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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2016

Deploying disruptive solutions for enterprises & innovators: Inteliment

silicon-review-prashant-pansare-inteliment“To make sure you arrive at the right decision, you need the right ‘insights’ from the right data.”

Big Data usually includes data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process the data within a tolerable elapsed time. Big data sizes are a constantly moving target, as of 2016 ranging from a few dozen terabytes to many petabytes of data in a single data set. This data is generated by any activity like page visit, login, transaction a customer does when he/she comes across a company’s website. This data is gone already beyond the human imaginations and the rate at which it’s growing will be huge challenge to handle.

To support organizations with the same challenge, Inteliment was founded in 2004 by First Generation Entrepreneurs Prashant Pansare and Anand Pansare, the company has a decade long proven track record, helping some of the most impact-making companies globally to maximize their data outcomes through Innovation, Technology & Partnerships. Inteliment’s journey started a decade back in and in a very short span through its consulting capability and technology expertise, it began to acquire leading global customers.

Inteliment is a niche Data Science & BigData Aanalytics company, with a core focus on serving the customers with Disruptive Data Analytic solutions and an evolving focus on, Internet of Things & Mobility .This the company does while constantly innovating and fine-tuning the Delivery practices to keep up with the ever-changing business needs and thus helping the Fortune-ranked Consumers do more with their Data. It caters vast markets like India, Middle East, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Australia, USA and the like through the footprints in India, Australia and Singapore. The company has the experience of working across Diverse portfolio of Customers right from Banking to Insurance, Manufacturing to Telecom, Hi-Tech to Retail and many more.

Analytic solutions offered
Inteliment’s capabilities are not limited to any one tool but it works across platforms, technologies and tools making it BI Agnostic! Its offerings span across the entire BI landscape right from helping Enterprises evaluate the right tool suiting their needs to Prototyping to Sustenance. Its plug-and-play tracks cater to Industry-specific requirements while the Customized training frameworks uniquely address specific Business requirements as spelt out by Business Users With the Visual Analytics capabilities, the company present analyzed Data in form of insights—real-time—to Business leaders, enabling them to take right decisions at the right time. The company has to credit its robust BI Accelerators that make Analytics for enterprises, easier and faster and effective Big Data tools that analyse large amounts of data to discover trends.

Innovation at its best
Inteli-Labs: It is a managed Innovation Centre with an internalized Technology Practice—that engages in Value Co-creation for the key Customers and Partners. Inteli-Lab is equipped with a wide cross-section of technologies in Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) with strong subject matter knowledge, supported by the strategic alliances with leading technology vendors and business consulting firms with an access to Industry Insights, as needed. Inteli- Labs has developed a Next Generation Data Analytics Engine, built on Machine Learning & NLP based Algorithms, Python, R and Django Framework that simplifies acquisition and transformation of ANY Textual/Un-Structured Data from Machines, Sensors, Networks, Social Media for Statistical Modeling and creating Advance Visualizations.

InfoNomics: Technology waves are disrupting Business Models and Consumer Behaviors like never before, enforcing enterprises to become more innovative, agile and responsive. For every enterprise data is an asset. And, data assets, if managed well, deliver a high performance business value. Douglas Laney, a distinguished Analyst at Gartner has described this in 1990’s as InfoNomics – the economics of information. A theory, study and discipline of asserting economic significance to data for businesses to value, manage and apply information as a real asset. It helps to simplify, from Ideas to Action, Data to Value. Inteliment’s Analytics Framework encapsulates set of Data-Driven Analytical Solutions, Tools, Techniques & Infrastructure that enables the customers to Innovate, De-risk and Excel in their every business initiative with us.

Success story of a delighted client
A world leader in Telecommunications
Inteliment built an innovative Crowed Sourcing Mobile Application to Analyze Mobile Subscribers to improve Customer Experience.

Business Need: Network Crowd sourced Analytics to Measure Customer Experience, Perform Active Testing, Competitor Benchmarking, Sales & Marketing effectiveness.

Challenge: Set up highly secured, auto-scaling AWS infrastructure, Automated delivery of analytics to various stakeholders across the globe.

Solution: Design and build a Hadoop big data platform that handles 7TB data / month. Signal Strength Coverage Maps, Analytics Portal.

Benefit: Significant positive improvement in Customer Experience, Automated “Unhappy customers” – churn detection Algorithm, Network health check retention campaigns, Faster front-line customer care resolution.

“At Inteliment, it is our practice to bring Success by Protocol for our Customers.”

Meet the Executive Duo

Prashant Pansare, Founder & MD: A Mechanical Engineer and MBA in Marketing & Finance by education, an innovator at heart and an entrepreneur by profession, Prashant is a known name in the field of BI & Analytics industry. He forsakes his corporate career to do something more, something innovative and started Inteliment as a bootstrap company in 2004.

Anand Pansare, Co-founder & Director: Anand is a well-rounded and seasoned techie & successful entrepreneur, a Principal Architect of designing & building innovative solutions. As a co-founder, he is responsible for Inteliment’s technology direction, Innovation and Analytics factory initiatives.

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