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Dominating the Digital Space for Over a Decade: WebiMax


WebiMax was founded in 2008 and has evolved into one of the most trusted digital marketing companies in the nation. It has been able to grow and prosper because of its ability to adapt to the needs of the current and future digital climate.

The company started with a focus on search engine optimization. The firm has since added social media, paid search, reputation management, lead generation, e-mail marketing and more to its list of specialty services. It seeks to establish the marketing goals of each and every client it works with and then provides a blueprint for success. The firm believes in strategic partnerships and values the ability to adapt to the ever-changing industry of digital marketing. WebiMax works in month-to-month campaigns because they believe that clients should only stay with WebiMax when they deliver results. This transparency has helped WebiMax grow and earn the trust of all their customers.

WebiMax had growing pains as the SEO industry boomed and it was selling its services like crazy. The company had to get a management team in place so that it could grow smarter. It has further stabilized its business and allowed great people to better manage the firm’s services.

The company has seen a lot of agencies come and go over the past decade. “If you’re not willing to change with the times, you will be left in the dust,” says WebiMax. It’s difficult to change courses when something is successful, but you have to do what is right for the client and for the business. WebiMax did just that, for instance, a lot of WebiMax’s peers saw their clients suffer huge penalties from Google algorithm updates. There were a lot of ways in the past to manipulate the search engines to appear near the top of the search engines. Google was obviously smart enough to penalize websites that weren’t truly focused on adding value for their audience. WebiMax’s vision helped it to avoid the repercussions of black hat tactics.

In Dialogue with Kenneth C. Wisnefski, CEO / Founder, sharing his experience

Q. What leaders do you look up to, and why?

For me, I look up to people with strong work ethics. My father comes to mind as someone who was willing to get his hands dirty and work hard. There’s no substitute for hard work and it’s usually the difference between success and failure.

Q. What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful business/IT leader?

I think the first skill you need is the ability to find good people to surround yourself with. A lot of my key personnel have been with me since the very beginning. I take great pride in watching them improve as we improve. Their thoughts and ideas better WebiMax on a daily basis.

The second skill is the ability to listen. You have to not only be able to listen to the ideas of your employees but to the true needs of your customers. It’s nearly impossible to on-board a client and get to work day one without hearing from them. Everyone gets into business with some sort of vision of what they want their brand to convey to the public. You need to be a great listener to understand that vision and bring it to life online. We learn from our clients every day.

Finally, you need to be passionate. The only way to be successful is to treat each day as an opportunity to do great things. I love the digital marketing space and love coming to work every day. If I didn’t have the passion to work 80+ hours a week, it wouldn’t be possible to be successful.

Those three skills continue to carry me on my business journey.

Q. What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business’ success?

I would say our team’s passion and ability to do what it takes to deliver results for our clients. We are in an industry where the typical 40-hour work week isn’t always enough to get things done. What I’ve done is to create an environment where our staff is encouraged to be flexible to help our clients when they need us. With clients all over the globe, it makes sense to let a digital marketing manager go pick up their kids from school or attend a soccer practice and then jump back online to be there when our clients are looking for them. Obviously, you need people who love what they do and are willing to jump in when needed. Passion is what it’s all about.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish in the long run?

I hope to continue to provide an excellent digital marketing service for our clients and allow them to grow with us so that we become more profitable than ever. I also hope to continue to evolve our services to grow and expand consistently moving forward. It’s a beautiful thing when your daily mission coincides with your long-term goals. Treating every day as a new opportunity has helped us stay in business for over a decade and there’s no end in sight.

Q. What are your future focus areas?

We have seen the market shift more and more towards online reputation management. Brand management along with lead generation will continue to be our focus for the foreseeable future.

The Man Himself

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, Founder and CEO:

Ken is a seasoned web entrepreneur and a respected leader in the online marketing industry. Prior to founding WebiMax, Ken was the CEO and founder of, a business to business lead generation platform that grew from a basement start-up to a $5 million a year venture in just 5 years. Prior to, Ken owned and operated Impact Direct, an online marketing firm that focused on Search Engine Optimization and E-Commerce based services.

Following the sale of in 2008, Ken launched WebiMax with the intention of providing clients with a reputable partner that could truly help them grow their overall online presence.

Ken graduated from Richard Stockton College with a B.A. in Communication Studies and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and on MSNBC. Ken also is featured weekly on contributor on CNN Radio discussing Online Marketing.

“I take great pride in owning a company that has received the level of success and accolades that have been bestowed upon WebiMax.”

“Our level of accomplishments can be attributed to our underlying principles of striving for customer satisfaction and maintaining the result oriented focus that our business was founded on.”