2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

Delivering secure and easy-to-use cloud infrastructure, platforms and managed services: Unitas Global

Today’s cloud market is fragmented. With no true industry leader to provide private and hybrid cloud offerings, end-to-end SLAs, and a custom, secure solution, enterprise clients find themselves caught in the weeds of researching, designing, and managing an infrastructure solution on their own. That’s where Unitas Global comes in. Unitas Global utilizes leading cloud technologies to optimize an enterprise IT environment. By designing, deploying, and managing infrastructure globally, they enable clients to focus on their businesses.

“We set out to transform the consumption of cloud by providing the most innovative, secure, and easy-to-use solutions for our enterprise clients,” says Patrick Shutt, CEO.

Unitas Global was founded in Los Angeles in 2011. To date, the company has grown exponentially; they now have 3 locations in the US with clients and deployments spanning the globe. “We are always expanding and improving our solutions based on client needs. Despite our beginnings as a dedicated private cloud provider, we now offer hybrid cloud solutions to allow for greater growth and storage capabilities for our enterprise customers,” added Patrick.

The company architects a complete private or hybrid cloud environment for enterprise clients through the combination of dedicated IT infrastructure, modern cloud technology, and by implementing multiple facets of IT (data center, network, compute, storage, software, operations & management) into a single, secure, end-to-end solution & SLA.

Unitas Global’s Enterprise Cloud Solutions
The company’s infrastructure solutions are technology-agnostic, carrier-neutral, and globally deployed. Their team has the expertise to meet client requirements, whether they are looking for private or hybrid cloud, network monitoring and management, ITO, or Cloud Optimization.

Unitas AtlasTM is the unified monitoring platform that provides a client with full insight to comprehensively manage the health and performance of their IT environment in a sleek, single pane of glass view.

Enterprise Private Cloud – By melding multiple facets of IT into a single, secure, end-to-end solution, Unitas Global can deliver your private cloud environment as a monthly service. Unitas custom architects, procures, deploys and manages a truly private infrastructure solution to best fit their clients’ needs—from data center to network to compute to storage.

IT Outsourcing – Unitas delivers a solution designed around a client’s business, never “one size fits all.” Unitas is technology, location, and carrier-agnostic to provide an IT outsourcing solution to seamlessly integrate with a client’s applications and existing infrastructure.

Cloud Security – Unitas Global has partnered with Alert Logic, the experts in cloud security, to provide clients with a security strategy that allows them to stay ahead of threats no matter where sensitive data resides – off-prem, on-prem or hybrid. Their joint cloud-based suite of security and compliance solutions protects client networks and identifies potential threats to their data. With minimal capital costs and an OpEx model, their solution is scalable, easy to consume and seamless to integrate and deploy.

Disaster Recovery – Unitas Global’s Disaster Recovery as a Service solution delivers a fully managed and dedicated DR environment on a monthly OpEx basis, continuously monitored 24x7x365 by their Cloud Management Center. Unitas can take on an entire DR or backup initiative: designing, deploying & fully-managing the DR site and failover process.

Big Data – Big Data is an umbrella term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process them using traditional data processing application & database structures. Unitas provides big data solutions to simplify their clients’ IT complexities. These challenges include analysis, capture, curation, discover, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and privacy & security compliance.

Unitas Global targets mid-to-enterprise-sized businesses in any vertical such as finance, media & entertainment, healthcare, retail, etc. The Monterey Bay Aquarium and The Trade Desk are some of their notable clients. The company also has many enterprise clients that, due to security requirements, remain unnamed here.

Case Studies

The Monterey Bay Aquarium: Unitas Global was selected by The Monterey Bay Aquarium to design, implement and manage their private cloud solution. The Monterey Bay Aquarium selected Unitas Global as their cloud solutions provider to lower overall IT costs, advance their technologies, and ensure environmental sustainability. Unitas Global provided their custom-designed Enterprise Private Cloud solution, virtualizing many of the existing physical servers to reduce the current carbon footprint. This infrastructure, paired with Unitas Atlas® is providing the platform needed for the Aquarium to achieve its strategic technology plan, and maintain The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s standing as one of the best aquariums in the world.

The Trade Desk: The Trade Desk renewed their contract with Unitas Global to deploy and run their applications in a new Asian market. Their main objective was to find an IaaS cloud provider and solution that allowed them to focus on their core competency. The Trade Desk selected Unitas Global based on past experience of successful deployments. Unitas Global provided their custom-designed Enterprise Private Cloud solution leveraging partners such as Equinix, the world’s largest IBX data center and co-location provider; and procuring hardware from Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider. Unitas Global, in partnership with key vendors creates the ability for The Trade Desk to deploy much more rapidly than they could on their own. The Trade Desk is forecasted to grow the China market by 3 times over the next 24 months.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with two other locations in the U.S. Since they are technology and vendor-agnostic, Unitas Global can deploy into any data center worldwide.

Future Outlook
Unitas Global is always focused on improving the client experience by expanding their offered solutions and technologies. The company recently began offering an Enterprise Cloud solution built on OpenStack Liberty, which supports their mission of providing fully-managed and hosted cloud services to enterprise organizations looking to take advantage of open source hybrid cloud computing without traditional vendor lock-in and the challenges associated with building and operating production-grade cloud environments.

Meet the Key Executives

Patrick Shutt, CEO – Patrick brings over 20 years of leadership experience in the technology industry to Unitas Global. Previously, Patrick co-founded and served as CEO for Universal Access, growing the company from a start-up to a $144 million run rate, eventually taking the company public in 2000. He went on to found 20/20 Technologies, which after multiple acquisitions became Global Capacity.

Grant Kirkwood, CTO and Founder – A serial entrepreneur by trade, Grant is a technologist at heart. He most recently served as the CTO at PacketExchange, a London-based global tele-communications firm. He was previously the founder and CEO of Mzima Networks, an Internet service provider that grew to over 40 points of presence around the world.

“  Whether you’re looking for private or hybrid cloud, network monitoring and management, ITO, or Cloud Optimization, we’ve got you covered.”