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Digital Health meets the Digital Enterprise: Clinivation


Digital convergence is revolutionizing time-to-value in the life sciences industry, and clinivation’s technology and services platforms are changing the way the next generation of medical technology and biopharmaceuticals are being brought to life.

With global health care reform, the number one challenge facing many life sciences companies is: How to achieve growth in the new global health care environment? Clinivation answers this challenge with information technology. “We believe that enabling innovation with information technology can drive tremendous business growth,” says Joseph Kozikowski, M.D., clinivation’s CEO.

Leveraging enterprise cloud computing, clinivation technology yields new, scalable operating models that directly connect life science innovation with business growth. “To achieve growth, our clients work in agile, cross-functional teams that innovate, advance, and scale- at rates much faster than their centralized ERP systems can ever change,” explains Kozikowski.

Enterprise cloud computing from the start
Life sciences industry veteran Joseph Kozikowski, MD founded clinivation in 1999 as cloud-based, multitenant, multisided platform company to deliver a portfolio of modular, interoperating business applications on a subscription basis. In those days, “vertical application service provider model” meant SaaS, and he launched with a U.S. Internetworking partnership, a content deal from Harvard’s hospitals, a portfolio of software patent applications, and a team of life sciences technical professionals.

Clinivation targets business processes from the stage of the product lifecycle with the steepest ramp of value creation- that is, from product discovery to launch. Accordingly, they enable process transformation for such high-value milestones and activities as entering and succeeding in the clinic, achieving regulatory approvals and reimbursement, strategic pipeline expansion, post-acquisition program integration, and active management of a fully-transparent global development portfolio.

Hyperscale cloud computing in Biopharma and Medtech
Clinivation sees the “radical flexibility” of hyperscale cloud computing as “the ultimate silo-killer” for breakthrough performance. “The future product lifecycles of the next-generation of biopharma and medtech innovations will involve curating and processing unprecedented amounts of unstructured and semi-structured data,” remarked Kozikowski. “And the new class of advanced medical electronics that aims to achieve semi-autonomous, closed-loop patient management by converging multiple embedded systems with interoperating data centers will require astronomical levels of data and computing,” he continued.

Clinivation believes that microservices technology is well-positioned to address these life sciences computing challenges. “It’s a hyperscale cloud technology that bakes scalability into application architecture, so that stateful microservices with HTTP/REST endpoints, for example, can be deployed independently, scaled on clusters, and assembled into powerful applications,” explains Kozikowski. “Centralized implementation of security, monitoring, and governance can be simplified with a gateway, and tooling can now address issues intrinsic to distributed systems- such as transactional integrity, auto-scaling, replication, partitioning, and load balancing,”
he continued.

Clinivation is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, and has regional offices in Redmond, Palo Alto, La Jolla, and Asia.

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What’s Next
Looking forward, clinivation sees an ever-deepening convergence of digital health with the digital life sciences enterprise. Accordingly, they have extended their platform to deliver real-world intelligence from digital health directly into the enterprise cross-functional workflow. “Unlike incremental advances in ERP systems, fueling cross-functional enterprise workflow with hyperscale cloud computing has the potential to drive business performance to astounding new levels,” concludes Kozikowski.

Knowing the Key Executive
Joseph Kozikowski, M.D., Founder and CEO
As an experienced life sciences technology entrepreneur, Dr. Kozikowski has driven growth in numerous public and privately-held companies. He serves and has served as Founding Chairman and CEO of clinivation, Capital Security Trust, PROFORMANT, MiniMeals, Theorim Pharmaceuticals, Capital Management Consulting, and microBionics, and as Founding Director of Inlight Patient Management Systems. He served as Chief Medical Officer and Corporate Vice President of ART Advanced Research Technologies, as U.S. Medical Director, Business Development of Shin Poong Pharmaceuticals, as Medical Director of Ogenix, as Chief Technology Officer and Medical Director of Viacirq, and as Head, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs of Mosaic Technologies. As Executive Director and Investment Advisory Board Member for Health Industry Technology Trust (AmeriNet corporate venture) and as Portfolio Manager, Biomedical Technologies, and Investment Committee Advisor for Arthur D. Little Enterprises (ADL corporate venture), he sourced and screened thousands of medtech and biopharmaceutical innovations for subsequent IP development, investment, worldwide outlicensing, and corporate creation.

Dr. Kozikowski is an ISS-Certified Corporate Director, and has studied corporate governance at Stanford, business at Harvard, medicine at Johns Hopkins, and electrical engineering at Villanova.

“The convergence of digital health with the digital enterprise is upon us and will revolutionize the way the next generation of life science innovation advances from development to global patient access. Clinivation is enabling this revolution with the fastest time to value solutions in the industry.”
-Joseph Kozikowski, M.D., CEO, clinivation