internetworking, and System Maintenance capabilities gleaned from experience servicing Programs such as, Pentagon Renovation and Missile Defense Agency, along with a private sector customer base. It has also served major system integrators such as General Dynamics IT, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. In 2009, ENS began serving the private sector through a new client, Juniper Networks. In November 2014, Eagle was acquired by Integritas Corp., a Virginia based company. Since then Eagle has experienced explosive growth. The company expanded from 2 main clients to 5 direct clients and 16 indirect end customers in 12 different states and 3 separate countries.

Eagle’s reputation as experts in Network Solutions field, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure experience is highly regarded in government and industry. It continues to please its customers by bringing on, expert talent which can seamlessly blend and integrate legacy technology with the new, while maintaining continuity of operations and make sure they are maximizing the value of their IT investments. The company focuses on understanding client needs and their current environment and brings the experts to the table, who can then develop and implement an efficient solution that blends critical portions of the current processes and the best of breed technologies. Eagle makes prudent investments in training its people to gain expertise in new technologies and supports them. A vast majority of their employees possess advanced industry certifications.

The Differentiating  Factor
The major differentiator for Eagle is its reputation and extraordinary talent pool which develops creative solutions for clients. Eagle follows the philosophy of “being today where the puck will be tomorrow” through continuous transformation, anticipating changes and incorporating these in all areas of Eagle expertise so that readiness equals the delight of its clients. Eagle has demonstrated amazing agility to respond to the needs of the customers. Based on the knowledge of emerging technologies and developing unique solutions for networking and perimeter security, Eagle is working towards developing a product that will further improve the efficiencies of networks and their performance.

Network Solutions  Provided
ENS is a highly respected IT infrastructure integration and consulting firm that provides network transport, perimeter security, customized enterprise management solutions, along with, data center and custom application development services. These services are provided through the technology lifecycle, from design and development to testing and implementation and on–going maintenance and support. Eagle develops cutting-edge software and services to help companies such as Lockheed Martin, Juniper Networks and College Board build efficiencies, protect data, and ensure secure and high performance data transmission.

In addition, Eagle’s expertise in testing and evaluation has led to innovations in the virtualization space for high-profile clients such as Lockheed Martin and the Missile Defense Agency. For example, its automated network virtualization solution that has resulted in considerable cost- savings for one of the clients due to increased configuration accuracy and major staff efficiencies.

Change is inevitable in cybersecurity to deny unsavory elements from breaching networks and stealing secured information. Eagle helps its clients build, secure and maintain their infrastructure. Eagle’s team members are frequently called upon to design, implement and maintain a comprehensive defense against attacks on the network, and provide security solutions for the mundane as well as extraordinary, complex situations. Eagle’s software and mobile team helps clients drive efficiencies within their processes as well as help improve their end-users experiences. These efforts have led to a long standing bond between the company and its clients.

 The Tomorrow

CEO’s Words: Our mission is to continue providing industry-leading infrastructure and systems integration expertise. This includes the development and delivery of a full service Tech Harness that delivers secure compute, storage, internet working, enterprise management, and application enhancement capabilities both on premise and via the Cloud. The Cloud, BYOD, Internet of Things have all transformed how systems connect and communicate. Smart Cars, Smart Grid, Smart Homes, and other previously disconnected enclaves are now part of securing the world. This is a huge area for us – how do we help keep these thing safe? How do our customers? What Changes do they need to do?

The Client Scope
Eagle Technologies’ focus is on network cybersecurity, including SOC management and services to the public sector, and delivering solutions and services to both the public and private sector, depending on needs. The company’s big clients include Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Juniper Networks, College Board, Riverbed Technologies, Abacus and more.

Eagle has continuously been recognized by its clients for providing outstanding service. The clients tell that they are provided with top notch talent and services that far exceeds their expectations. This is evidenced by their willingness to provide recommendations and references to not only others in their organization, but to outside entities.

Juniper, one of  the clients of Eagle says “We currently work with Eagle Network Solutions (ENS) located in Fairfax, Va.  They do a great job for us and have been exceptional in delivering very qualified Engineers for our RE program.”

Meet the Key Executive

Bhushan Dandawate, President & CEO:
Bhushan has twenty-five years of financial, operating, and management experience in Technology, Information, Communications and Automotive industry sectors. He has helped accelerate his clients’ top and bottom line growth, using expertise in strategy, marketing, business development and operations improvement. Bhushan’s experience includes developing new ventures, developing new product and service lines, implementing product diversification and product line ‘pruning’ programs, helping clients grow through strategic mergers and acquisitions, and leading change programs to effectively achieve operational improvements.

“After all, superior functionality and technical excellence have always been the hallmarks of our work.”