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30 Best Tech Companies in Asia 2018

Delivering solutions for exploring untapped & underserved markets: Sollet Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Sollet is one among very few IT Organizations who understands what an Eco system means and how an Eco system can be more efficient. Sollet takes the whole responsibility in creating more viable Eco systems benefiting the businesses to the fullest. Sollet has been proven in giving very cost effective Eco system solutions spread across the demographics involving low cost business extensions with SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) solutions. Sollet has mastered in giving cloud based solutions, mobility solutions, enterprise solutions and Eco system solutions.

Sollet has industry experts building and implementing highly innovative and cutting edge solutions for large, medium and small enterprises across government and private sector organizations. Sollet has wider industry exposure in the banking, telecom, E-Biz, IT sectors that can bring in paradigm shift the way the world can become better.

Sollet: A class apart

To alleviate the sufferings of hitherto financially excluded Indian population, RBI decided to reduce the operating cost by leveraging technology and launched Financial Inclusion. Unfortunately, the short-versioned implementation failed to give long-term viability to the Eco system. Bringing new dimensions for superior viability and to make social impact with inimitable cloud-based IT Products is Sollet Soft Solutions, an IT product organization. The Hyderabad headquartered company was founded in 2012 with a mission to unfurl the utmost efficiency of IT Eco systems to connect more than two stake holders in any underserved businesses across the demographics. Enriched with industry experts akin to Founder Ramesh Baswa, the company has built unique patented IT products that have the potential to make Sollet a much bigger organization.

By 2020, Sollet has targeted to touch 100 million people in India with 100,000 agent networks using its sEco product for banking and non-banking services. It has targeted to touch 20 million people in India with 1000 merchants on-board using it’s mee-Com product and has targeted to touch 100 million people across the world with 5000 enterprises on-board using its sBuzz product and bring in significant social impact.

Products to multiply business

Sollet has a universal and overall encompassing product called Pepon which is underpinning framework for divergent modules: Steering, mee-Com, sBuzz, Eco System. All these modules rely on a service delivery network consisting of a channel partner, agent, end customer and service provider. In order to achieve synergies during the delivery of value in various forms (physical products, money, information and knowledge) and also facilitate the formulation and growth of information and economic ecosystems.

  • sEco: sEco connects all Stakeholders to a single platform and allows them to cross-sell their products and the service / platform to the end users at their door step.
  • mee-Com: mee-Com stands for extended commerce in underserved / unexplored markets for any business vertical. mee-Com is an Ecosystem connecting manufacturer/producer to the end customer in a transparent and effective manner giving benefits to all the stakeholders in an Eco system.
  • sBuzz: sBuzz is a platform for an organization to communicate with its employees, customers and agents within closed groups. Companies can buy the post area in sBuzz which can open a channel for services likes FMCG, Retail and Education etc. to pass the information to the subscribers in a more cost effective manner.

Testimonials of success

I am happy to place on record that Sollet Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd has been Technology Partner to BASIX Sub-K iTransactions Ltd for production support services involving L1, L2 and L3 and the incremental developments in our proprietary software ViTranSP from 2012. We acknowledge and appreciate their good services and wish them all the success ahead in serving more number of customers like us.

  • D. Sattaiah, MD and CEO, BASIX Sub-K iTransactions Ltd., Hyderabad

I am not much aware of the present technologies. But I found the Sollet Software is very user friendly. After couple of weeks, I got involved towards Sollet day by day. To make my stand with Sollet permanently, I took the responsibility of being the First Madurai Channel Partner.

Initially I found hard to cope-up with few Agents to start. But now, I am managing 50 Agents in Madurai and will get more in the near future with continued support from Sollet.

  • I.Balakrishnan , Ex-Military, Sollet Channel Partner, Madurai

Let’s meet the leader

Ramesh Baswa - Founder, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Ramesh Baswa has Founded Sollet Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd. (Sollet) in 2012. He has established Sollet with a great vision of bringing Cloud based IT Eco systems to the world helping the society to be more empowered and work in an efficient manner. He has the unique thought process of bringing up an innovative IT company far away from a traditional IT company wherein the key focus will be in setting up of cloud based IT Eco systems for more social impact. He believes that disruptive innovation should be imbibed into the organization deeply through each employee and bring in humungous value into the organization and society.

Ramesh Baswa holds a B.Tech in Electronics and Communications from REC/NIT, Warangal, India. He has 20+ Years of wider experience in IT industry, worked for 14+ years in Telecom/ISP industry and 4+ Years in BFSI industry. He was heading Financial Clearing Developments at Mach Mobile Solutions India Pvt Ltd during which, the entire Financial Clearing of Mach was centralized bringing in huge organization value. He was the architect of ViTranSP (Virtual Transaction Service Provider) while he was heading the technology division of BASIX Sub-K iTransactions Limited (Sub-K). ViTranSP has brought in laurels to Sub-K in the form of awards from Skoch, FICCI, IAMAI and mBillionth. He has brought in two patents into Sub-K through ViTranSP which is the first of its kind online and real-time financial inclusion system in India.

“Enterprises looking for customized applications to address functional gaps, or cost-effective development of applications at quick time-to-market, we bring unparalleled value to your business. We design, build, deploy and maintain customized applications as per their requirements, irrespective of application size and complexity.”