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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2017

Delivering state-of-the-art solutions for wireless and satellite communications, big data streaming analytics, data security, and cyber dependability: InfoBeyond Technology LLC

thesiliconreview-dr-bin-xie-ceo-cofounder-infobeyond-technology-llc-2017Our dual-use software products are dedicated to providing high quality performance for military and commercial applications.

Driving digital transformation while also implementing a successful security strategy certainly has its challenges. As the threat of cyber attacks has grown in recent years, the need for cutting-edge data protection solutions has surged profoundly. InfoBeyond Technology (InfoBeyond) is an established, high-tech company that specializes in enhancing IT system security to solve diverse cybersecurity problems. Founded in 2008, InfoBeyond develops Network and Data Security solutions with the goal of greatly strengthening their customer’s capabilities. They deliver reliable, state-of-the-art solutions to the Military, Government, Healthcare, Financial, Security, and Other industries.

Since inception, InfoBeyond has operated successfully through its strength in developing new technologies to enhance the nation’s cyber security capabilities. In 2015, the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) awarded InfoBeyond Technology the task of investigating their Access Control Policy Tool (ACPT) solution. It was found that access control policy verification contains huge market potential in solving critical security problems (ex. access control leaks) that have been a rampant challenge within global security for many years.

Flagship Product- Security Policy Tool

Security Policy Tool is a comprehensive implementation of NIST access control specifications (e.g., NIST SP 800-192, NISTIR 7874, NIST SP 800-162) which discuss the need to test and verify access control policies before deployment. It helps businesses and organizations to meet these standards by providing fundamental functions for access control policy composition, testing, analysis, leak inspection and verification. Most importantly, Security Policy Tool helps businesses and organizations enhance their access control security confidence.

Security Policy Tool and its earlier version (ACPT) have been utilized by more than 500 organizations around the world. Feedback includes “it not only saves time and cost for access control policy development, but also is a unique and great tool for policy verification such that access control flaws can be identified and corrected to enhance the access control cyber security”. NIST comments that “Security Policy Tool has rich policy analysis functions such that the policy author can use them to user-friendly analyze if there are access control leaks and then fix these leaks caused by unintended or faulty security policies.”

Prevalent outline of access control policy testing

Many organizations deploy XACML access control policies to control the accessibility of online IT assets. However, these XACML policies are often deployed without being comprehensively tested or verified. Organizations that do not use an access control policy verification solution like Security Policy Tool rely on manual testing and inspection for errors. However, without comprehensively testing/verifying their policies, well-hidden access control errors can go unnoticed until incident or observable damage occurs.

In their specifications, NIST names several common access control flaws such as Privilege Leak, Block Privilege, Rule Conflict, etc. For example, Privilege Leak is one of the key reasons why data breach or system hacks occur. Rule Conflict occurs when an unintended access decision is authorized due to a faulty policy incorrectly defining how to manage the specific conflicting rule scenario. To solve these problems, Security Policy Tool delivers a solution that empowers organizations to exhaustively test, analyze, inspect, and correct access control flaws. It instills confidence that classified assets in the Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Cyber Security, and other access control systems are protected at the level your organization intends them to be.

Facing the Challenges

Many organizations are not yet aware of the importance of testing and verifying access control policies due to Security Policy Tool being one of the first solutions developed to solve this crucial problem. As is the case with many new cyber security solutions it can take a good push to communicate the value of enhancing access control security if the potential customers are not aware of the risks these types of incidents can cause. Especially for businesses and organizations that operate within the Government, Defense, Financial Services, Healthcare, Data Center, IoT, Telecom, and many other industries – they would immediately realize the benefit of reassuring that their access control system’s security is as strong as possible. That is why educating people about the firm’s solution and the NIST Specifications that relate to it, is something InfoBeyond is very passionate about.

Future Course of InfoBeyond

The company is continuing to develop rewarding cyber security products that always meet the ever changing needs of their customers and makes the world a better and more secure place. InfoBeyond is developing a new technology called NXdrive (NeXt Drive). It is a holistic solution for data storage and protection against data breaches. Different from the traditional encrypted file-based data storage approaches, NXdrive stores a data file (or data information) as a number of fragments. In addition to encryption, fragments have additional layers of protection to achieve the security properties to safeguard data against plundering, tampering, theft, ransomware, and destruction. NXdrive technology is an unparalleled security solution to upgrade or replace the data center and enterprise data cloud data storage in the commercial marketplace and the major government acquisition programs against data breaches.

The Man with Immense Technical Sagacity

Dr. Bin Xie, CEO and Founder: Dr. Xie has been dedicated to the R&D of innovative security IT solutions. He has published 70 articles in the prestigious IEEE conferences/journals and authored three books. His research interests are focused on, cyber security, big data, machine learning, and wireless communications. His works are awarded from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Department of Commerce, Missile Defense Agency, Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, and Kentucky Office of Commercialization and Innovation. Dr. Xie spent a happy childhood growing up in a mountain village with his grandma (104 years old in 2017). He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering in 2006.

“Our vision is to actively conduct novel research, protect user data, enhance cybersecurity, and improve user experience in net-centric frameworks..”

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