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Do more with less: 2toLead Limited


‘Ensuring your organization is being pro-active in getting the maximum value out of your technology investments.’

Founded in 2014, 2toLead is a consulting company with the most trusted technology advisors in the industry who pro-actively lead its customers and help them realize, or maximize value from a new or changing technology. 2toLead has been named a generous Microsoft consulting company by customers. 2toLead employs trusted, passionate and experienced consultants who work hard to solve the most challenging business and technology problems that face our clients. As a pro-active Microsoft partner 2toLead works closely with the Microsoft account, sales, and product teams to help Microsoft customers better deploy, adopt and manage their technology.

The company has some of the most generous and knowledgeable technology advisors in the industry, always willing to listen carefully to what customers have done and give valuable insights and experiences from the work they have done or its customers have done.  The company was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Woodbridge, Canada.

2toLead wants its customers to do more with less

At the core of technology consulting is the belief that 2toLead can do things better, and that it can do more with less with the aid of technology. The company’s aim is to help customers accelerate doing more with less, so that it contributes to a more sustainable and abundant world for future generations.

How can 2toLead help your organization do more?

Mobile Development and Design: 2toLead delivers superior customer experiences on mobile devices. Leverage its development and design team to build beautiful and engaging applications to run on any device. 2toLead has over 33 different mobility empowerment service offerings based on what its customers need to compete and take advantage of the significant opportunity we have in a mobile first world.

With the number of consumers accessing the internet through their mobile phones and tablets growing daily, establishing an effective mobile strategy is essential to keeping your business relevant.

Cloud Migration & Transformation: Take advantage of 2toLead’s cutting-edge Cloud practices and maximize the benefits of the Hybrid Cloud to compliment your existing technology investments. 2toLead customers realize incredible cost savings, create amazing apps and experiences, and extend the organization’s reach and impact by moving relevant systems and services to the Cloud with their expert guidance.

Whether you are looking for Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, or Platform as a Service consulting, the company offers over 40 Cloud related services including SaaS consulting services for Office 365, IaaS consulting services for Microsoft Azure, or PaaS consulting and development services for Microsoft Azure.

Collaboration and Portal Services: Effective collaboration, knowledge sharing, and information management are increasingly important in the modern enterprise. 2toLead offers over 35 of services that improve and innovate on Intranet, Extranet, Internet Sites, & Social Network investments in your enterprise. The company’s customers rely on it for advice on information architecture, design and technology expertise when it comes to collaboration, content management and the social enterprise.

Communication, collaboration and content management technology is continuing to improve and for many organizations it is the single biggest area of investment and opportunity for improved productivity and having significant business impact. 2toLead loves helping its customers pro-actively improve communication and collaboration as it has the biggest impact on maximizing the value of their most important resource: their people.

Adoption Services: Technology value is not realized immediately upon purchase or deployment. The value is realized as more and more users understand, adopt and embrace the technology. 2toLead customers take advantage of the company’s industry leading technology adoption practices to accelerate and maximize the benefits technology investments provide. Working with the 2toLead team will better help you understand your current state and how you can improve technology adoption through a series of workshops, pro-active activities and campaigns, and through the creation of key policies/guidance.

Whether you are looking to improve your adoption, engagement, governance, or guidance, 2toLead offers over 19 adoption related services including adoption planning and assessments, strategy and development services for a world class center of excellence, or support in effectively implementing policies, guidance and procedures that improve technology governance and usage.

Creative Design Services: Digital experiences should wow users and customers while maximizing your businesses results. 2toLead researchers, strategists, and designers kick off most projects with thoughtful digital strategy, outline the best course of action, determine the path of least resistance, and use leading design techniques such as responsive design to maximize reuse and efficiency while improving the digital experience.

Whether you want to use 2toLead’s design resources and partners, have an in-house design team or work with your own creative agency, the company offers over 35 services that 2toLead design and UI experts can deliver which will help significantly improve engagement, user experience, and your businesses results.

Client Speak

“Kanwal has an interesting blend of technology savvy and marketing skills that make him a very flexible person to work with…a great addition to any SharePoint team with proven leadership skills.” – David B, The Real Content Network.

Meet the Master

Kanwal Khipple, CEO and Co-Founder: As Chief Executive Officer, Kanwal serves on the leadership team of 2toLead, a generous Microsoft consulting company. Kanwal’s passion lies in pushing his teams and clients to think outside of the box. His focus is to drive results through simple intuitive user centered experiences.

Kanwal has always been a big proponent of sharing knowledge and giving back to the community. As a direct result of his passion, he has co-authored the book ‘Pro SharePoint 2013 Branding and Responsive Web Development’. He has also been the SharePoint MVP (2009-2015) for being 1 of 200 recipients worldwide recognized by Microsoft for their contribution to the SharePoint community.

Kanwal is an International Speaker and published Author on strategy, user experience and social collaboration.

“It’s really rare that we feel like we are competing. In many cases we actually work actively in partnership with other Microsoft partners who offer similar services.”