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Delivering IT Solutions across Banking & Government & eCommerce: Virmati Software & Telecommunications Limited

In today’s ever growing & ever transforming world of IT Consumerism, Virmati Software & Telecommunications Limited, a prominent IT Solutions & Delivery Organization with marquee offerings is serving the needs of verticals of BFSI (Banking & Finance), Government ERP, Enterprise ERP and Web Commerce Platforms. As a transcendent IT Technology Player, the company excels in developing and delivering neo, cutting edge Solutions to clients and partners.

Adding value to the Customer Environment
Virmati Group is based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India a geo-political zone of immense growth and entrepreneurship. “We are a trusted, high performance & cherished IT Partner to customers & partners. We believe in conscious & true pricing, instead of wrong & hurting pricing, either hurting customer or hurting our own performance. With a commitment to excel, we deliver a distinctive satisfaction & edge to customers by exceeding their expectations; we ensure partnering through their growth with an Annual Technology Support that delivers Sustainable Benefits & Care to Customers; those who have engaged us will safely vouch for us as being in a league so different from peers in the market”, says Mr Jaishal Shaah, Executive Director, Virmati.

With a Revenue Model based on Software Licenses, Software as a Service Fees, Project Delivery & Implementation Services, Annual Technology Support, Training & Capacity Building and other ITeS Service Charges, the Group’s operational highlights are:
a. An entrenched footprint across the length and breadth of India, with projects or presence in almost all 600 districts of India.
b. Team of 120+ professional, motivated IT-ians and over a 80+ Associates on various Project Engagements
c. Regional Partners enabled in East Africa, Middle East & North Africa with 2 Global Representational Offices.
d. Diverse, Contented and Prospering Clientele of 140+ Institutions, growing every month.

Product Offerings
Banking & Finance Vertical:

Core Banking, Micro Finance Banking, Agent & Branchless Banking, Cheque Truncation System, Loan Origination & Recovery Systems, Islamic Banking, MIS, ADF & Report Repository, Mobile & Internet Banking and so on.

Government & ERP Vertical:

Comprehensive Business Suites for Finance, Accounts, HR, Payroll, Attendance & Leave, Fixed Assets, Citizen Services, Grievances & CRM, File & Assignment Tracking Workflow Solutions and so on.

eCommerce & Mobile Payment Solutions

B2C or G2C Transaction Platform, Services Delivery Gateway, eCommerce Agent & Distribution Management, eWallet & Mobile Payment Solutions.

Planning for the days ahead
The Promoter Financed and Self Funded company faces neck to neck competition from varied IT Companies across the Large, Midsize and Small Size sectors, today. Thru, partnering with SI & Business Partners in Different Territories for Project Teaming & Deliveries while keeping the Edge in Solutions through R&D and Quick Go To Market for Customers, Veermati has been scaling verticals, across focused and Consumer driven Business Territories through its tried and tested strategies.

With a 100+ clientele primarily based in the BFSI sector, the team at Virmati is now focusing on attracting clients from other segments as well and has successfully catered to the needs of about 25+ such clients, till date.

Time Line & Accolades of the Company:
• Founding of Virmati by a group of IT professionals from banking, accountancy and information technology fields to develop & to focus on Indian Banking Automation • Virmati Banking Computer Services (VBCS), the firm & original avatar of Virmati, created India’s first PC-Based Bank Automation which was inaugurated by Dr. Rangrajan, then Deputy Chairman ofReserve Bank of India

• VBCS, the firm, went on to Automate 1000 plus & then the fastest 2000 Branches automation across 10+ Nationalized/Government Controlled Banks of India

1998-1999 • Virmati Software & Telecommunications, in its present form, was incorporated, which had a management & stake-holder re-jig 2004-2005

• Virmati launched India’s first Truly, Browser Based Core Banking Automation; Central Database; With No Scripting or Make-Believe or Branch Server Concept.

• After Virmati began operating in Kabul, in its 3rd Year, the company got privilege to work with Central Bank of Afghanistan, through selection by Bearing Point, now Deloitte. The Da Afghanistan Bank relationship continues to blossom.

• Virmati operationalized & expanded eRajya, a premier eCommerce Portal in India that added 30,000 POS and became 2nd largest eCommerce Aggregator in India

• Virmati operationalized its biggest Core Banking Client, a 294 Branch Bank, in a record time of 8 months from PO, with 50,000+ Transactions a day, 2500+ Bank Users & 3 Million odd Customers, CBS Customers swell beyond 75 in India & Overseas

• With Mega Data Archival & Information Lifecycle Management, Virmati is giving a smaller but parallel CBS like customer service to 5000+ Branches of Nationalized Banks; Cutting Edge Solutions like Biometric Customer Authentication, Cheque Truncation Solutions, Anti Money Laundering & more are fast being adopted by varied customers, existing & new.

Knowing the Key Executives (Founder/CEO) CEO & MD: Mr Rajen Shah
An accomplished Chartered Accountant & Law Graduate with a strong flair in systems design, development methodology & database architecture, Mr Rajen Shah, with his dynamism, discipline, visionary acumen & unparalleled hard work, has led Virmati Group to become a well-recognized, highly trusted & a premier IT Solutions & Services hub.

Executive Director: Mr Jaishal Shaah An enterprising & witty Chartered Accountant, CPA in USA (inactive) & B.S in Information Technology, Mr Jaishal Shaah is next generation of Promoter Group; he guides Virmati Group in Market Strategy, Business Development & Relations, with his strategic inputs, expert analytics & energetic ‘out-of-box’ approaches.