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Distilling the Flood of Information into Actionable Intelligence: Swan Island Network


“Over a decade of experience in security intelligence.”

Swan Island Networks has been a leader and innovator in situational intelligence and Smart Alerting for over a decade. Swan Island’s TIES® for Microsoft CityNext platform helps you make faster, better informed decisions with highly relevant real-time alerts and a comprehensive common operating picture. Founded in 2002 by 20-year veterans of the cyber security industry, Swan Island Networks began as a software engineering lab working with the US government, focusing on R&D programs. The company has participated in over a dozen contracts with government agencies such as the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and various intelligence organizations.

In 2009, Swan Island Networks launched the Trusted Information Exchange Service (TIES®).  Designed to optimize intelligence aggregation, filtering, and distribution for the physical and cyber security industries, TIES now supports and helps protect more than 250 large enterprises and 20% of Fortune 100 companies every day.  In 2014, Swan Island announced a new partnership with Microsoft and launched TIES for Microsoft CityNext, providing situational intelligence services to city, state, and county leaders, schools safety officers and administrators; CIOs; and emergency management and safety personnel.

Powered by Microsoft

TX360: TX360 is an all-hazards threat monitoring and situational awareness service that enables highly secure and targeted delivery of critical information to security professionals and corporate leaders. A full suite of cloud-based intelligence management tools helps security and risk management teams identify and respond to emerging risks and threats, to protect their enterprises, assets, and people.

Key benefits:

  •  Resilient: Built on the highly scalable and reliable Microsoft Azure Cloud
  •  Secure: Encrypted communication with a range of authorization tools and options
  •  Scalable: Elastic licensing model allows for rapid user on-boarding during times of crisis
  •  Easy-to-use: Simple, intuitive UI enables quick customization Dashboards and Smart Alerts

The Microsoft CityNext: This program is a global initiative that harnesses the power of people—whether as citizens, in businesses, or in governments—to create healthier, greener, safer and more prosperous places to live.

TIES for Microsoft CityNext is an intelligence sharing platform designed to support critical security initiatives for the city. Combine and filter private data with a wide variety of public feeds including public safety, public health, severe weather, natural disasters, transportation disruptions, terrorism, and more. Enable city, county, and state leaders to act quickly and strategically by sharing relevant Smart Alerts and rapidly deployed Dashboards within and across agencies using TIES’ Communities of Trust model.

Key benefits:

  •  Resilient: Azure cloud-based service means you never lose your data
  •  Secure: Encrypted communication with a range of authorization tools and options
  •  Scalable: elastic licensing model allows for rapid user on-boarding during times of crisis
  •  Easy-to-use: simple, intuitive UI with which to quickly customize Dashboards and Smart Alerts

It is all about customers anyway!

In September 2015, the Pope visited the US for the first time in seven years. Swan Island was commissioned by the Metropolitan Resilience Network to create ten dashboards featuring road closure alerts, weather forecasts, traffic camera feeds, crime reports, and social commentary along the Pope’s various NY visitation routes. The real-time dashboards were distributed to both private enterprise and public agency leaders throughout New York and New Jersey, and displayed on the big screens within the Port Authority’s Emergency Operating Center.

“I’ve used TIES to support companies ranging from Google and Oracle to Tyson’s Foods and Caterpillar. It’s a solid, proven service that helps people make smarter, faster and better decisions before, during and after a crisis.” – Robert Dodge, Senior Vice President, G4S.

“Our big challenge is sharing sensitive information across organizations, securely. Swan Island helps us do that and more.” – Bill Raisch, Executive Director, MRN.

“Swan Island has long been a leading innovator in security intelligence services–both for physical and cyber security. It’s also a risk-management technology company that puts mission first.” – Annie Searle, Annie Searle Associates, Founder.

Meet the Executive team

Pete O’Dell, CEO: An information and business technology veteran of over 25 years, Pete is a key player in bridging communication gaps between technical groups and non-technical executives and board members. He has consulted for several private security companies and has published two cyber security books.

David Jones, CTO: David is one of the principal developers of the TIES® platform and a leading authority on cloud-based applications and identity federation. He studied computer science and mathematics at Lewis and Clark College and is intent on creating a world-class solution that facilitates the secure sharing of information across organizations of all kinds.

Andrej Szenasy, CISO:  Andrej brings over 18 years of experience in Information Technology. He has shaped and is responsible for continuity of TIES and TX360 operating within a resilient global cloud based network architecture that enables Swan Island to securely and effectively implement its business strategy while delivering high quality services to its clients. Andrej deals with policy and compliance, while maintaining a streamlined IT organization.