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50 Fastest Growing Companies Of The Year 2019

Deriving greater value through existing data: Niometrics


We live in a digital age where every single activity on the internet generates data. With more and more people getting connected to the internet with each passing year, service providers have to deal with ever-increasing mounds of data generated by all the usage. Analyzing the heaps of data enables companies to discern valuable information relating to customer preferences, market trends, and subscriber behaviors and derive usable business intelligence. This information, in turn, allows the service providers to customize their offerings to suit the needs of their customers better. However, analyzing all the user data is no small task and numerous companies both small and large are innovating better and faster means of data analysis. One of the leading firms in the race for developing efficient tools for analytics is Niometrics.

Niometrics aims at innovating newer and better ways to harness the power of information that lies in digital data to provide an improved means for service providers to navigate the burgeoning digital world.

 The company consists of a team of diverse specialists, dedicated and passionate about pushing data exploration forward. Every member of the team plays his or her roles — from software systems engineers to data scientists, solutions strategists to user experience designers, insights analysts to client partners — united in the goal of making digital data more accessible and versatile than ever before. With this, Niometrics will make new discoveries, unraveling untapped insights that will enable users to take new actions to create real value.

Niometrics develops user-focused tools, forward-looking engineering technologies, proprietary algorithms, and sophisticated data science, to surface subliminal messages, gather understanding and humanize complex data. These tools allow organizations to place digital data under the microscope to reveal its unique visual signature and rhythm, and an aggregation of thousands of micro stories and patterns.

Inspiration for Niometrics

Digital data is not new; its development has paralleled that of many new technologies. What is new is Niometrics’ unique ability to facilitate secure data accessibility and immediacy as well as practical applications.

The company’s take on things is different. Its unique full-stack approach comes with end-to-end control, ready to be plugged in to work with and to enhance existing infrastructures.

Niometrics is focused on modernizing how CSPs explore digital data, helping to uncover new knowledge and insights distilled from users’ digital breadcrumbs that were invisible before. This powerful ability enables new ways of creating value, allowing companies to focus on what matters most: capitalizing on the potential of digital data to find the best opportunities for business and social growth.

Let’s look at some of the services offered by Niometrics


The demand for connectivity keeps increasing at exponential rates. Over the next decade, the telecommunications industry will need to invest an estimated $2 trillion into network investments in order to keep pace with the demand. Meanwhile and since 2012, ARPU in all regions globally have been declining by 13%-36%, and it keeps shrinking. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in particular bear the burden of legacy networks and the need to significantly invest in future networks technology, all while evolving in a highly competitive environment which has been jeopardizing their existing business model.

With the company’s NIO:DDM solutions, they can enable you to traverse the entire customer journey with more comprehensive and detailed profiling. Leveraging on data points from digital passages to geographical footprints, application usage to financial transactions, website visits to video consumption, Niometrics’ solutions will give you an edge to achieve higher returns from business plans and campaigns.


Providing the physical networks of local, national, and global connectivity, the telecommunications industry has been instrumental in enabling the proliferation of digital technologies and services that have transformed our world and the way we live. And, in the so-called digital era, end-user experiences are what matter first and foremost.

Differentiating digital experiences depend on first-class network performance. As such, network superiority is essential for any CSP to lead in an ever-increasingly competitive market, where customers don’t tolerate poor network quality or insecure and obsolete technologies.

Niometrics’ solutions are designed to enable you to understand how all interactions between machines to machines, and humans to machines, affect customer experience. They provide real-time sight of how your network is being used, its performance, and foretell changes in trends and patterns. With this depth of knowledge, you can do what is needed, when it is needed, where it is needed.

Meet the enterprising Founder and CEO of Niometrics, Kostas Anagnostakis

Kostas founded Niometrics in 2009, initially serving as CTO. Today, as CEO, Kostas is responsible for Niometrics’ overall direction, technology leadership and growth strategy. He also leads Niometrics’ investor relations and communicates the company’s plans and performance to the board of directors.

Prior to Niometrics, Kostas spent over 15 years in academic research with a focus on the challenges in measuring performance, building high performing networking monitoring systems, and experimentally quantifying threats that come with scale. He then spent 5 years at A*STAR, where he developed CUB4, a high-performance traffic analysis engine that was the precursor to the core engine now used at Niometrics. Kostas has published more than 60 technical conference and journal papers in networking, systems, and security venues.

“We design and build technology for people to discover meaningful insights from data, to be turned into impactful business and social value.”