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Developing Apps that Capture the Market: AppsChopper


The smartphone revolution ushered in by Apple founder Steve Jobs has now made it crucial, decisive even for medium and large sized companies to have an app. Apps make it easier for customers to operate and the vendor to serve better. Any corporation that caters to a vast number of customers is infinitely better off with a highly engaging mobile application.

AppsChopper, a company based in New York City, specializes in developing apps for all kinds for business requirements. Founded in 2011, it has a deep understanding of the current market scenario and delivers applications that are user-friendly and cater custom business needs.

Origin of Application Development

The introduction of the iPhone and the app store unveiled a massive global market for mobile applications for a plethora of uses, thereby kick-starting a highly competitive industry.

Not wanting to miss out on the opportunities, AppsChopper, as a part of the larger Webby Central LLC recognized globally for web design/development, was incorporated with the sole purpose of tapping into the huge market and capturing a significant space in it. After an initial struggle for a couple of years, the company has been immensely successful with applications being developed for clients from an extremely diverse range of industries that consists of hospitality, fast food, socializing, travel and living, entertainment, shopping, e-learning and automobile services to name a few. Moreover, AppsChopper develops apps for both the Android and iOS platforms.

Making forays into a rapidly growing industry with major competitors was not easy. Like all companies, AppsChopper initially struggled with hiring talent, managing projects, delivery and most of all, funding. The next was searching for clients. In a densely crowded sector such as application development, this upcoming startup needed to prove that it is more than just a mere cut above the rest. For this to be accomplished, utility, in addition to interface had to be emphasized upon for the simple reason that an app is bound to fail if it is attractive but not helpful and vice versa. As more and more kinds of services continued to be offered on the internet, the company’s clients grew in number and size.

Application Support Service

Anyone who has ever used a mobile application knows the importance of application support services. Majorly among them is the problem of scaling. As an application grows in popularity and usage, the server traffic is bound to increase. Moreover, it needs to be compatible with a number of devices across both Android and iOS platforms. Any kind of improvising requires timely updates and AppsChopper takes care of it all. In addition to the handling of the back-end operations, this corporation provides experienced developers only on contract basis, who are responsible for taking care of back-end needs and work accordingly to deliver the good outcomes.

Application Analytics Service

Another major function that AppsChopper provides is application analytics. It is extremely important for an internet services company to analyze its usage metrics. Analytics is an integral part of every type of online marketplace. Only after a careful assessment of the app usage, type of users, commonly used features, individual user preferences, can service providers improve their services and bolster customer relationship. Additionally, it is an excellent tool to enhance customer retention by allowing the company to deliver tailor-made content that suits the needs of individual customers. AppsChopper provides top-notch analytics services for companies to gauge their presence in the market and implement appropriate measures to scale.

Application Marketing Service

AppsChopper also carries out app marketing to improve the visibility of their clients’ application. With a comprehensive marketing strategy that covers the globe, AppsChopper has the means to promote apps for any industry. Its marketing strategy serves the purpose to excel app’s popularity, entice potential users, increase downloads and customer retention.

Being just seven years old, this company has seen tremendous growth with several clients from numerous countries belonging to a plethora of industries. Started from an office in New York City, it now has regional offices in Fremont, California, and Boston, Massachusetts employing nearly 500 professionals. Begun as a response to a rising industry, it has made its presence known in the global application development industry. AppsChopper continues to blaze a trail with an unwavering commitment to excellence and a steadfast determination.

Here Are Some of the Testimonials of AppsChopper’s Clients

“My journey of finding the iOS development partner finally came to an end with AppsChopper. In one word I will call them stalwart in their industry. I approached them for getting an app for my retail business and shared ideas with them, their business analyst was very professional who dug and mapped my project into a beautiful wireframe and finally delivered the right app to complement my business.”

- Reid Taylor, New York

“Their approach to initiate the development process is marvelous. They first gathered my ideas and then documented each feature and screens, exceeding my expectations. They not only understood me but also recommended some small features to enhance the user experience of my app. They are mind-blowing, highly recommend.”

- Salena Hill, Chicago

“What impressed me about AppsChopper is their capability of handling any project, I had 3 apps developed from them for different verticals, and they made me happy every time. The firm has established healthy relationships with my clients-end and we see them as a reliable partner. I recommend them for their professionalism.”

- Danny White, San Jose

“Our mission is to creating value through efficient design and first-class interface.”