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Delivering simplified Data Recovery and Innovative Risk Management solutions: SysTools Software

“Founded in 2007, SysTools is at the forefront of Data Recovery Technology under the leadership of motivated entrepreneurs”

Award winning providers of Data Recovery Solutions, SysTools Software Pvt Ltd., offer solutions that have simplified the lives of millions of computer users and IT admins. The innovative risk management and business complaint data recovery solutions from SysTools have ushered in a new era of smart tools that are cost effective and efficient. Well, that’s not the limit to their offerings, in addition to data recovery solutions, the company also provides world-class email management and cloud backup applications for enterprises and home users. SysTools founders, Debasish Pramanik and Anuraag Singh, implemented an innovative ideology to bring both the Data Recovery email migration segment of computer data management under one umbrella.

The company offer services and products across a diverse range, that includes data recovery, digital forensics, and cloud backup solutions. Today, SysTools master rare, advance computer technology by gaining a name amongst software developers in the industry with 170+ applications and multiple services offered for users of various IT domain. Their products are overall rated with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Aspiring to increase its global presence, SysTools is currently focusing on providing state-of-the-art of technology for Digital Forensics and Data Recovery domain of interest. After making strong strides in the Digital Recovery sphere, they are now ready with innovative applications and tools that assist in digital forensics that are result oriented and comes with cutting edge perfection.

SysTools is headquartered in India (Pune and New Delhi), with office in the Salt Lake City, Utah in United States.

Being different in the domain
SysTools offers an extensive product range for clients, uninterrupted availability and secure product dealing. They are one of the leaders that provide state-of-the-art technology without compromising customer trust. The company claims an industry record of developing brand new models of data recovery, email management and digital forensics applications that not only simplify technology, but also makes technology available at every user’s mouse point.

SysTools has gained wide popularity for its signature digital forensics tool ‘MailXaminer’. It is the most downloaded email investigation product among many other key players of the industry.

Product Offerings
Since its inception, SysTools has been engaged in providing innovative software applications that enhance efficiency and adds a sense of security to the lives of millions of IT admins and computer users around the globe. The company renders data recovery, email migration, digital forensics and cloud computing software applications.

  • For Data Recovery: They provide an expert group of applications intended to serve clients with appropriate data recovery and satisfactory results for data belonging to a variety of platforms or applications.
  • For Cloud Backup: They aim at simplifying the call for backing up database on cloud Server, SysTools offer its Gmail Backup and Google Apps Backup solutions with advance features for data backup.
  • For Digital Forensics Investigations: SysTools empower digital forensics investigators with advance solutions to forensically investigate multiple file types or databases within a secure range of processing via the digital forensic range of software applications.

Carrying a client-friendly approach
The company has earned a global client base, since its establishment. Few of their esteem trusted clients are Amazon, Apple Inc., American Express, Citibank, Coca-Cola, DELL, Deloitte, Virginia Tech, Wipro Technologies and etc. The target users of SysTools include companies in Academic, Corporate and Industrial domains. They have served millions of IT admins and computer users around the globe till date.

Customer Testimonials
“SysTools product and support team are awesome to say the least!!! Recently I was called to rescue a thriving small business’s email system, the core piece of their business they use for orders from and communications with their customers. The tools from SysTools allowed me to rebuild a severely bloated and corrupt PST file quickly and easily restoring their operations with minimal downtime. During the course of my work I had some questions about what I was seeing. Calling the technical support number put me in touch with an extremely knowledgeable technician who guided me through my technical issue in the first call. Thank you, SysTool for your product and your supports staff tools and support like that make my job so much easier in the face of disaster recovery.” – Kirk Munn

“I could call the SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery tool a doctor of data recovery. This application took the entire matter in its hand and I just had to command what has to be recovered, that’s all. Believe that this is what users worldwide are looking for; a guaranteed solution but with convenience. At first I was puzzled at the thought of investing in a tool, but it was only after chatting with a tech support executive that I used HDD Recovery tool trial. I was overwhelmed by the performance and decided to give it a try as in case anything goes wrong, you guys will be there, either for a refund or to help me out with it. However, fortunately everything went perfectly well, and I was able to recover 32 GB of data without any stress! Thank you so much SysTools, without you guys this wouldn’t have been possible at all!” – Antony Monroe

“We are motivated to innovate technology, so that no data management issues will be kept unresolved.”

Knowing the Key Executives

Anuraag Singh, CEO & Co-Founder- A thinker and a passionate innovator, Anuraag believes that technology should simplify lives. With his sheer dedication and enthusiastic fervor, he has introduced several game changing IT solutions in the market.

Under his guidance and geeky understanding of email structure and architecture, SysTools has gained world class expertise needed to design his brainchild ‘MailXaminer’ – the certified email forensics tool. MailXaminer today provides immense help to the digital forensics investigators all over the world.

Debasish Pramanik, MD & Co-Founder- Carrying domain expertise in cloud computing and data recovery, Debasish’s great understanding and sharp intellect has made huge contribution in the products and applications SysTools developed for cloud computing and data recovery. At SysTools, he heads the Research & Development wing.

CloudCodes, Google Apps Migration, EndPoint Vault are some of his globally-accepted and successful solutions that prove his grasp of technology, his experience, his innovative outlook and his deep interest in the ever evolving cloud computing sphere.


“We served 223000 + satisfied users, IT admins and businesses in almost half of the world countries till date”