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Discover a smarter, simpler way to bring the cloud in-house: Cloudistics

thesiliconreview-cloudistics-2017We help IT service providers, integrators and application owners deploy an on-premises cloud easier, faster and at a lower total cost.

The software is eating the world, but complex infrastructure delays change. In 2013, a team from Dell EMC founded Cloudistics to provide enterprise cloud computing that would be simpler, faster, and more affordable than traditional virtualized infrastructure. Today, enterprises and solutions providers use Cloudistics to launch and scale modern applications without touching infrastructure.

The Cloudistics team is based in Reston, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. It includes the original team from Dell EMC, plus experts from academia, IBM, Nutanix, RedHat, NetApp, and VMware. People are the difference at Cloudistics. The company strongly value builders, leaders and high integrity in serving its customers and achieving its company goals. 

Cloudistics is well funded by savvy investors who are eager to provide the funding to support its aggressive customer growth goals. In 2016 after its launch, Cloudistics raised its Series A from Bain Capital Ventures, a leader in enterprise software investing Cloudistics was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2017, an IDC Innovator in virtualization in 2017, and #5 out of 25 in the 2017 CNBC Upstart List.

Cloudistics: A Turn-Key Enterprise Cloud

Cloudistics resets expectations for enterprise cloud, providing bare-metal performance, unlimited scalability, full multitenancy, government-compliant security, and automated management and updates, all with incredible affordability.

Cloudistics uniquely uses composable architecture, in which infrastructure adapts itself to run applications. This enables us to provide a turn-key enterprise cloud: we interlock and virtualize network, storage, and compute, and then hide infrastructure from the user with application-focused control software. The control software is provided through SaaS, which directly manages the infrastructure based on application demands without customer intervention. In this way, customers focus on their applications and services, not their infrastructure.

Manage Applications not Infrastructure

Enterprises use Cloudistics to achieve the same simplicity of the public cloud for on-premises applications. Cloudistics integrates hardware, virtualization software, and management software into a single platform.

Compute, network and storage resources are all software-defined and centrally managed from the web. You no longer need to design clusters, architect volumes, upgrade control software, or manage the hardware. Cloudistics delivers performance faster than a bare metal for your critical on-premise applications.

What Makes Cloudistics Different?

Scalable, modular hardware

With Cloudistics, network, storage, compute resources, and cloud controller have been engineered to create a cohesive on-premises cloud that can be deployed in a fraction of the time and at a third of the cost of the public cloud.

Deploy your application workloads in minutes and Cloudistics will deploy the optimal resources needed to ensure the best performance. All resources scale independently and painlessly as your applications grow.

Powerful cloud management

The Cloudistics cloud controller, Ignite, is a free, cloud-based management controller that helps you build, deploy and manage your cloud across multiple locations, all from a single pane of glass.

With Ignite, you can create multiple virtual datacenters, control resources for individual applications and users, manage the hardware, deploy and secure applications with micro-segmentation, monitor application health and much more.

Ultra-low total cost of ownership

Cloudistics is a third of the cost of public cloud and hyper-converged solutions. The software and hardware are designed to fit the tightest budgets while providing enterprise-grade infrastructure, with cloud management that is 100% free, proving how affordable and simple cloud-managed infrastructures can be. Everything is included, all software and all hardware to run your cloud – just add your applications and go.

The Founding Trio

Najaf Husain, CEO, and Founder: Naj is an engineer and serial entrepreneur, with over 25 years of experience building companies. Cloudistics is the first company he hasn’t written code for — yet.

Previously, he was founder and CEO of AppAssure Software, which became the world’s fastest-growing storage software company according to Inc Magazine. AppAssure revenue grew 2.4x compounded annually from inception until Dell acquired it in 2012. Prior to AppAssure, Naj was founder and CEO of WQuinn Associates, a storage management system, which was acquired by Precise Software (PRSE) and subsequently acquired by Veritas Software (VRTS) in 2003. Naj holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan, CTO, and Founder: Srinidhi has over 15 years of experience in architecting and building advanced networks, high-performance computing environments, scalable file systems, and storage subsystems. His invention of System X in collaboration with Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller forms the foundation of modern supercomputing architecture.

He was previously founder and CTO of AppAssure, founder and CTO of Librato (acquired by Solarwinds), and founder and architect of SilverDraft Supercomputing. Srinidhi started his career as an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Virginia Tech, where he was the Director of the Center for High-End Computing Systems. Srinidhi received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stony Brook in 2000, specializing in computer networks.

Todd Fredrick, CRO, and Founder: Todd is a software executive with over 25 years of experience in building and growing software companies. Using his extensive sales and operational experience, Todd has developed an innovative, data-driven sales and marketing methodology to create go-to-market strategies that generate awareness and drive revenue. These techniques produce significant and consistent revenue and are proven to be highly scalable.

Todd has also held executive leadership positions at Dell, Symantec, Veritas, Precise, and WQuinn. He holds an MS in Information Management from Marymount University and a BS in Marketing from Virginia Tech.

“We are driven by a future where simplified computing frees enterprises to compete in the global, data-driven economy.”