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Driven by the vision to offer holistic ideas and suitable solutions: IT-Digitalización 4.0 Industrial Intl. S.L.U


IT-Informatik is a leading provider when it comes to finding innovative and individual IT solutions - regardless of whether it is for a medium-sized company or a group of companies, whether in the region or in a neighboring European country.

Founded by Günter Nägele in 1987, the company’s product portfolio includes SAP integration as well as special solutions for trade and industry 4.0, but also the technical infrastructure on-site or as a cloud solution, operated in one of IT-Informatik’s data centers. The services range from consulting and training to the development of individual software to the service desk or IT service staff on site.

In a colloquy with Richard J. R McCullough, Managing Director of the company

Q. Can you talk about the customer feedback you have received?

Throughout the years, we had a bit of everything; different companies, Industries, clients, etc. All of them have had different ways, attitudes and so on, so of course, there is always a mix, and there is always goods and bads.

In this journey what I realized is, that normally clients who have very high bureaucracy levels or very complex processes are those who are more negative. This has an effect on what is their feedback—because most of the times, the clients’ internal processes and day by day job influence their feedback rather than the services provided. This motivates me on a daily basis to do better and to move forward and strive in the industry.

Q. What challenges did you face in your initial years?

In my initial years, I learned a lot from ignorant people. I learned that one has to be open, ready to listen and to learn from others, even if it is not something that one would think about or that would be his way regarding visions/missions/values/motives.

Moreover, I also learned a lot from the whole sense of being open regarding how things can be done. There are infinite ways of doing things, never close yourself in the sense of thinking that your way is the correct one. Always be on the open — listen and learn.

Q. A company to be one the most ‘innovative,’ its employees must think like innovators, employees need to feel they have a decent outlet for sharing their observations and ideas, is this true with your company?

I would not agree with this, I would not say that for a company to be innovative its employees have to be innovators. I believe that if you really want your company to be innovative, you have to have people, who are motivated, happy and want to give the best. We are focused on this.

In addition, the part of actually innovating as such, we do it through our tools and solutions that we have in the house, HUBIFIED. Only If someone is highly motivated and happy, they will get the desire from within to be innovative and do better and new things.

Q. Fostering a culture of feedback is crucial to the success of every organization. How is this true with your company?

It is so true that we have actually our own platform, which is based on the feedback principle. If we want ideas and we want things to move forward, then basically, we have to be able to listen to ourselves and be critical and objective. So we managed this culture of feedback by having a platform which is called HUBIFIED and in this platform, we collect all of this information and then we work on it, so that is the way that we do it in IT-Informatik Iberia Digital.

Q. How do you stay relevant to the consumer interests and needs in this highly volatile market?

My personal opinion is that you have to be a visionary, you have to envision the future and analyze what would be relevant in the process of the present. This vision that you have, you could then probably apply it in any process in the industry or in the market.

Of course, adapting yourself is also very important. For instance, we have a huge problem in this industry, where we realized that clients or companies, take years to make a decision, and want to use a solution for a very long period. This is something that is not true anymore, in the technological race that we are living, we have to take decisions in a very short period, and use it for not much longer than we have thought in the initial state. For example, we cannot take two years of decision making for using a solution for 5 years, but 2 months to use a solution probably for 2 years.

Q. Do you have any new products ready to be launched?

Oh yes, I have mentioned it now several times. It is HUBIFIED, a platform which is one of the best ideas that I have seen at the moment. It is an open knowledge transfer & collaboration platform, which has several hubs and different technological levels, which go from machine to machine learning, to artificial intelligence, to different concepts that we want to innovate. For instance, “live coding”, automatic updates, etc. related to software security, and the way this would influence the society and the industries where it would be used.

We are focused on big companies but it can also be used in any type or size of companies and industry and also in educational institutions.

When I think about the solution itself, I see the solution changing the way of working, and this is something that excites me and excites my team. We are looking forward to making projects and to accept more clients in the proof of concept that we have, which is over a long period since the technological level that is already included inside this platform is very high.

We believe that society itself is not ready to use these technologies and they could be seen as something a bit invasive for the older generations. However, the younger generations are born with technology and want more and more.

Moreover, HUBIFIED, is a product of the future, I am sure about that.

Founder’s desk

Richard J. R McCullough, Managing Director: As an MSc. Mechanical Engineer, Richard J. R McCullough has the ability to combine industrial processes and technologies together to bring new ideas and solutions to the market. Many years of experience in different countries and industries, give form to a unique profile with a global vision. As a Managing Director of IT-Digitalization 4.0 Iberia Digital, he now strives in providing process-oriented digital solutions to the world.

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