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Designed To Help Organizations of All Shapes and Sizes, FiscalNote Effectively Manage the Impact of the Outside World

thesiliconreview-tim-hwang-ceo-fiscalnote-18“At FiscalNote, we’ve built a new approach to managing the issues that matter to you.”

FiscalNote has reinvented influence – dramatically improving the way organizations build and manage their relationships with all levels of government, enabling them to have maximum impact on legislation and regulation. Using proprietary analytics and breakthrough machine-learning techniques, the company’s government relationship management platform (FiscalNote GRM) is now the most effective tool for influencing Federal, state and local governments. Contextual insights are delivered via elegant workflow and outreach tools that support an enterprise-based approach to modern government affairs – and the entire system learns over time. Already, more than 200 of the world’s most important companies, law firms, consultancies, and governments rely on FiscalNote’s groundbreaking Government Relations Management platform to manage risk and achieve their business, legislative and regulatory goals. FiscalNote has raised more than $30 million from prominent early-stage investors. FiscalNote is a 2016 World Economic Forum (WEF) Technology Pioneer and founder Tim Hwang is a WEF New Champion.

Government Relationship Management: From Government Affairs to Global Issue Management

From global industrial conglomerates to non-profit advocacy groups, every organization is impacted by factors outside of their direct control. Laws, regulations, consumer sentiment, media stories and public reactions; all of these things have the potential to affect organizations in significant — sometimes existential — ways.

In the information age, these kinds of external issues develop faster, involve more people and institutions, and generate stronger, more consequential reactions than ever before. But the tools the company has relied on to manage, influence, or mitigate issues haven’t kept up. Fast-moving problems can no longer be solved with a single, well-connected insider who knows the right person. Instead, it takes an entire organization, well-coordinated, aligned, and equipped with the very latest, up-to-date information and intelligence, to make the best of a rapidly changing world. That’s where GRM comes in.

The GRM is more than just a product — it’s a platform, designed to be used differently by different organizations depending on how their key issues affect them. But already, hundreds of clients are finding massive operational benefits to modernizing the way they react to everything from potential legislation to social media trends. These include:

  • Sharing strategic knowledge between federal, state, and international government affairs teams
  • Coordinating media and PR efforts across global offices
  • Managing resources and efforts across different functions
  • Storing proprietary information in a secure, enterprise-class environment
  • Using advanced regulatory analytics to build issue-based coalitions and create more effective public comments
  • Countless other applications powered by GRM’s capabilities

GRM Capabilities & Features

Issue Monitoring

  • Discover & Monitor: Connect legislative and regulatory actions at every level of government to the right person in the organization.
  • Intelligent Alerts: Industry-leading machine learning cuts through the noise to provide timely, relevant updates on key issues.
  • Full Issue Lifecycle: Monitor developments from pre-bill activity, through committees, to final votes and regulatory implementation, all in one place.
  • Access Anywhere: GRM alerts go where one needs them — email inbox, in-browser, or on a smartphone — at a cadence that works for one.

Dynamic Stakeholder Networks

  • Identify Influencers: Identify relevant lawmakers based on their voting history and relationships with other elected officials.
  • Targeted Outreach: Engage stakeholders through targeted outreach to educate and elevate issue awareness.
  • Manage Relationships: Link the people and organizations that matter — from public figures to personal contacts — to the issues they impact.
  • Contact Information: Up-to-date contact information for legislators and regulators in one centralized and searchable location.

Collaboration & Knowledge Management

  • Organizational Alignment: Synchronize key policy efforts, projects, relationships, and developments across all parts of the organization.
  • One Central Location: Single, collaborative work environment for managing legislative and regulatory developments, influencers, news, and key deadlines.
  • Single System of Record: Universal access to an authoritative information and data source for the government affairs operations.
  • Institutional Knowledge: Ensure internal knowledge and historical data remains at the organization regardless of staff changes.

Resource & Task Management

  • Work Smarter: Quantify and automate key processes including activity reports, meeting notes, performance metrics, and stakeholder mapping.
  • Drive Operational Alignment: Coordinate messaging, talking points, key documents, and project tasks on issues and priorities for the organization.
  • Maximize Team Efficiency: Minimize duplication of effort and ensure team collaboration. Easily manage employees, consultants, and projects.
  • Coordinate Responses: Coordinate efforts and messaging from internal and external resources, regardless of geography or time zone.


  • Demonstrate Value: Report personal and organizational accomplishments by linking actions to outcomes, and provide insight into successes and failures.
  • Identify Trends: Aggregate historical information to understand trends and anticipate change.
  • Customize: Leverage custom reports and pre-built dashboards for the team, organization, and leadership.
  • See the Big Picture: Combine public data with the internal expertise to generate unique insights and make better decisions.

Clientele Talk

“The best part about FiscalNote is it is intuitive. That’s important because we don’t have the time to train people.”

- David Ayres, founder, and president, TATE

“It lets you sleep better at night because you know things aren’t going to fall through the cracks; especially with no junior staff.”

- Huck Montgomery, Principal, GraniteRoots Public Solutions

Extol the Progenitor

Tim Hwang, co-founder, and CEO: Tim drives progress at the intersection of government and technology. Inspired to solve the problems he saw while serving on a regional school board that managed a $4 billion budget and 22,000 public employees, Tim co-founded FiscalNote in 2013. Prior to FiscalNote, Tim focused on politics. First as a field organizer for the Obama-Biden 2008 campaign, and then as a member of the Montgomery County (Md.) Board of Education – the youngest person ever elected to that body. He also served as president of the 750,000-member National Youth Association youth lobby and founded Operation Fly – a non-profit serving inner-city children in underprivileged areas across the country. He is an alumnus of Princeton University and has deferred his acceptance to Harvard Business School to lead FiscalNote.

“At FiscalNote, we think today’s government affairs teams need something better than just digital versions of the tools they’ve always relied on — they need a fundamentally better way to master issues, build networks, and work with colleagues and stakeholders across the country, and around the world.”