2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

Developing innovative route execution and fleet management solutions for the transportation industry: GreenMile LLC

“ With over 250 installations in more than 20 countries worldwide, GreenMile’s solutions are responsible for managing over 35,000 vehicles every single day.”

GreenMile LLC was formed by a group of executives with over 7 decades of combined experience in the last mile logistics & software industry. After implementing routing & scheduling solutions in some of the largest companies around the globe for over 10 years, GreenMile’s founders realized that while building an efficient route plan is important, the real hurdle for companies needing to distribute their products was ensuring that the plan was executed once the drivers left the distribution center. Much of the cost savings planned by customers was lost due to inefficient execution in the field. Existing GPS & telematics solutions in the market focused mainly on engine diagnostics and driver behavior and not true real-time actual-versus-planned logistics management. It was this critical route execution component that distributors needed to not only help with reducing distribution costs but also to ensure superior customer service levels.

GreenMile solves a huge problem faced by many transportation companies: route execution. The GreenMile platform provides the logistics management middleware that connects route planning solutions to telematics solutions and mobile devices in the field, providing in-depth actual-versus-planned visibility and management over mobile resources in the field. In addition, GreenMile “learns” from the execution as it’s occurring and feeds this updated information back into route planning solutions, thus improving the quality of the planning data for better route optimization.

“We position ourselves as ‘route execution & fleet management technology built for the 21st century’ and our platform is 100% SaaS enabled, allowing access from any computer or device that has internet connectivity,” said Ronald Barcellos, CEO & Co-Founder. “Our technology team is constantly evaluating our roadmap so that our business objectives stay closely tied to both the current needs of our customers as well as the current & future landscape of the verticals we serve,” he added.

Standing Tall Amongst Peers
The company stands apart from its competitors because:

  • It works very closely with customers and focuses on creating a true partnership. GreenMile dedicates roughly 70% of its product roadmap to customer improvement requests. It recognizes that delivering customer-driven functionality is one of the key components to remaining successful in today’s ever-changing market landscape.
  • The GreenMile team responds quickly to customer needs; it’s one of the driving principles at GreenMile. An example of this is the software updates; the company releases updated versions of its solutions quarterly, each with dozens of new features and software improvements. It also has a very agile development process and an incredibly energetic development team that thrives on making the customer happy.
  • Continuous Innovation GreenMile has been recognized for being a step ahead of the competition in terms of technology and functionality. Its solutions have a clean, modern design with easy to use interfaces and features that create real value and ROI for its customer base.

The GreenMile Suite
The GreenMile Suite delivers fleet performance tracking on mobile workers including drivers, merchandisers and sales people, providing complete, real-time visibility into the delivery or service day. GreenMile’s SaaS-based solutions work seamlessly with existing routing software, providing Actual vs Plan (AvP) information as well as real-time insight into the delivery day from practically any mobile device, handheld, or telematics system. This ‘last-mile’ tends to be the most expensive portion of the supply chain, and it’s the area that
GreenMile directly impacts.

Customer Base
GreenMile has a very large presence in Beverage, Food, Retail, LPG, Healthcare and Field Services. Its solution set is built for product delivery or service-based transportation companies that have a fleet of vehicles and want to improve visibility & accountability, decrease route costs, and increase their customer satisfaction levels. The company has customers in North, Central and South America, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. Some of GreenMile’s flagship clients include Pepsi, Martins, Coca-Cola, Praxair, Reyes, Staples, RNDC Wine & Spirits, and RaceTrac.

GreenMile has been a global company from the very beginning. It currently has offices in North and South America, as well as a network of partners in multiple countries and continents.

The Road Ahead
The company’s present focus is on Route Execution Management Solutions. Future focus areas include continued involvement with route planning solutions and vehicle telematics.

“ Our philosophy is pretty simple: deliver a customer-focused service model and create the best technology that allows our customers to expedite and improve their customer’s overall delivery or service experience.”

Knowing the Master Duo

Ronald Barcellos, CEO & Co-Founder – Ronald’s career spans more than 15 years in the development of new markets and business for supply chain and logistics software companies worldwide that began with his startup company E-novations, a Brazil-based company, which Ronald successfully led to become one of South America’s leading supply chain and logistics software resellers. In 2012 Ronald co-founded GreenMile to offer globally a set of solutions and services that provide companies worldwide with optimal logistics planning and real time visibility over logistics execution thus helping them be more effective and increase their profits. In the past 10 years, Ronald has successfully applied his startup, executive, sales, and business development skills to help GreenMile become a leader in the logistics software market

Regis Melo, CTO & Co-Founder – Regis is the creator of the cloud-based GreenMile route execution platform and he is responsible for all aspects of GreenMile’s technology vision and software architecture. Regis brings more than 20 years of experience driving technology and architecture strategy for enterprise-class products.