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30 Best Companies To Watch 2016

Dolphin RFID: A Diversified conglomerate dealing in state-of-the-art RFID Systems since Years

silicon-review-commodore-sk-sawhney-dolphin-rfid“With worldwide acceptance of its solutions, Dolphin can supply and support customized turnkey solutions on a worldwide basis.”

Carrying more than two decades of focused experience in RFID technologies Dolphin RFID is a globally accepted end to end solution provider working across all frequency bands. Dolphin has provided customized turnkey solutions to clients across the globe. With their proprietary copyrighted Java based middleware, the company can seamlessly integrate with any ERP or legacy systems as well as back-end databases. Dolphin’s solutions are technologically agnostic and universally accepted hence, enabling clients to enhance operational efficiencies and see tangible results instantly.

With its head office in Mumbai, Dolphin RFID has its offices in all metro cities of India and in California. In addition to building a strong foundation and leading position domestically, Dolphin has built partnerships globally in the form of Channel Partners.

….And this is what they do

Dolphin group of companies has more than two decades of focused experience in dealing in state-of-the-art RFID Systems. Dolphin RFID is an end to end solution provider working across all frequency bands. With worldwide acceptance of its solutions, Dolphin can supply and support customized turnkey solutions on a worldwide basis. As one of the select few companies with their own Java based middleware, Dolphin solutions are agnostic to any specific brand of Readers or Database. Dolphin solutions have been accepted by all segments of industry – DOD,Corporate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Energy, Industrial and Oil & Gas, amongst others. With its in house development team, Dolphin RFID can integrate any ERP system to automate processes without need to duplicate the databases.

  • Last mile tracking with expertise in RFID, NFC etc
  • Seamless integration with legacy systems, ERPs, databases etc. through proprietary middleware
  • Proprietary copyrighted middleware and expert professional services lends stability and security to the client’s IT landscape
  • Led by a world renowned expert in RFID technology with decades of hands-on experience

Solutions Offered
By leveraging the power of modern day technology and IoT, today’s organizations can set processes, create metrics, manage and control functions and measure success. The highly proficient team at Dolphin RFID ensures comprehensive services which include complete hardware and software integration and support. Their customers track, trace, control, manage and streamline their assets using their technology and services.

  • Asset Tracking System
  • Access Control System
  • Laptop Tracking System
  • Mobile Tour Management
  • Library Management System
  • Jewelry monitoring system

Industries Served

Organizations, irrespective of their size and the sectors have realized that automation is paramount. Dolphin’s state-of-the-art solutions coupled with its technology agnosticism can offer great value to all clients across varied industries.

Whilst solutions are offered for all industries, Dolphin is concentrating on:

  • Retail: Right product at the right place at the right time
  • Healthcare: Enabling creation of a healthy and happy society
  • IT/ITES: Deploying technology to solve real world problems
  • Hospitality: Taking all steps to make guests feel at home
  • Government: Efficient distribution of benefits. Last mile reach.

Why Dolphin RFID

As a pioneer in green initiatives, Dolphin RFID has recently introduced an Android smartphone based Near Field Communication (NFC) solution which has revolutionized the way maintenance is carried out. In another first, Dolphin RFID has introduced a totally innovative way to manage tours using Android Smartphone’s and active tags. At Dolphin, their team has gathered all apprehensions their clients may have, right at their initiation and have creating convincing solutions for them all.

End-to-end Solutions- Seamlessly integrates their copyrighted software, hardware components and professional services delivering an end-to-end solution to their clients.

Ahead in Technology- Ahead Dolphin has executed projects where the peer companies have failed or struggled to deliver.

Poised for Scale up, globally- Dolphin with its multi-lingual capabilities and network of channel partners is well positioned for global go-to market.

Cost Effective, Quick Customization- Dolphin has the expertise in quick execution, high customization and is very cost competitive.

Winning an Impressive Client Base
The company owns an impressive client base. Over the years they have been quite successful in gaining the trust of clients, their clients trust them to bring in this orderliness and discipline which enhances operational efficiency and with it, the probability of business excellence. Based on their key strengths they deliver rapid, reliable and robust technology solutions to their clients in India and abroad. The clients include Forbes 20 list, International Governments, DOD, Fortune 200 companies etc. The company also has channel partners in all the continents.

Knowing the Noble Leaders
Commodore SK Sawhney, President & CEO- Post Graduate Electronic Engineer and super specialist in the field of Electro Magnetics, Suresh Sawhney is a certified RFID engineer and an inventor with two major patents in his name in the field of M2M Communications. Sawhney is a serial entrepreneur and an innovator by nature.

Neera Sawhney, Director- A Serial entrepreneur, she started Dolphin EM Technologies in 1993 and Dolphin RFID in 2008. She is a graduate from Delhi University and Post Graduate from Mumbai University (Sophia College).

Nipun Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer- MBA from ISB Hyderabad. Certified RFID Engineer, Nipun carries 23 years of rich experience in the corporate world. Prior to Dolphin, he has worked in Oil & Gas industry. Joined Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) in 2004. Started Dolphin RFID Ltd in 2008.

Urvashi S Malhotra, Vice President (Sales & Marketing)- An MBA from NMIMS Mumbai, Uravashi has spent 2 years doing retail loans in ICICI bank from 1999-2001. Post her stint in ICICI she joined Dolphin EMT Pvt. Ltd. as a Sales Manager. In 2005 she started Nu Special Solutions Pvt. Ltd which dealt in door hardware and glass hardware. At present she also is a Director in Dolphin EMT and is taking care of the sales for the Dolphin RFID.

Sachin Joshi, Executive Vice President (Technology)- An Accomplished professional, Sachin carries16+ years of experience in IT/ITES industry. He is skilled in leading teams in project management and business. Execution right from concepts to actual product & product lifecycle support, proposing cost effective solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Nirbhaya Singh, Vice President (Technical)- An ex-navy person, Nirbhaya carries rich experience in the field of RFID. He had worked with Dolphin EMT Pvt Ltd. For 5 years then later moved to Ingersoll Rand India in 2005. Joined Dolphin RFID in 2008 as Vice President (Technical).