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2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

Delivering Innovation & Excellence in Healthcare Systems since 1977: Advanced Data Systems Corp

“ Tens of thousands of physicians and healthcare providers in multiple medical specialties and practice sizes including enterprise organizations, as well as hundreds of medical RCM companies rely on systems from Advanced Data Systems (ADS). For almost 40 years, ADS has been focused on delivering superior customer satisfaction and excellence in automated solutions.”

The current landscape in healthcare delivery includes things such as pay-for-performance (value-based medicine) which is taking a remarkable foothold, supplanting the traditional fee-for-service scenario. This “quality vs. quantity” approach is designed to improve healthcare while reducing overall cost. These population health initiatives including chronic care and transitional care management (CCM & TCM) are also designed to reduce cost and limit, if not eliminate readmission to hospitals. Other areas such as patient engagement are factors in this setting as well.

With its Medics systems, ADS is firmly at forefront of the new landscape enabling physicians to mine the data as needed, report on it, and help qualify for incentives while avoiding penalties. The company is also associated with industry experts to help clients achieve their pay-for-performance and initiatives goals.

“ADS represents an almost peerless story in healthcare automation evolution. We began in 1977 and have never changed our name, never been involved in acquisitions or mergers, and never discontinued a product. Our clients love the loyalty factor and the fact that we’ve remained an independent, privately owned company that’s highly accessible. ADS is debt-free and self- contained with our own programmers, Implementations, Training, Support and IT departments,” said David Barzillai, President.

Interestingly, a recent physician survey showed the number one reason for selecting healthcare software actually had nothing to do with software but rather, company viability. ADS personifies that.

Solutions for Virtually any Need in Healthcare Automation
The company’s key practice management system is Medics-Premier™ which is incredibly comprehensive on the operational and financial sides of the practice or enterprise. It helps ensure every maximized dollar is obtained for every visit or service. The system is robust in producing data and analytics in a variety of formats including visualized graphics.

Between 1999 and 2000, the company moved into the age of electronic health records (EHR) with MedicsDocAssistant™ (MDA) which today handles not only clinical documentation, but clinical trials, government initiatives, transcription that includes voice-to-text-to-data-input in a single pass (Medics FlowText™) and a host of other capabilities.

Today, MedicsCloud™ (MC) is the next generation member of the Medics suite bringing EHR and PM together as a browser-based solution.

ADS has always been heavily involved in automation for radiology and imaging centers, hundreds of which use the company’s MedicsRIS™. Interestingly, the radiology practice founded by the radiologist who invented the MRI uses MedicsRIS, and has been for years. Today, that practice is a global radiology management network that continues to use MedicsRIS as the automation backbone in operating its 25 radiology centers.

MedicsRIS™ not only supports the automation and requirements needed by radiology, it also has innovative features such as EMRdirect™ for transmitting radiology reports directly to any referring physician’s EHR, overcoming the age old problem of getting those reports into the hands of the referring physician.

The company’s own cloud-based MedicsRCM™ is available for practices that prefer to outsource their revenue cycle management needs.

The ADS Medics Suite
The Medics Suite of practice management, EHR, and RIS solutions all operate as a single, unified system, if that’s what the practice wants and needs. On the other hand, each of the Suite’s components is available separately as specifically needed.

All ADS systems are ICD-10 compliant, meaning they can handle and convert codes to the recently required ICD-10 format.

ADS can implement in whatever format works best for the client, whether in cloud/ASP or customer hosted (client server) configurations. Clients not only benefit from the suite’s incredibly easy to use, yet comprehensive systems, but they also enjoy a 99% success rate on their first attempt clearinghouse claims…an almost 100% assurance on reimbursements the first time claims are submitted. Clients also benefit from a number of other capabilities designed to get them paid every dollar for every patient visit, right down to ensuring each patient’s co-payment is obtained, and by verifying their coverage prior to their appointments.

Big Clientele
ADS clients of all sizes and types are located throughout the US. Some of the company’s larger installations range from integrated group practices (IGPs) to enterprise radiology groups, to behavioral health facilities, and to networked group practices with dozens and dozens of separate locations. They also include large, very high volume RCM companies.

These clients can each have hundreds of system users. Overall, tens of millions of EDI transactions are processed annually through systems from ADS.

Here’s what clients have to say about ADS
“HMFG’s very high volume of networked physicians range from allergists to women’s health, and our ADS system handles it all effortlessly. And, our experience with ADS has never been less than excellent.” – Jim Olver, CEO, Horizon Family Medical Group.

“Our systems from ADS have produced an immeasurable return on investment and efficiencies throughout the practice in terms of maximized productivity and workflow.” – Marc Prager, MD, Medical Director,University Diagnostic Medical Imaging, P.C.

“With Almost 40 Years of Stability and Tens of Thousands of Users Relying on Our Systems, ADS is here to bring forward-thinking automation your Practice or RCM Company!”

Future Outlook
ADS continues to be attuned to upcoming industry requirements. Its programmers are always testing ways to meet those requirements while continually evolving the company’s software into newer versions with updated features and enhancements.

Knowing the Key Executive – David Barzillai
Mr. Barzillai serves as President of Advanced Data Systems Corporation. His strong leadership skills and customer-centric approach have brought ADS to what it is today. Prior to ADS, David worked for Elcint, Inc.He is a graduate of City College of New York.

“ Since our inception, we’ve been focused on delivering superior software and technology backed by equally superior Implementation, Training, and Support.”