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SR 2015 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies

Delivering value with Integrity, Work ethics and Professionalism: Tekk Fusion

With the idea that people matter most. Tekk Fusion believes that relationships make or break each company it works with. It looks for the right fit, not just the right resume.

Headquartered in Florida, USA, Tekk Fusion’s niche is the Information Technology industry, a booming field where talented and knowledgeable candidates are in high demand. Recruiters at Tekk Fusion are fluent in the language and demands of the I.T. industry, as many of them have backgrounds as developers, programmers, analysts and information architects. This allows us to ask the right questions of both employers and candidates.

Reports have shown that companies are having trouble filling their I.T.-oriented positions because “There is a shortage where demand severely outstrips supply.” That’s where Tekk Fusion comes in. It builds relationships with technical candidates over the long term, keeping ties with them throughout their careers and helping connect with opportunities where they’ll grow and contribute the most in their jobs. This relationship-driven approach means the company has access to the best talent in the field.

Tekk Fusion specializes in Staffing and Recruiting for the Information Technology industry. Specialization is everything. In 2014, more than ever, America’s best companies need staffing vendors who truly understand technology. Too many staffing and recruiting companies work in verticals in which they simply have no expertise! As technologists, as well as being technology staffing experts, it has the ability to quickly identify technology talent and implement long term hiring and retention strategies that create real organizational change. The company provides solutions that will ensure you meet client’s most critical hiring objectives. Whether you are a job seeker or a company in need of a knowledgeable staffing partner, Tekk Fusion has the global reach and technology expertise to meet client’s demands and guarantees 100% satisfaction with its service.

Services provided by Tekk Fusion
Tekk Fusion’s services mainly focus on four main areas of development/data, infrastructure, support and technical leadership/management.

Workforce Solutions: Many staffing and recruiting companies can talk the talk. But are they sufficiently committed to walking the walk? At Tekk Fusion, its team committed to promoting diversity and differentiating its organization through best practices for both the client and the candidate. Tekk training is built on a foundation of dedication and accountability with a belief that Input equals output to total outcome. It knows that success comes from within. Tekk focuses on core elements like mentorship, mobility and advancement which are key to a company’s recruiting success.

Outplacement Services: As an employer, it’s difficult to lay off technology staff who have served company well and with whom you’ve built a relationship. That said, sometimes economies demand layoffs, and that’s where Tekk Fusion can help. Tekk can recognize the value of these employees, it turns a termination into a transition in these ways:
Conducting the actual lay off.

  • Coaching these new job candidates on how to best rebuild their resumes.
  • Helping place the candidates in positions that suit their skills and career goals.

The best part is that they offer these services free of charge to the terminating employer and employees.

Government Staffing: Tekk Fusion’s history as a successful government service provider means one can trust Tekk’s discretion and standards when it comes to matching top talent with open tech positions in federal, state and local government agencies. Tekk’s approach to screening potential on-site staff ensures that clients receive the proper resources to match their requirements. It offer staff augmentation, recruitment process outsourcing and project management services to clients.

Meet the Master

Ken Brown, MD
Ken has Executive leadership with 15 years of professional experience across multiple disciplines: hands-on software development, project management, business development, recruitment, Finance, accounting, fundraising and venture capital.

Currently serving as the Managing Director of Tekk Fusion, one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. Under Ken’s guidance, Tekk is a two time INC 5000 winner (2014 and 2015) and has achieved many distinctions over the past 5 years including Orlando Business Journal’s #6 largest staffing company in Central Florida, INC Magazine’s #557 on the 2014 INC 5000 list, INC Magazine’s #10 fastest-growing Orlando company overall for 2014, INC Magazine’s #1 fastest-growing staffing company for Orlando, FL. Most recently it was nominated for Bright House Network’s Central Florida Business Award.

“Be accountable to yourself, your company and your team.”