50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2018

DNotes Global Is Banking On a Trusted Brand to Help Change the World in the Next Greatest Technology Revolution since the Internet


The world is now undergoing what could be the greatest technological revolution since the Internet. New technologies like the blockchain and digital currency are inspiring people around the world to contemplate the meaning of money, the efficiency of existing payment systems, and the many shortcomings of the current financial system. This latest technology innovation promises greater financial inclusivity, increased self-empowerment for individuals, and potentially massive job and wealth creation.

DNotes Global is committed to leading the effort to fulfill digital currency’s promise, as a trusted brand with a real strategy for bringing cryptocurrency’s benefits to people of all walks of life. Trust is invaluable in financial services and a dominating differentiator that sets DNotes Global apart from its many peers. The cryptocurrency industry has experienced explosive growth in recent years, and there are now thousands of competitors in the market. And to stand out in that crowded market, DNotes Global has always focused to be a trustworthy company with a clearly-articulated vision and a well-defined and differentiated path toward achieving its business and social mission.

Many of today’s cryptocurrency projects were launched with a “me too” mindset. That is a common phenomenon in any innovative growth industry, as would-be entrepreneurs and opportunists rush to launch companies in hopes of capturing some measure of market success. Unfortunately being a “me too”, business seldom ends well. In fact, an estimated 80% of businesses fail within the first ten years, with only a tiny percentage ever managing to achieve great success with healthy growth and profitability.

Anything But a “me too” Enterprise: DNotes Global

Bitcoin was launched in 2009, as institutions around the world were struggling to react to a near-meltdown in the housing and financial industries. The new digital currency was created as an alternative to fiat currency and held forth the promise of renewed personal financial freedom and reduced reliance on centralized authorities like those that governed the banking and financial services industries.

Bitcoin is best known for its ingenious consensus system in the creation of digital currency with its underpinning blockchain technologies; using a single distributed ledger populated in a peer-to-peer network with no single point of failure. The issuance of digital currency is strictly governed by an algorithm. Additionally, the ability to make effectively direct payment between two parties anywhere worldwide without the participation of any third party or central authority has significant positive world-changing implications.

That technological innovation offers a host of potential benefits for people around the globe. For many in the developed world, it is easy to overlook the fact that billions of people lack basic financial services like bank accounts and access to the credit needed to launch and expand businesses in their communities. Digital currency and blockchain technology can help to deal with those challenges, offering new hope and financial opportunity for everyone.

Digital currency’s promise of world-changing benefits for all people inspired Alan Yong to co-found DNotes on February 18, 2014. Yong had already garnered experience in an earlier tech revolution, creating the Dauphin DTR decades ago during the early days of the PC era. The DTR was a product that was truly innovative and ahead of its time, a feature-rich handheld computer that went head-to-head against the Apple Newton – which later evolved to become today’s iPhone.

As a revolutionary tech visionary, author, and accomplished entrepreneur, Yong came to the world of digital currency with a unique vision: to build a truly inclusive, trusted digital currency that would be accessible to the entire world, and develop an effective strategy to educate the public, promote mass acceptance, and achieve mass adoption.

Though the nascent crypto industry has often been likened to a “wild west”, many visionaries recognize that it represents a generational opportunity for people around the world. As the digital age emerges and the next generation of cell phones is fully deployed – the G5, which will offer speeds 25x faster than the current G4 LTE, it is expected that some 90% of the world’s population will be truly connected on a global scale. That sudden rise in connectivity will remove one of the last barriers preventing the internet from achieving its full potential.

The world is rapidly becoming one single global marketplace. Micropayment, micro investment, and other funding tools that provide true global participation will become immensely popular and valuable, and digital currencies have a key role to play in that transformation. However, to properly play that role, the industry must resolve key challenges – most notably, a lack of trust and intrinsic value. Those challenges must be overcome if mass adoption is to become a reality.

Alan and his team understand the challenges of managing a trustless decentralized entity like DNotes. And to overcome that challenge, the DNotes team created a for-profit company and articulated a clear vision so that everyone can understand its vision and mission, and buy-in. With that guidance, a path was defined to realize that vision, along with a strategic plan designed to build a culture of trust and respect for the mutual benefit of a growing list of global supporters.

That leadership and culture inspired the community to collaboratively build an integrated ecosystem that includes CryptoMoms, DNotesVault, DNotesEDU, DCEBrief, and NextGen VC. Every project was delivered as promised and designed to scale and grow with the company and its needs.

DNotes Global is guided by a best-in-class mindset based on principles outlined in Alan’s business book “Improve Your Odds: The Four Pillars of Business Success” – which is now available in audio format as well. This has been the guidebook for DNotes Global and will ably serve any business units associated with the company.

Trust cannot be purchased or acquired overnight. It can only be earned over a long period of time by consistently delivering on every promise and representation made. It has taken the team almost five years to relentlessly and tirelessly build a solid foundation worthy of the highest trust and an appearance as a “Blockchain SuperStar” in a new NLTV documentary series.

Alan and his team are grateful that their commitment to earning trust has been recognized with their inclusion on the Silicon Review list of “50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year”.

The Man Behind The Operation

Alan Yong is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of DNotes Global, Inc.

“Where you are right now, matters far less than where you are going from here.”