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Determined for client’s security as their own priority: IronYun is ahead in their game


In the wizardly world of mathematics, the manual work is getting subtracted whereas Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting multiplied infinitely. Human works have been limited by the computer systems to being the mere innovator, producer honks and machine works.

But like any coin consisting of two sides, AI has its own card of benefits to be played for the betterment of an organization. Lightens the burden of human from making bigger calculations, allows a good night sleep to the shop-owners, reduces writing processes monotonously, etc.

In the same light, IronYun can be undoubtedly named as the next generation Cloud Computing and Big Data Video search Software Company. Founded in the year 2013, it is a global leader in highly-secured cloud and big data solutions and Big Data solutions for video surveillance applications including: public security departments, airports, sea-ports, universities, schools, manufacturing, retail, industrial campuses, and hotels and motels. IronYun developed the industry’s first Hyper-converged, Private cloud, multi-tier storage and Big Data video analytics system in an All-in-one software solution.

Manifestation and Developments

It is not unknown to us about the recent developments across the world on varied subjects including economical, social, environmental, and political and pretty much every other front that humanity has its hands upon and how it is going to affect the distant future. But not to sound pessimist, the immediate future doesn’t shine any brighter too. Most of this brokerage can be attributed to the proliferation of technology and the ever increasing number of users across the world.

It would be safe to say that on an enterprise level the world today is divided into three types of people- firstly, makers of living out of businesses, secondly, infiltrators of systems with power businesses and thirdly, defenders of the planet against such threats. Fighting on the side of this third group, defenders of people is the company- IronYun.

The primary issue pertaining to security faced by a majority of the enterprise across the world is the use of legacy system for video surveillance and storage which have several deficiencies in several attributes including maintenance costs. IronYun, concerned with the rising threat, has offered a game changer service known as CityEyes.

CityEyes -The Future of Enterprise Video Management Software

The combined effort of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), one of Asia’s leading R&D centers, IronYun started as a Big Data and research centre in 2009 with its headquarters in St. Petersburg, FL. The versatility of Big Data prompted the founders to dedicate the next five years towards developing the first ever Video Operating System and their hard-work paid off in the name of CityEyes.

CityEyes appliance is a private or a hybrid cloud surveillance system that offers users an “All-in-One” next generation Cloud computing and Big Data solution. “Video analytics algorithms include advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence software. The analytics engines include LPR (License Plate Recognition), Face Recognition, Intrusion detection, Object detection and identification software,” explains the CEO of IronYun.

CityEyes has ordained, thus, for enterprises to provide future proof their video surveillance infrastructure. Though, transitioning it into the next generation cloud and big data video infrastructure might be a pinch of trouble added, however, IronYun is all equipped with a team of expert professional service engineers and consultants who shall lend the customers help into transitioning the new systems with ease.

AI Deep Learning Based Video Analytics

Deep learning technology can be categorized under Artificial Intelligence, a gift to the mankind’s growling non-secured possessions. It attempts to ‘copy and paste’ the activities of human brain neurons like- recognizing patterns in digital representation of images, videos, sounds and other data too. The many funniest way technologies work that surpasses human minds, isn’t it?

IronYun’s CityEyes runs on their patented artificial intelligence deep learning based video analytics algorithms which has considerably advantages over legacy computer vision algorithms. Many applications have shown that deep learning systems can “learn” to achieve 99.9% accuracy for certain tasks, unlike rigid computer algorithms where it is very difficult to improve a system past 95% accuracy.

As fascinating as it sounds, CityEyes is trained to be adaptive to both- variable environment situation and abnormal situations, thus reducing the time and cost. Also, it is as cool as it sounds for it is designed to be user-friendly and genially convenient to use from desktops, laptops, tablet or smartphones: simplified at its best to be utilized for anytime and anywhere monitoring. Phising and burglary is not at all entertained, and as such, it is a secured system that can support over 50,000+ CCTV video cameras and also it extensively supports over 30+ video analytics. And did we mention? It is affordable.

“Deep learning is a game changer for the video surveillance industry. Neural network based deep learning technology dramatically increases the adaptability of video analytics solutions to meet the many diverse video surveillance requirements.”

From here to eternity

CityEyes’ success in North America, Asia and the 2016 Gold for Cloud Award in Taiwan, has not affected IronYun in dedicating most of their time in updating their product to improve its effectiveness and the user experience. “We strive to exceed our customer’s expectation in all aspects of our products and solutions,” says Paul. IronYun is constantly working with its partners to deploy their unique brand of leading edge cloud, big data and artificial intelligence video search solutions to their customers who are spread over 10 countries.

Here comes the CEO of the company

Paul K. Sun is a seasoned executive and successful serial entrepreneur with multiple successes at VC funded companies. Paul was the founder of three successful venture capital funded high technology startups in the United States. Prior to founding IronYun Inc. Mr. Sun was the director of ITRI’s cloud computing center, ITRI Cloud Computing Center is a leading national research institute focusing on cloud computing and big data technologies.

"We continuously strive to build software products that help our customers work more efficiently and with unprecedented increase in productivity.”